Things You Might Not Know (a.k.a. the post that I’m posting because i have nothing exciting to write about)

Disclaimer: The contents of this post are absolutely, positively, utterly random in nature. The blog owner takes no responsibility for this and blames it entirely on the fact that she lives in a country where things are themselves random and strange and non-sensical on any given day.

**I have a canker sore inside my lip. It’s annoying. I have attacked it with salt – head on. I think it’s retreating.

**As of tomorrow we may actually be finished ALL of our Christmas shopping. Yes, you can hate me. We decided months ago that this year we were doing all of it online and that it would all be waiting at Mum & Dad R’s for us when we arrive there on the 19th. No malls for these kids. Just surfing the net and wrapping. Last year I spent the first 3 days of our holidays in BC in the stores. Or in the car in traffic going to the stores. Or at Tim Horton’s getting coffee with gift certificates we got from wedding gifts to get myself through the three days. It was stupid. Not fun. This year I’ll actually get to go shopping because I want to, not because I have too.

**I’m baking a carrot cake.

**I’m baking whipped shortbread.

**I’m baking sugar cookies.

**Yesterday I baked Gingerbread Straws and Chinese Chews. Are you sensing a theme here?

**It’s Chris’ birthday on Sunday. Thus the baking. We’re having friends over tomorrow for the weekend, and for the evening for a little fete as they call them here. Should be a fun evening of visiting and celebrating a bit.

**We found out yesterday that the container has finally shipped. Yes, this is the container that Chris delivered a mini van of stuff for back in JUNE. Chris called to check on it yesterday, expecting to hear that it was going to be delayed. Surprise! I won’t believe it until we get the call to come get all of the things that we’ve forgotten were actually on the container. That should be sometime in early January. Wahoo! New fridge. New sink. Washing machine… um, that’s all I can remember.

**I’m getting into the Christmas ‘mood’. I’m a goon. I can’t help it. I LOVE this time of the year, no matter where I am when the whole season gets going. I’m listening to Christmas music right now and loving it.

**We have a little visitor that comes into our kitchen every night. It’s furry and likes to eat our compost. No, it’s not a rat. I thought it was when I came in the kitchen in the middle of the night to see a suicidal bottle of hot sauce smashed on the floor, but then I realized that a rat couldn’t have knocked it over. Well, it probably could have, but there was no other evidence of rats. A few days later the culprit made itself known. It left tracks. Little kitty tracks. The little monster comes in our window at night, has a snack, walks on my counter, licks my dirty dishes, then goes on it’s merry way. I think. Maybe it lurks around and waits until we’re really asleep then watches movies all curled up on our couch. Jerk. We haven’t figured out a solution for Mr. Kitty. We try to empty the compost at night when Jan Filip comes in, but that’s all we’ve got so far. I guess I could close that window, but I think he’s tricky enough to figure out that there are others…

**I have mini-lights up. They’re from my mom and I like them. They make me feel all cozy and like I want to drink hot chocolate. And bake. Maybe I should turn them off…

**The rainy season is over. The result is TONS of dust. I went down the road a bit this morning and couldn’t hardly see in front of me which was bad at times because several buses, also not able to see too far in front of them, decided that passing in the dust clouds was a good idea. Stupid. Especially when the road is only two car widths wide. My truck + the truck on the other side of the road + one impatient, erratic bus does not = two care widths. Oiye! It reminded me of the first snow falls back in BC. It’s like people need to retrain themselves and it always takes a little while to shift over in how you drive. Though, I don’t know that people ever do shift over in their brains here.

**We have our home study appointment next week. Wednesday morning, bright and early. It feels surreal. Until now we’ve just gotten paperwork together for the adoption. I feel nervous. I want the social worker to like us. I want them to say, “These people should definitely get a baby”.

**I’ve been feeling really productive this week. I’ve gotten a lot of work done, given the house a super cleaning (even though my efforts seem to be futile and I want to exterminate every single spider on the island), and am now being all domestic like. I’ve been feeling really happy this week because of the combo of activities. It kind of hits all of my ‘parts’ and makes me feel full.

**Chris has contracted some sort of cough/sneeze thing. Seriously, last night he had a sneezing fit for about 2 hours. I think it’s an allergy/dust/some weird cold thing all hitting him at the same time. I’ve felt some teeny sniffles too so we’re both pumping up on vitamins. No sickies for Christmas! No! Bah!

**There’s a new bakery/deli open in St. Marc. This makes me happy because I was able to buy little breads and a chunk of swiss cheese yesterday. It’s now officially the nearest deli within a 2 hour drive. They had a decent 3rd world assortment of deli meats, an actually slicing machine and heated and cooled display cases so I’m a happy girl. The place was also actually really nicely done inside and looked like a place I would want to eat in.

**Would you believe that it’s taken us about a month to pay our taxes. Not because we didn’t want to and tried to eek out of it. More because the *system* is completely ridiculous. First the guy came to tell us that we needed to pay it. We had problems last year so Chris just called our lawyer to see if he could deal with it. It’s taken a month to actually pay what we’re supposed to pay, not some fictitious amount.

**Yesterday Barb went with me to do some errands in St. Marc (thus the discovery of the bakery). We were stellar in our efforts and even though I left my shopping list on my desk I only forgot 1 thing. It wasn’t a vital thing so I’m good. Our shopping trip took us about 2 hours. Maybe a little bit longer. We weren’t cranky. It was good.

**My kitchen timer is retarded. No really. The first time I used it it was all good until it came time for it to actually do it’s ‘I’m letting you know it’s time!” thing. Then, about 2.3 minutes before it was supposed to go off it did this sort of half hearted ding. Kind of like a “DI…” No “NG!”. I thought, “Okay, no worries. I’ll just listen for the “Di…” That was all well and good until yesterday when I discovered that it hadn’t actually started itself. I had wound it, but it decided it wasn’t in the mood to go. Until I thumped it on top of the microwave. Then we were all on the same page. Sigh.

**Have I mentioned that I’m getting excited for the holidays?

**We’re trying to get the new truck registered so we can give back the dealer plates. To do this we need to get a certificate that states our taxes are paid up. The truck has been purchased in Chris’ name because we don’t have our non-profit status in Haiti, just Canada and the US. So, the certificate is to state that Chris himself has paid all of his Income Tax. Except that we’re volunteers. We don’t take an income period, let alone any kind of income in Haiti. Our lawyer said that they’ll make up an income, then we have to pay the Income Tax on that, then get our certificate. Um…WHAT?!? Make up an income? Yes, this is the Haitian government. And we wonder why the country is in the state that it’s in. Let’s just make up rules. They can’t just write “Volunteer for a non-profit and does not take an income.” Another OIYE! (That, my friends, is a Ukrainian expression for “Oh for Pete’s sake!!” (I’ve never figured out who Pete is, just for the record.)

**I just made some bean dip for tomorrow night’s appie portion of the fete. Now my mouth tastes like garlic. Just in case you were wondering. I know you were.

Okay, I’m officially tapped out of mundane babble to share. I told you it would be very random. I tried to post pics but Blogger isn’t cooperating right now.

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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

3 thoughts on “Things You Might Not Know (a.k.a. the post that I’m posting because i have nothing exciting to write about)

  1. On the Tax thing…In Canada if someone gives us money, even as a gift, we must pay taxes on it. Same in the states I think. Just claim the income Chris gets from donations of support and/or personal expenses from the mission account.

  2. Hi Anonymous,Chris and I DO pay taxes on the support gifts we receive in Canada and the US. In Canada and the US any financial gifts are forwarded on to us via cheque or direct deposit into the accounts we have there – not here. The problem is that we don’t receive ANY money (not from the mission or anyone else via transfers etc) in Haiti. We literally do not receive any income here. The mission covers certain living expenses (because they don’t give us a direct salary) and we cover others. If we need money we physically bring it in, in cold hard cash and deposit it into our account here because cheques take too long to process. This money is money we have already paid taxes on.We are struggling with the whole pull a number out of your head of what you think we make here in Haiti (nothing!), then charge us taxes on it. It’s illegal and corrupt. It is why the government is in the state that it is. Liz – I’ll let your brother know :)

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