Monday Catch Up

Sorry about the lack of blogging. Part of it has been due to lack of motivation and the other part is that stuff has been getting busier around here.

I was looking around the house over the weekend and wondered, “How on earth did it get this messy???” It’s not a sty by any means, it just feels messy. I spent part of Thursday and part of Friday cleaning upstairs. It had been a while but there really was no point if they were just going to be working again. You know, they say the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results… :o) I swept out at least three dustpans of dirt and spent a lot of time reassuring myself that I’m not a lousy housekeeper. Seriously though, I’m looking around wondering where on earth all of the dirt comes from. Granted, the dog DOES NOT understand that walking on freshly mopped floors with muddy feet is NOT a good idea, but she’s a dog and until she grows opposable thumbs and learns how to sweep and mop up after herself I will live with the mud. The rest? Lost cause I think. We live in Haiti. It’s dirty here. Our windows are basically holes in the walls with bars over them. It’s a no win situation. I’ll just look at it as an opportunity to burn calories.

Our kitchen wall has a window sized hole in it now. Chris started wacking away at it on Thursday and got about 1/4 done then decided that he’d save the rest for this week. I wiped the counters and swept and mopped and again reminded myself of the definition of insanity and decided to leave the rest of the cement dust (within reason) until all the work was done. Note to those of you that might want to do some renos in your all cement house…close as many doors as possible and put towels at the bottom so you don’t end up with a layer of dust in rooms you didn’t think about. Sigh.

We have a lot of projects to do over the next six months. Today I’m going to start sewing the new cover for our couch. I stripped it down and restructured it a bit, then put the new foam on. Now it’s time to sew, sew, sew. I’m looking forward to having something comfortable to cuddle on while we watch 24. I have paint in hand to attack the railings and stairs upstairs. I figured since the entire inside of the roof is turning white after we come back this fall there is absolutely no reason to keep dark brown on anything in the house. Did you know that you can clean dark chocolate brown and 5 minutes later it’s covered in dust again??? Ugh. Josh, our volunteer and my former youth student from my pastor days, is arriving in October and I’ve already got some big painting projects up my sleeve for the two of us. We will be bonding over rollers ;)

Chris is up working on the road with some of our workers to bury our power lines. Some lovely person decided to steal them last Thursday night. They cut them at our place and where they meet the pole. Chris filed the report with the police and got permission to dig up the road, bury the lines, then recement the road again. It’s been a while since someone stole our wires, it was long overdue.

I know several people have commented recently – thanks for the b-day wishes everyone, that’s sweet.

There was a question about the marriage requirements for adopting here. I don’t know what the actual rule is. When we were talking to John about it we asked about our situation because we are just at the age requirement – if you’ve been married for a while. We’re only celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary next weekend. John called the lawyer that he’s worked with for a long time and asked about our situation and she said that we need to go to a judge here and have him write a letter stating who we are, our ages, how long we’ve been married and that we have no biological children. Then we get that notarized. That’s what we were told to do here, but I can’t say what the process is for people living in the US or Canada. My recommendation would be that you friends start contacting some of the licensed orphanages here in Haiti and asking the question. They will probably get a variety of answers because I don’t know that there is any firm rule. There are a lot of exceptions that get made for whatever reasons.

On another note…I forgot to mention that I got my Permis des Sejours! Actually about two weeks ago, which was amazingly fast. We’re in the process of applying for my drivers license and Carte Identite now. We went down to DGI, the place where they take care of processing all the papers for them and spent 4 hours there. It went like this…go to one office, get a paper, go to the other cubicle, stand in line, get the form filled out, back to the first office, wait, stand in line, they enter something in the computer, wait in line, pay the fee, they write a receipt, back to the cubicle, wait in line, they print a receipt, I sign it, back to the office, wait in line, they put more info in the computer, I wait, they take my picture, I sign the signature pad, the computer crashes for the fourth time and hasn’t saved my picture, we wait, we find out no one is coming to fix it, we explain we live in the provinces, no one is coming to fix it, we leave knowing we have to come back just for a picture.

Nauseating? Yes. The way they do things here? Yes. Any way to avoid it? No.

The advantage of having to go through all of that is that I got to go into downtown Port au Prince for the first time. I saw the Palace and a lot of other things.

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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

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