This Girl Can’t Sleep

It’s before 6. I’m awake. I’m drinking coffee and blogging. Chris would fall off his chair if he were here.

I couldn’t sleep. I had too many things running through my head. We’re getting a new to us fridge. The new fridge is about 36″ wide. Our kitchen is the size of a queen sized mattress. It will mean being creative. It may mean making some “adjustments” to the kitchen. Regardless, it is coming on the container and it will go in the kitchen. We will degaje. A redeeming quality of the fridge is that it’s a double door, so we can put the current freezer upstairs and only use it for classes, and it also has a cold water dispenser on the door so *maybe* we’ll be able to get that working and move the water cooler out. I don’t know! Why am I thinking about this so much when the silly thing isn’t even on the container yet??? Oh yeah! I live in Haiti and my husband is away and there isn’t much else to do!

I’m excited about an unexpected blessing that came our way yesterday. The friends that Chris is staying with in Chicago usually buy one of our trips home with their frequent flier miles. When they went to book our summer flights there was some glitch and they couldn’t but, they were able to book our Christmas ones. Enter blessing #1. Normally booking frequent flier trips at Christmas is a headache and nearly impossible to get the dates you want. Not this time. We got perfect dates. You sharp cookies are probably sitting on the edge of your seats saying, “But what about this summer? What’s going to happen??”

Enter blessing #2. After I found out about the change in bookings I got online to see what I could find for summer. I started checking prices about a month ago. A month ago they were doable at about $630 CND/person. As I kept checking the prices crept up about $30-60 CND per week. I was expecting to be paying about $800 CND by now. I went onto American Airlines, one of the few carriers that still flies here, entered our dates and searched by fare. I almost fell off my chair when I found $547 round trip with the exact itinerary that I was looking at before. EXACT! We have to fly into LA, then get on something else and get into Seattle that night so we were working on a schedule.

Enter blessing #3. Southwest had a deal before where you could fly for $99 each way. The deal is over, but $125 each way is still cheaper than anything I had found. Their last flight to Seattle leaves at 7:10 pm the day we need to fly. We arrive in LA at 5:10 pm – perfect. When we return to Seattle we wanted to try and book so that our friend could drop us off at the airport on his way to work at 6 am. As I was chatting with Chris about which flight to pick the options were 6:40 or 6:50 or later in the morning. Not ideal, but doable. I started chatting with my mom who is a travel agent to see what she could find, but I was still coming up with better deals so we decided Southwest was the best. When I went to book, their 8 am departure was all of the sudden available! Why, I have no idea, but it was there and I booked it so fast you would have gotten whip lash. Now Joel can just swing by, throw us out of the car and be on his merry way and none of us will be loosing sleep. Yay!

As I was lying in bed thinking about our flights I realized that our late summer/fall is pretty much planned for us. We have two months to get a bunch of work done around here before we leave, and after we come back things kick into high gear again. We need to do another Technician Training sometime between coming back in September and the first two weeks of October. Those are always a lot of work.

In mid October we have a volunteer coming. His tickets are booked so I can share now. I’m really excited about this one because he’s someone that I/we LOVE so much. Josh was one of my students in my youth ministry when I was youth pastoring back in Canada. His family were missionaries in Africa and came back to Canada suddenly – Josh’s Dad passed away very unexpectedly and three days later they were evacuated for political unrest reasons. They were grieving so many things when the got back but I’ve seen so much strength in that family. That was the Josh I met. Over the years I got to know him, spent a lot of time talking to him and brought him to Haiti twice. I’ve seen this guy grow up into someone that I love so much. Chris has seen some of that too between the first and second trips here and his visits to BC. When Josh told us that he wanted to come for a couple months we knew it would be different than having other volunteers. After talking about it for a while we knew that Josh being here was going to be more for Josh than it would be for the mission in the sense that he just needs a soft place to land with people he knows while he makes some life decisions. We feel honored that we get to be that place and know already from past experience that Josh *gets* Haiti in a way that a lot of people don’t. He comes alive here. We’re excited!Be praying for him over the coming months. He’s only 19 and I know that God has some big stuff up his sleeves for this one.

The week after Josh arrives we have a Vision Trip planned for October 20-27, and we have our very first officially signed up Vision Tripper! Whoop whoop! I knew it was going to take a while for them to catch on because of schedules etc. We’ve had a fair bit of interest, but this is the first person to jump right in, and well, there always has to be a first person. I’m sure we’ll see more people sign up in the coming months. We have a week off, then another VT week planned for November 3-10.

The day that we go to the airport to drop off the November Vision Trippers we are planning on picking up some very special people…my parents! Yay! If all goes well between now and then it’ll be their first trip here and we’re excited. I’ll have been here for two years by then, and that’s a long time to live somewhere and not have your family know much about it other than what you tell them. Neither of them have experienced anything like Haiti so it’ll be an adventure for all of us. Like I said, we’ve got a busy late summer/fall ahead!

I talked to Chris last night and he’s slowly attacking the list of things he needs to do but isn’t sure if he’ll get it all done before Tuesday. If you think about him please pray. His list had 23 things on (he reminded me last night…) and he’s done 3. They were a big 3 though. Having him stay longer would mean a change fee on his ticket, and well, he’d be gone longer. :(

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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

2 thoughts on “This Girl Can’t Sleep

  1. Hey Leslie: We live in Seattle too, so if you need ANYTHING while you are here, please let us know!!! We are adopting from For HIS Glory and just got back from a trip to Haiti. Anything we can do for you, please let us know. ANYTHING!!!Kimkimberlypdx @ yahoo . com

  2. Hey Leslie,What is a vison trip? My hubby and I are planning a trip to Haiti in August. When I read about what you guys do I told him it would be perfect for him. He is an engineer and works for the Air Force part time in bioenvirnomental engineering. Curious if a vision trip could tweak his interest in being in Haiti more(:

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