When Less Is More

This past weekend my computer started giving me problems. Again. Last time it was the power supply. This time, I had no idea what it was. I kind of panic when my computer starts giving me attitude. Partly because I spend a lot of time on it every day. Partly because it holds all the main mission files and I suck at backing things up – I even have a reminder that pops up in my Outlook that I faithfully ignore :( Partly because my laptop is my connection to the outside world.

The last couple days were frustrating, but last night was the icing on the cake. After trying to do some more maintenance my keyboard stopped working. Kaput. Nada. Nothing. I even went in and checked the status of the keyboard and was told “this device is functioning.” Um, no, actually it’s not. I couldn’t sleep because in my head the crazy “if my computer is really broken what then?” game. I’ve gotten better at this game over the last year or so. Before it would have just had me frustrated and not able to think straight, and probably feeling sorry for myself. Waaahhh, poor me, my computer doesn’t work. Last night though, the game was more like a mad planning session.

L: We’re going to Port on Friday. We can take it to the tech guy Chris found last week.
L: If it’s not working in the morning I’ll back things up onto the external hard drive and use the old IBM. It’ll be annoying, but it’s all I’ve got until Friday. It’s only 4 days.
L: If it is totally done then I need to order a new one, fast. People are coming in two weeks, they can bring a new one in. I can limp through with the IBM and back up.

Eventually I fell asleep. I’ve realized it annoys me when Chris can sleep and I can’t. I want someone to suffer with me.

When I got up this morning I already had a few things in mind that I needed to do in order to make things workable. I started in on those, Chris and I chatted about some of the stuff, then he suggested we try taking out the battery and starting it up again with only the power supply. Guess what? Well, the fact that I’m typing this makes it pretty obvious. My battery is fried, and it in turn was slowing everything else down. Where I was thinking it was something big and complicated and hard to fix, it turns out to be something super easy and cheap. $50 will have me back up and running in no time. And, the new battery can be brought in, in two weeks with the first group of visitors.

I share this with you because it reminded me that sometimes less really is more. Actually, I get reminded of that a lot here.

~ Dumping a battery means my computer actually works better.
~ Being able to count the overcast and rainy days here on both hands makes me really appreciate them when they come.
~ Having to plan every trip into Port au Prince to make the most of it makes me appreciate the times where something works right, we find what we need, or we can do it in record time.
~ Not having things like satellite TV or cable makes me appreciate the movies and tv shows that friends send in or the few that we’re able to download.
~ Not having tons of other distractions makes me appreciate the time that Chris and I get to spend together because I think we have a great marriage and are going to have a fantastic family – all because we have the time to focus on that.
~ Not living where there are sky scrapers or even urban sprawl makes me appreciate sunsets like I saw last night even more because I feel it all around me.
~ Not having everything available to me 24/7 has taught me to be more creative in all areas of life.
~ Not having my favorite people (family and friends) close by to lean on and share life with every day has taught me to be a stronger person and is helping me to “come into my own” more.

Just some thoughts from the no-longer-freaking-out-about-my-computer blog author.

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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

2 thoughts on “When Less Is More

  1. I am very glad though that your computer problems have been solved! I like your list of reminders… It is so true that we all need to be reminded of the fact that less is more!

  2. I love the “less is more” concept and how you fleshed it out…so true.hey, hopefully I’ll get to meet you someday…maybe when the Livesays are back in country!

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