Why Chris Is the Best Husband In the WORLD:

Back in June during dinner one night Chris started smirking to himself. When I asked what was so funny he said, “I was just thinking about a surprise that I have for you, but you have to wait 7 months to get it.” It was right after we had made the decision to start working towards the adoption, but really, it could have been ANYTHING. I mean, 7 months is a LONG time in Leslie years to wait for anything. Time went on and we didn’t ever talk about it, but I did think about it. A week before we left I asked Chris about it and still got nothing to work with as far as guessing goes.

THEN we got here. A few days ago I came home from shopping one day and caught Chris putting the finishing touches on a gift he was wrapping. I was curious because I knew that all of our gifts were wrapped. When I asked he told me it was my gift, but I was still confused because I knew my gift was in a box in our room and when I asked about it the response I got was, “Just stop asking questions!” and he left the room to put the ball of paperness under the tree.

On Christmas morning the ball of paperness was passed my way and I have to admit, the curiosity was killing me. I had already opened the box in the room gift – the much wanted watch that I had asked for. Seriously, what could it be???

As I peeled away the lovingly taped paper I found a ball of newspaper. Then I peeled away the newspaper and realized I had just gotten the best gift EVER from my husband.

In my hands was a pink coffee mug with LESLIE painted in bright green letters.

As I sat there staring at it Chris told me that in his very, very limited free time in Chicago in May/June he had gone with our friend Barb to paint pottery. Because of the glazing he wasn’t able to bring the mug home with him, so he made arrangements with Barb that it was to be sent to Washington for Christmas so he could give it to me then – 7 months later.

I have to admit, I was almost in tears. It makes me feel all mushy to think about it and how I felt when I opened it. You need to understand some things about my husband. First, he doesn’t do anything remotely crafty. Remember, I’m the one that uses power tools and such to make things – not him. Second, this wasn’t just slap the paint on and call it done. Chris put so much thought into this. He knows I drink coffee every morning and that I’m a bit possessive of my favorite coffee mugs. Would you believe that he planned and drew out what he wanted to do before he actually did it, then took so much time to do it that he made everyone else sit and wait for him to finish his masterpiece? It’s true.

The best part of this was that it reminded me how amazing my husband is, and the fact that sometimes he knows me way better than I think he does. Most of all it was a very outright display of how much he loves me :)

There’s a standing joke in the Rolling home that started a couple years ago when Chris declared to the family that he ‘won’ Christmas. Apparently ‘winning’ Christmas means you get the best gifts. This years winner of Christmas is most definitely ME. In fact, I think I’ve won it for life, because not only do I have the mug, I have the man that made the mug.

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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

3 thoughts on “Why Chris Is the Best Husband In the WORLD:

  1. That is a true man you have. I understand your weak in the knees feeling toward him. Forget those silly romantic men, we want real men! I LOVE your mug, that is a genuine heart gift.ange

  2. oh so sweet! i’ll have to argue with you about the best husband thing, but maybe if we ever meet someday we can construct some kind of husband obstacle course and settle it then. or we could arm wrestle. either way…:)

  3. oohh sooo sweet! I love mushy love stories! When do you guys go back to Haiti? Hope the rest of your time is as wonderful as this post was!! amy H.

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