Ooooh Yummy!

We’ve had the most delicious afternoon here in Pierre Payen. It rained for almost two hours straight. It’s only now stopped. None the less, I showered off right when it started and threw on some jeans to thoroughly enjoy myself. It’s bliss. When it rains here, things basically grind to a halt. A good afternoon rain like that means the world stops. And that there’s a hurricane. There really isn’t, but that was the word around Barb’s community because it was so much rain. She called us, but of course we couldn’t check because it was, well, raining. And when it rains we don’t have internet.

In other local gossip (I forgot to mention this yesterday in the whirl of adoption emotions) it seems there was a natural disaster not too far from here a few nights ago. Apparently in the middle of the night on Monday night, a sink hold opened up and basically swallowed several houses and their inhabitants. We haven’t been able to go out and see this thing, and have heard it’s a bit off the road, but word has spread all the way to St. Marc so maybe there’s some truth to it. Then again, a lot of people also believed the news broadcast on the radio a year ago when they said a half-man, half-cow had been found in Port… Sometimes I wish we lived closer to the city, but then again, living out in the provinces is pretty darn entertaining.

If it seems as though I’m in better spirits today it’s because I am. I’m feeling much better about things. I can’t really say why. Nothing has changed. Except maybe that we don’t feel like we’re defeated. Instead, we really do feel that for now we need to just keep plugging away and doing what we know we need to do, which is put our dossier together. If it’s together and things open up then we’re ready to go. If things open up and we’re not ready to go then we’re that much further behind. I feel peace about things now and just want to keep plugging and hoping and planning.

I’ve been meaning to get pictures of our holiday posted on here for the last couple weeks. Sorry it’s taken so long. The blog has been pictureless for a while. Boo! I just hadn’t dumped them off the cameras until we got back here, and then I was just lazy. BUT, today you are in luck because it’s just the perfect kind of day for posting all sorts of fun things. So, without further ado…

Chris and Leslie Go On Vacation

We start our tour in Seattle and a visit to Pike’s Place Market. Yes, this is the infamous fish stand where they chuck the fish. Poor Trina almost got hit in the head, twice.
Some of my favorite people in the entire world. Friends that were once my care group. We bonded and are now glued together for life. Randal & Lynelle came as a unit, I added Chris to the pod last year, Renee added Paul this summer(thus the bride get up) and Todd, well, Todd is working on something.
Mmm hmm. Me and Kim. Kim was my ‘Old Maid’ (she self titled herself that, not me) when we got married. I think she’s the closest I’ve ever, and will ever come to having an older sister. I LOVE her!
Sugar Lake at one of many beautiful, FREE, Forestry Reserve campsites.
At a campsite we made ourselves. My Granny gave us a “Sock” blanket (made from the tops of wool work socks) for a shower gift last year. They are famous in our family and now Chris and I are the envy of all because we’re the only ones that have one. Nah nah na boo boo! I mean, “I hope you get one one day too…” It makes camping special.
One morning I woke up to find this…too cute.

Chris looking down at our campsite up Buchanan Mountain from the old Forestry Lookout Tower that was used to spot forest fires. The view was 360 degrees of amazing!
Touque heads. Or,if you’re American – knitted hat heads. I don’t think it’s one of my most flattering pics…
Spawning Kokanee salmon. There were THOUSANDS of them. So cool!
I didn’t want to hike all the way up the mountain just to see what was on the other side, so I found a nook, lay down, and enjoyed snapping some cool pics. It was all good and fun until it started to snow, and Chris was no where in sight…
How to stare down a glacier:
1) Drive for about an hour up a random logging road in BC.
2) Hike a bit more from the road.
3) Stop several times to assure yourself you aren’t having a heart attack.
4) Once you’ve caught your breath to the point where you know you won’t pass out, look up, wave your hand in the air and say, “Aha! I’ve got you now!”
Chris and my brother Darren grabbing some lunch while camping with the fam.
Yep, that’s my little brother…so proud…
Wow about super smiley me! :) :) :)
Forging a river to hang out with Rob, Cathy, Aidan and Autum.
Chris practicing with baby Devan, the newest addition to the Amundson clan. YAY!
Kiley & Bailey, Joel & Trina’s girls, getting ready for another day of kindergarten. They LOVE kindergarten.

After that it was onto LA!

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