It’s just after six and the sun has just gone down. It’s been kind of overcast today and right now the sky is so dark that the island of La Gonave that is right across from us is almost invisible because it’s blending with the water and the sky. It’s this weird wonderful thing that happens here. Land masses can actually disappear – generally because of the junk floating in the air.

Jean, our foreman just came by to have a shower in the staff showers, and then let me re-bandage his foot. He was in an accident today while driving his scooter. Seems the fuel truck that he was passing decided that he didn’t want to go through a pothole – when Jean was right by the left front tire. Jean decided that heading for the ditch and hitting a rock was better than being run over so he risked it and officially wins the move dwat (nasty toe) award. Blah. He had already been to the hospital and they did a pretty good job of cleaning him up which I’m thankful for. They have this purple stuff that they put on bleeding wounds when they’re cleaned up and it seals them.

So Jean is cleaned up and has everything he needs to change bandages at home. I was relieved that he wasn’t hurt worse. He could have been hurt so badly, all because of some guys need to dodge a pot hole. Ugh. Chris is relieved that Jean is okay because he’s enjoying early retirement. Jean and I do everything around here (his words, not mine) and Chris leisurely passes his days by making juice, gardening and puttering on his Volkswagen. Okay, he does do some work. In all seriousness though, Jean is one of the biggest gifts this mission has every been given. He really does pretty much run things around here now and we’re just here to supervise and pay people. Oh, and I do the accounting. Wow, that makes it sound like we don’t do anything. We really do do things here, it’s just not the same stuff that we had to do a year ago because we have other people doing that now. Now we get to do the stuff that we’ve put off. Chris is kind of funny, but drives me crazy at the same time, when he doesn’t quite know what to do with his newly available time. It generally goes something like this…

LESLIE: Working quietly at her desk.
CHRIS: Starts to wander around the house.
LESLIE: Still working quietly on very important mission things.
CHRIS: The wandering starts to develop a circle like pattern that goes around behind the desks and through the main part of the house, then back behind the desks. Some would call it pacing.
LESLIE: Looking over her shoulder and the beginnings of pacing. Goes back to work.
CHRIS: Pacing becomes more apparent and sometimes involves a change of direction to walk behind the desks one more time.
LESLIE: Starting to wonder if Chris is going to make a turn out the door at some point in the near future.
CHRIS: More pacing. More directional changes. Steps become heavier. No words are said, just stepping, stepping, stepping.
LESLIE: On the verge of cracking and loathing the fact that they live and work in a round house.
CHRIS: And, repeat.
LESLIE: “Okay! YOU ARE DRIVING ME CRAZY! You need to go outside and do something. I don’t care what. Just stop walking behind me!” Followed of course with an exasperated sigh crossed with a groan.
CHRIS: “Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize I was pacing.”

No over exageration here. We are turning into two old married people. And it’s only been 7 months. Can you imagine what we’ll be like 15 years from now after living here for an extended period of time? Please send help.

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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

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