Port, We Surrender

Am I lame for not blogging for a week? I think I may have needed a bit of a blogging break. After a while it starts to feel like I’ll talk about anything that might even be remotely interesting…”Oh look, there’s another mosquito flying around my head!” I promise nothing but fresh material today.

David left last Wednesday and I have to admit defeat. Port au Prince won. It kicked our butts. By the time we got home we were all cranky and Barb had a migraine. Good job Port, thanks for the day. Things were all going well until we visited Haytrac, or Haitian Tractor, where Chris needed to get a water separator for the Daihatsu so it stops having seizures on us. They found the part, but none of the connectors and it took no less than an hour and a half. After that it was back to Megamart, which just for the record I like, to see if the tech guy had shown up to figure out the problem with Barb’s computer and the new Haitel wireless internet system. He didn’t show. Were we surprised. Not at all. I think we would have been if he had been there. We decided that we’d had enough by then and started heading for home, with a quick stop at Delimart on the way out of town for the rest of our groceries. I ordered cheese from the deli – bonus points for me! I also tried to buy a package of pepperoni. I say tried because when we got it to the check out it didn’t have a code on it, so the bagger took it back to see if the other package had one, and didn’t bring anything back because, “Li pa gen code.” Okay, I understand that it didn’t have a code from the rubbed off label. But, it did have a price written on the outside. I walked back to the shelf where I found it and lo and behold I find my pepperoni back on the shelf! When I went back to the check out to ask why it was back on the shelf I was told it didn’t have a code. The whole logic of putting it back on the shelf seemed to make perfect sense to the bagger and none at all to us. Why put something back on the shelf that you aren’t willing to sell me, just so someone else can come along and have the same redundant conversation another day??? Yes, like I said, Port kicked our butts.

You would think that Wednesday would have given us our fill of town for a while, and trust me it did, but we had also made plans the weekend before to go visit friends there on Friday night. Dennis and Nancy bought the mission boat last fall and we see them quite regularly. Dennis works for USAID and Nancy works with the US Embassy. They spent over 30 years working in various parts of Africa before moving here last year. Last week they moved from their US government issued apartment to their US government issued house. They hadn’t even spent a night in it before we arrived, but were totally cool about having us there in the midst of boxes and not knowing where the knives and forks were. We really enjoy them because they’re so down to earth, and after living in Africa as long as they did, they’ve seen enough and experienced enough to understand Haiti pretty well. They see the same things we do, good and bad, and have a really realistic perspective on things. They get overwhelmed by the same things we do and have the same hopes for the country that we do.

We had such a good time on Friday night that they invited us to stay another night and we accepted. On Saturday instead of us rushing off to go do some errands and then head home, I stayed back at the house with Nancy and learned how to knit while she kept opening boxes and discovering things that had been packed away for over a year. It was so nice to have a woman visit! :) Chris and Dennis went off and did boy things, like check out Dennis’ transmission, then go down town to check out hardware stores and do some shopping. Chris was presented with another “Li pa gen code” situation at Megamart, but he did me proud. When the new shower head that we had been really excited about getting didn’t scan he stood his ground until someone went searching for the code. Since it was the last thing to be run through the register he told them he wasn’t going to finish writing the check until the shower head had a code. Ten minutes passed and the girl complained that he was holding up the line. Twenty minutes and a few store samples passed, and still no code. Finally after about half an hour someone was able to come up with the magic code that would make Chris go away. And he did. And now we have a new shower head that actually passes water when the generator is off. Oh, and this time, we won.

Chris and Jean are working on the deck roof today, and I think they may be able to get it from the rip off stage to the done stage all in one day now that they know what they’re doing. Chris just found a whole nest of termites in the old plywood. Blah! Now I feel like the little monsters are crawling all over me.

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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

One thought on “Port, We Surrender

  1. Leslie,I found your blog through the Livesay’s and just wanted to let you know you crack me up and you now have another person praying for you and your ministry. you mentioned in one of your earlier posts about not being an evangelical mission or something like that, but remember the Bible said it does no good to see a hungry person and say,”go and be full” if you do nothing to help. You are doing good work and God will use you!Heather in VA

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