I was tagged by Kim over at The Tacheny Adventure. See, I didn’t forget. I just needed some time!

Jobs I’ve Had In My Life:
1. Dish washer
2. Pizza cook
3. Resident Assistant
4. Apple picker
5. Coffee slinger (aka – the person behind the counter that gets to deal with cranky customers who think their particular cup of coffee is so much more important than the other 5,000 that will get poured that shift)
6. Administrative Assistant
7. Youth Pastor
8. Administrative Guru of Clean Water for Haiti. I also cook, clean, host people and entertain my husband

Places I Have Lived:
1. British Coloumbia (BC)
2. Alberta
3. BC again
4. Haiti

TV Shows I Like to Watch:
1. LOST (Why, oh why are they making us wait so long??? Jerks.)
2. The Office
3. The Bachelor
4. Americas Next Top Model
5. Gilmore Girls (Don’t we all wish we could be that witty?)
6. What Not To Wear (Luv make over shows!)

Places I’ve Been To:
1. Canada – BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Yukon
2. US – Washington, Oregon, California, Illinois
3. Cuba
4. Haiti
5. Jamaica
**Do airports count? If airports count then I need to make a different list ;)

Fave Foods:
1. Pasta (which sucks when you’re trying to cut out carbs. Bah!)
2. Mom’s turkey dinner
3. Pad Thai
4. Indian food
5. Pizza. My favorite is ham, pineapple, mushrooms, tomatoes, black olives and shrimp with extra cheese.
6. I just love food. I love to cook. I LOVE food with great flavors and like to try out things, especially when I’m cooking. I’m also pretty good about replicating things just from a memory of how it tasted. I think I get way more excited about what I cook than other people do. I also have a hard time cooking exactly from a recipe, with the exception of baking.

Books I’ve Especially Appreciated (Lately):
1. The Poisionwood Bible. This isn’t a “lately” but I LOVE this book.
2. The Dew Breaker. Great book by Edwidge Danticat that weaves a story of several Haitian people’s lives.
3. Secret Thoughts Of An Adoptive Mother
4. So That’s What They’re For! (A great breastfeeding resource that’s actually funny)
5. Blue Like Jazz. Also not a “lately” but will always be one of my favorites.
6. Caring For Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5. Big fat resource book by the American Association of Pediatricians. We haven’t done this before so I’m very thankful for it already.

Things I Enjoy:
1. Those moments when my bed is so incredibly comfortable and everything just feels “right”
2. Watching our dog chase butterflies
3. Seeing how the sun in Haiti casts an amazing light on things
4. Sitting around my parents table in BC just being a family and talking
5. Walking in the snow, especially in the evening when it’s been snowing all day and there’s so much of it that people aren’t really going out and it’s so quiet you can actually hear it fall
6. Christmas morning
7. Camping with my husband and all the silly fun we have
8. A clean house where I can walk on the tile in bare feet and not get ‘gritty’
9. Feeding people. I like cooking a good meal for friends and family
10. Projects. I like to redo things to make them look new or more functional. It’s a challenge and gives me a lot of satisfaction.

I’m tagging Erika, Terri and Theresa.

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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

5 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. It warms my heart to see I am not the only one who likes the Bachelor!!! :) It must be the “romantic” in us. And I did see how busy you were with your WAY MORE important posts with Ezekiel, which I really enjoyed reading, so no worries!-Kim

  2. I’m not sure what being tagged is but if it means you want to know the content of my lists, here you go:Jobs I’ve Had In My Life:1. Nursing Assistant (I loved working with the elderly)2. Retail sales: bridal shop (this one takes the cake for job that sounds like it would be fun but was actually torture…you think people get weird over their coffee?3. Nurse 4. Graphic Artist (not nearly as fun as it sounds either…it was back in the day before computer graphics and it was for a firm that created business forms)5. Progam Manager for a day program for handicapped folks (great job!)6. Phone Sales (don’t ask…but I especially hated this job)7. Nanny 8. Counselor/Pastor/Teacher (this is what I currently do, and I love it but it can be pretty stinking stressful)Places I Have Lived:I have always lived in the Twin Cities in Minnesota, but within that area I have lived in some pretty different places. All the way from the hood to the suburbs. (I like the hood much better)TV Shows I Like to Watch:1. LOST2. The Office3. The Closer4. HousePlaces I’ve Been To:1. Haiti2. Australia (i highly recommend scuba diving or snorkeling on the barrier reef!)3. Hawaii4. Mexico5. Costa Rica6. All over the USFave Foods:1. Pasta, especially with Alfredo sauce2. Mexican food, especially bean burritos3. Veggie subs4. Haitian food, especially squash soup and rice and beansBooks I’ve Especially Appreciated (Lately):1.Seeking God: The Way of St. Benedict 2. Balzak and the Little Chinese Seamstress3. Traveling Mercies (not lately)4. Sex God5. Velvet Elvis6. Searching for God Knows What7. Blue Like Jazz8. Operating Instructions9. Bird by Bird10. also loved the Poisonwood BibleThings I Enjoy:1. Blogging (I’m hopelessly addicted…do you know that the reinforcement schedule of checking blogs is exactly the same as a slot machine?)2. Reading with candles lit and wrapped in a nice warm quilt with a cup of chai tea (unless I’m in Haiti in which case forget about all that warm crap)3. Teaching my classes (at those moments when you see lights go on in people’s eyes)4. Counseling (at those moments when you see lights go on in people’s eyes)5. Hanging out with my friends with absolutely no agenda6. Writing something worth reading7. Watercolor painting (watercolor has a mind of its own and its fun to see what it will do)8. Playing with clay9. Hiking in the northern forests and hiking trails10. Cuddling with my husband11. Hanging out in Haiti with absolutely no agenda

  3. Leslie,I love America’s Next Top Model too!!!!! I even have my middle guy watching it with me (ssshhh).Have you ever watched Project Runway?? It SO fits in with your sewing. I sit in amazement how everyone can sew something so fabulous in their alloted timeframes.Let me know……

  4. My first time being tagged! My list is on my blog theresajohnstone.blogspot.comLesie – Wow, I have been away for 3 days and it seems that I missed out on some honest, open and very informative posts! I really enjoyed reading your post on the “background” It is helpful to those who haven’t been to Haiti, but even those of us who have been or even lived there. I agree that each area of Haiti is so different! While I also lived very close to the highway in Borel, it is a very different area and I never really felt unsafe in our area (there were a couple of times but those were specific incidents with disgruntled former staff members) I walked the canal, drove alone (except after dark), etc and really never felt in any sort of danger. But, when I lived in Montrouis I was much more uncomfortable about “wandering” – part of that was from the attitude of the people I was living & working with, but part of it was also just that the areas are totally different. It would probably be similar to the difference you & I would have here with living in Vernon or living in the greater Vancouver area. Even just living in the greater Vancouver area and not in Vancouver itself is a huge difference! Keep up the great job of blogging your thoughts & feelings!

  5. Leslie, I have been reading your blog for sometime now. I got hooked through a friend who is adopting out of Port a Prince. Currently in the 26th month of the process. I have traveled to Haiti several times over the last 10 years. I was fortunate enough to stay with missionaires who have 25 years in country. They knew the culture and tutored me well. I made friends the first trip that i still have. I have even served as “Maren” at a wedding there last year. I appreciate all Ezekiel told you. I was fortunate to have this counsel from the beginning and am not shy about asking if I offend someone or tell them if they offend me. I have even punshied Hiatian children for showing disrespect to myself or others. The parents have always backed me up. I look forward to your Ann Koze with Ezekiel and thank GOD that HE has brought you 2 together for instruction in this land of extreme differences and extreme joy and love. It is hard there I know. But know there are people praying for you that you have never met. They may even be some of your Christian neighbors. I hope to meet you on one on my trips in. The children of Cape Haitian call me Mama Noel.

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