Chris and I headed out on Friday afternoon when the work day was done, for Furcy. Furcy is a mountain village up past Kenscoff (if you’ve got a Haiti map handy). We’d been told that it was nothing like the Haiti we know because it’s cool and mountainous, with forests. We thought people were exaggerating. They weren’t. We lived in sweaters and jeans all weekend and it was blissful.

On the way up the mountain, between the Baptist Mission and Kenscoff.

The area around Furcy is much less populated than Pierre Payen and the people are much friendlier than we generally experience here. There are reasons for this I think, but I don’t really feel like going into them.

Saturday morning over coffee we watched our wedding video that Chris still has on his computer. It wasn’t planned, but a nice little walk down memory lane. We went hiking on Saturday and walking on Sunday and it was so nice to not be harassed by people. Saturday, on our way down to Basins Bleu (not the Jacmel Basins) we met a young man that decided he needed to be our guide. We told him we weren’t going to pay him anything, but he decided to walk along with us anyway. On the way back Chris asked him if he was a gardener (everyone up there is) and where his garden was. It was on our way, so he asked if we would like to see it and buy some cucumbers. We decided in favor of fresh, off the vine, veggies and followed him along the trail, past his little wood house (most of the people up there built with wood, not cement like the rest of the country), through his pepper patch where we picked up a dozen of those, and then waited as he ran down the mountain, and up the next to his cucumber field. I forgot to mention that because it’s mountainous there, everyone gardens tier styled, so you see rows and rows of stuff growing all over the place.

The cukes and peppers are delicious, and on our way back down we stopped and got some peaches on the side of the road in Kenscoff. Yes, peaches. This Okanagan girl is happy. They’re actually mini peaches, and they aren’t quite sweet yet, so we’re letting them ripen up before we go crazy. We were also amazed to see the difference in vegetation. We’re used to seeing very tropical plants and trees, but up there it was pine trees and flowers like my mom grows in her garden in Canada.

Chris eating a rack of ribs while Jesse, the Lodge’s dog, looks adoringly at him. Her intentions were not well hidden.

Furcy is now one of our favorite places in Haiti. It was a really refreshing weekend for us. Friends of ours have a house just down the road from the Lodge where we stayed, and they told us that we should go up and use the place over the summer. We will gladly take them up on their offer :o)

In adoption news…I decided to check up on the bill going through the Canadian parliament that would change the Citizenship Act for adopted children of Canadian citizens. I was shocked to find out that in a period of 22 days the bill finished going through the House of Commons, through the Senate and was given Royal Assent which, for all you Americans, means it’s law! The best news is that it’ll go into effect in no longer than 6 months – the end of this year. This is great news because previously Canadians had to apply to sponsor their adopted children, then apply for permanent residency, and then citizenship. Now adopted children will be granted citizenship based solely on the fact that they are legally adopted by Canadian parents. I’m sure you can imagine the sigh that was let out here because the paperwork and thought of having to stay in Canada for who knows how long to sort things out, or trying to do that while living abroad, was not a welcome one. Yay!

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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

7 thoughts on “Furcy

  1. Hey, you were up by me!!! I’m in Thomassin between Petionville and Kenscoff at God’s Littlest Angels. I was at the Baptist Mission on Saturday actually. That’s pretty cool! It is a very nice area up here.Kristin Vanderwell

  2. Your trip to Furcy sounds just wonderful. You sound revived and rested. You photos, especially the heavenly one above the clouds, are super. The adoption news from Canada is amazing, who great to have red tape clipped right before your eyes. The veggies sound great and I am amazed at your find, peaches! Wow. Have a good week. Barb :)

  3. You probably don’t remember me from your wedding. But, I have been catching up on your blog today and have really enjoyed it.I am so glad you two had some refreshing time together. And, I am so excited for you to become parents. We can’t wait to me your child.

  4. Hi Meela!Of course I remember you! I’m just sad we didn’t get more time to get to know each other because Chris always says such great things about you and Jack :)Yes, the sweater lives on. If there ever comes a point where it’s time to give it up I think we might have to have a ceremony for it – maybe a celebration of life or something ;)

  5. Hi Leslie and Chris, thanks for all the nice words about Frucy. We have your room and spare ribs reserved. Jesse (our Rottie) also wants to know when you are coming back. Hope you didn’t give her any of your ribs. See you soon, Stanley & Nicole owners of The Loge at Furcy.

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