Treats All Around

The blog has been quiet because the house has not. We’ve been pretty busy in the last couple days. Monday I was able to get all of the floor done – two coats in one day because it’s been so warm it basically baked the paint. Seriously, about 6 hours after doing the first coat I was walking on it! And it was oil based!

So, as promised, the befores and afters…



HUGE difference! We LOVE it! Chris isn’t usually into decorating and renovations projects because it generally means doing things that he doesn’t enjoy, like construction. This time though, he kept walking to the top of the stairs to just look at the room as it was coming along. It was kind of cute. Lying in bed last night and looking up at the roof I told Chris it felt like we were on some exotic vacation, but then I remembered we live here :)

On top of moving our room upstairs yesterday we moved the other big bed downstairs and I got the room set up for our friend who is coming back (yay!) and staying here for us. I also managed to reduce the number of Rubbermaids being used for storage from 6 to 4. It’s my goal to get down to 0 by the end of the year… Yonese was in and we managed to do a good job of decluttering the house. It’s amazing what happens when you move things around and all of the sudden have space that was just a dust pit before!

In other news, our team of 4 arrives tomorrow around noon. Chris has to go to Carrefour to get them. That right there is an example of how far Haiti has come in the last 8 months. 8 months ago you wouldn’t go down near Carrefour. Now we can drive through there to get to other parts of the country and feel okay going to get visitors that will be riding in the back of the truck. Big change. We’ve also talked to several people that have driven on Route Neuf (Route 9), the road that used to be targeted by kidnappers. They’ve paved the connecting road to it and there are UN checks on both ends. When I say “people” these are white people that would normally make a good target. There’s a lot more traffic on the road too which is a good sign. Here, if the road is completely empty you know something is wrong and get off it ASAP. Chris might try it the road tomorrow if things look okay. He used to take it all the time because it cuts 30 minutes off the travel time into Port.

If you want to try something yummy for a cool summer treat I would recommend mixing up some of this…

Iced Coffee Treat:

1. In a container that you can shake (I use a Nalgene water bottle) combine the following:

4-5 ice cubes

2 heaping teaspoons of cocoa
2 teaspoons of sugar, or to taste
1 c. milk (aprox.)
**EDIT** 1 tsp vanilla – to taste (I forgot this earlier)

2. Shake well until cocoa powder is no longer chunky.
3. Add about 1 cup of regular cold coffee.
4. Shake again.
5. Enjoy right away or stash in the fridge for later when you need a treat :) (Hint – if you give it a good shake right before you pour you get a really yummy looking froth on top)

I stumbled on this the other day when I was trying to use the rest of the coffee in the French press. I have a tendency to make a full pot and drink half of it. It was also hot and I had visions of Starbucks. This is so yummy, easy and CHEAP. It would be fun for a coffee visit treat. Just think of how impressed everyone would be at your savvyness (sp?) :)

The other evening I looked out the window and saw Jabez napping with her rock collection.
She has this thing about rocks. She goes on the beach, finds a big one, barks and digs at it, then packs it into the yard. Her collection moves around and then eventually becomes flower bed borders. The other day she had rounded a few up, just to be closer to them I think. Weird!

That’s the excitement from here. I have to plant some plants this morning before it gets to hot, then do my accounting (super BLAH!), make some yogurt and clean my very needy bathroom :(

Happy Wednesday!

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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

15 thoughts on “Treats All Around

  1. THe upstairs looks sooo much better — and the best part in my opinion is that spiders, rats and mice have no dark surfaces to hide on any more — yay!!

  2. I really like the cream floors, they make it very elegant, without being girly. I am, however, confused by the lack of mosquitoe net.

  3. MUM:It’s so nice – there are no dust hefalumps, no dark places period! Rats and other “special” things should just move out because our house will be no fun to hid in anymore. VAL:You’re very observant. The next was out on the line drying after a wash. It did get put back up before bedtime :)

  4. Hi Leslie!! The place looks great!!Take Care of yourself and Chris!!Oh yeah Happy Aniversary eh?Dana…yes your Cousin by marriage.

  5. Hi Jen,I just used plain old Hershey’s and added sugar so you could use sweetened. Play with the recipe until you find something you like. It’s pretty basic and very adaptable :) When I say “stumbled” onto it, that’s really what happened – just threw a bunch of stuff in the Nalgene and shook.

  6. Leslie, it looks beautiful. I LOVE the colour of the floor. One question: is the roof open under the eaves or is there something there to block the creepy-crawlies from coming in? Just curious……

  7. Dana! Yay! Thanks for “popping” in. Maybe well pass each other at some point in the next month :)Ellen – Yes, the roof is open under the eaves. The roof beams are cemented into the 1 foot+ thick exterior walls of the house. There were screen boxes in there, but Chris took them out because they were a mess and the house is already wide open (no screens on the windows) so they weren’t really doing much to help keep critters out.

  8. It all looks great, fresh and bright. Is that a rat trap on the eave behind the bed? Chris is on rat patrol right? :)Jabez and her rocks. Jabez is so cool.Barb J

  9. That looks BEAUTIFUL!!!! What a difference, it really does look like something out a magazine! More fun to watch Jack Bauer in, I’m sure!!!!

  10. It’s good to know that other people’s dogs are slightly odd too, it’s not only mine! My dog is too small to have a rock collection of that size, but he still is strangely possesive of any rawhides we give him. Blessings!Kristin

  11. Leslie, The upstairs looks GREAT! And I agree with the comment about the creepy crawlers not having anywhere to hide on the light coloured walls & floor!!Enjoy your Canadian visitors!!

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