On Publishing Myself

In the midst of wedding festivities in LA I got a chance to chat with Uncle Peter, Chris’ uncle from England. He was telling me how much he and Auntie Ronnie like reading my blog and that they are daily readers (Hi!!). At one point he said, “You’re a published writer with a following now, did you know that?” Huh. I guess so. Funny how sometimes the things we think about maybe doing in life can actually become the things we’re doing in life. I’ve always thought of writing a book. People have told me for a long time that I should just because of how I write. My problem? A bit of fear, but mostly it’s that I’m indecisive and would have no idea where to start or how to stay on topic. Maybe I would figure that out, but I kind of like having the freedom to just write whatever wanders into my head on any given day or at any given moment and then putting it up here for all you faithful stalkers to get your fix on. Hey, I’m just calling it what it is ;) With that said I would like to direct your attention to the new area at the bottom of this page where you can send me your payment for reading. It’s the only way I can think of for receiving royalties.

Okay, if you actually scrolled down the page bless you for being so easily entertained. Tee hee.

Maybe one day I’ll write a book. Maybe one day I’ll just start writing things and then maybe the topic will just emerge. Maybe. And maybe one day I will be a published author receiving royalties while my husband and I continue to live on the beach in the Caribbean. Doesn’t that sound lovely…

Before we got to LA I kept thinking that there must be all sorts of people there that live really interesting lives and just feel excited about things all the time. I mean, it’s LA! Ha. People there are just like everywhere else, except they might see their face on a big bill board and remember just how much make up it took to get them to look like that. I realized that part of the reason that I like our life here is that it is interesting, and it is exciting. Not everyday, but I think we have a whole bunch of really fascinating experiences under our belts. The fun thing is that we’re just normal people doing something in a country where something needs to be done.

That said, let me share with you the most exciting things that have happened here today. First, I did the accounting. Yes, I know, fall off your chairs. That was just way to exciting. It gets better though.

Actually I am really excited about this next bit. Evens is working in the house today, and maybe tomorrow, to finish painting the beams. Thony and Kelele got the main area over the loft, our new bedroom, done before we left so we could move. With the container not here and the need for supplies we thought we might as well use the time available and the labor (oooh, that’s so American of me – send in reinforcements!) to work on a few other things that we’ve been wanting to get done. Evens already has the roof beams done and has now moved onto the loft floor support beams/ceiling beams that are in the middle of the house, kitchen, bathroom and what was our old room and will soon be baby’s room. I’m happy because I thought it would take a long time to get the whole thing done or that it would be put off. Turns out Evens is fast and Chris is realizing that he should listen to me because I really to have a brain the size of a freaking planet and I am a genius. Case in point: What was a debate over my sanity when I was making the wood top for the freezer has now become, “Les, when the new fridge arrives and we move the freezer out I think we should keep the wood top on it because it’s great and I will buy you whatever wood you want to make a new counter/table thingy there by the stove.” Yep. I’m a genius.

Another exciting thing…I counted last night and it’s only 7 weeks until my parents come. I’m so excited. It’s going to be their first visit and I can’t wait for them to see our life here. I already know that the week that they’re here isn’t going to be long enough, but I’ll take it. Yay!

I’m sitting out on the deck because of the painting inside. Don’t want to be in the way. I’m watching Camilla hang the laundry. Camilla isn’t very tall. Our laundry lines were hung by my husband who hits the six foot mark. She sort of throws the clothes on the line until they catch, then stands on her tip toes and spread them out. It’s kind of funny, but effective.

I have to go to Montrouis to attempt to get a doctors letter stating that I have good vision. Why? Because I am apparently the one foreigner in the country who has the Haitian government concerned about whether I can operate a vehicle in my state. I have 20/20. Yes, I know, they’d better keep an eye on me (har har). Anyone else that we know who has managed to get a license in this crazy place has never had to have an eye exam. I am the first. They all think it’s pretty funny. When the nice lady at Piece et Papiers informed us of this new requirement Chris told her that I couldn’t have a BC drivers license without having decent vision, and if I needed glasses there would be a mark on the back. This, however is not good enough for Haiti. So, after calling around and finding that there isn’t a single eye doctor in the area I’m going to go down to Montrouis and talk to Dr. Jay,a US Dr, and see if he can check me out and write a letter so Jean can take it with him to Port tomorrow. Yes, as I said, things are always exciting here.

Happy Monday!

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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

2 thoughts on “On Publishing Myself

  1. hey, just a tip..maybe you could add a blog list of blogs you stalk so we could stalk those too?? I am putting off doing anything useful by checking blogs!! How is the adoption stuff going?Amy H.

  2. Leslie,You crack me up!!!!I do love reading your blog. It’s fun hearing about your daily life in Haiti. Haiti is a country is such contradictions and to listen to how you and Chris navigate, is fun and learning-ful – I know not a word, I’ll definitely never be a writer!!!

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