A Good, Good Weekend

So, another weekend come and gone. Sigh. Actually, I’m starting to get giddy happy for our soon coming Christmas holiday, so the faster the days go by the better if you ask me. I’m at the point where there’s so much running through my head and so much to be excited about I keep waking up in the middle of the night with crazy head. That and a pasty feeling in my mouth because of the Domperidone. A slight side affect and a good one because I already have a hard time remembering to drink enough water.

In hindsight last week was a busy one. I think it was the mid week trip to Port and the mad rush to get the baby’s room done. I spent all of Saturday ripping the house apart and putting it back together. Chris stayed on the couch with his computer. It was safer there. It all came down to two things. One, it’s the dusty season and it doesn’t matter if you cleaned yesterday – today the house will look like a herd of elephants ran through it leaving a dust storm in their wake and you now have to start all over. Two, some of the furniture like shelves and such were needed in the baby’s room. I had been planning this for a while, it just hadn’t been done yet. And, because I needed those pieces there was some shuffling that needed to get done to accommodate the other stuff that was living there. It’s now all relocated and we’re all good. The house got cleaned in the process so it was a bonus.

Once the house was basically put back together in some semblance of order and things were in their new homes I attacked the baby room and got everything sorted and unpacked and in it’s place. I know this week is going to be busy and we’re going to Port for Thursday and Friday so those days are a write off. We leave next Tuesday morning early so the days are numbered to get stuff ready. Now that it’s all done I can chill out and I know that we’re as ready as possible with the exception of the stuff that’ll be coming back with us from the US.

Here’s the finished product. I’m really happy with it – simple, lots of space and just the right amount of cute…

The matching curtains that I whipped up. (I sort of cheated because Val and her mom had made a bunch of curtains for the upstairs two years ago and one was just the right size so it got cut in half and *doctored*)

The change table. The curtained part of the shelf is FULL of diapers and wipes. No joke. There is no room at the inn for anything else. I think it should last a few months.

The crib will go where the luggage is right now, and the luggage…well, I don’t know where it’ll go.

Dennis came out and spent the night here on Saturday. We invited a few friends out for yesterday morning and all took off in the boat for a day of sun and sailing. We decided to head down to Amanee, which is almost in St. Marc. It’s such a beautiful sail down along the coast. The cool thing is that there was just the right amount of wind that we got to use the sails for a bit of the trip there and most of the trip back. So fun! At Amanee the guys got off the boat and did a tour of the hotel being constructed there. Karen, Janice and I took advantage of the clear blue water and white sand beach and had a good swim.

On the way.

Boss Wilfaud manning the boat.

Karen got left at the helm in a quick sail move. Um, she had never steered a boat before.

Some sunburned Rollings and a very happy Dennis.

The best part was discovering that the anchor rope would launch us if we stood on it while it bobbed in the waves. We sucked back so much salt water and must have looked like a bunch of 5 year olds but we had so much fun and laughed a lot. On the way back we had a nice little picnic on the boat and more sun. It was a great day and again I was reminded that I should put the sun screen on before I leave, even if it is 7:30 am. Oh well, in a few days I’ll look like I live in the Caribbean and people will be jealous of my winter tan.

My computer is being stupid again. Well, actually the charger. I should actually be singing the praises of my computer rather than dissing it. I mean, it did wait until a week or so before we left, again, before it decided to not work right. Again, it’s the charger. Turns out that an AC adapter/charger doesn’t work so well when it doesn’t actually convert the power like it’s supposed to. Translation – it doesn’t actually charge the battery. Thankfully I still had my old adapter because it *works* sometimes. If you whap it just the right way it starts working and Chris is the gifted whaper in our home. The trouble is that you can’t actually move it much after that so now it’s taped to the corner of my desk – the first hard surface that we could get it to, that wasn’t the floor, before it stopped working again. So far, so good. I was tricky enough to get the major files that I need backed up just in case Limpy decides to stop working again and I’m reduced to using the relic from the Dark Ages to get through the next week. Oh the fun and joy of working here with no Future Shop around the corner. Ebay though, is stellar, and in the last 2 minutes of battery life I was able to order another charger that should meet me in Vancouver next week. Woohoo!

Happy Monday everyone!


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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

2 thoughts on “A Good, Good Weekend

  1. The baby room looks great! It looks like you guys all had fun on your trip up the coast in the boat! Much better than the snow we had here this weekend! Nice job on your blog redo as well! Very christmas-y! Can’t believe it is only 14 days till Christmas!

  2. Wow Leslie, the water is so beautiful there. I find myself checking your blog more and more to get more news on the baby. Yikes!!! I can’t help it, I LOVE babies! Well, and I’m SO excited for you!The room is too adorable :)

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