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Chris and I just got back from St. Marc. We had to go in to get money and do a couple other errands. It was the first time Chris drove the new truck. Can you believe we’ve owned it for two months and it was the first time he’d taken it out of the yard! I’m still in a state of disbelief.

I had one of those annoying cross-culture experiences while we were in town. I needed to go to a store to get a couple of things. There are a lot of stores here that have a policy where you have to leave your bag at the door and then go do your shopping, and get your bag on the way out. I agree with that policy – for back packs. But a woman’s purse is another story. At the other store that we shop at it’s usually not a problem for me to go in the store with my purse. Actually, this is the first time I was told that I needed to leave my purse at the door. I’ll admit, I looked at the people at the door and said, “No!”, then grabbed a basket and went to do my shopping. I was trying to be fast hoping that it would become a non-issue. Um, no. The guy in charge of the store came after me and started to tell me that I absolutely needed to leave my purse at the door, that it was a principle and that it didn’t matter if I was white, I had to adhere to it too. I looked at him and said, “I understand that, but I have things in my purse that I don’t want to leave at the door!” He told me they have paid security people there, which are actually two or three people sitting at a table with all of the bags. I told him that I realized that, but that I wasn’t leaving my bag there and that I would go shop at another store if it was a problem, which apparently it was. I know, Leslie had a hissy fit. But, the truth is that we had just come from getting money and Chris didn’t bring his back pack with him like he always does, so the only place to put the cash was in my purse. I was not about to leave my purse with the equivalent of $2000 US in it at the “paid” security counter. I hate that it made a scene, but how do you tell someone, other than saying, “Hey, I have stuff in here that I don’t feel comfortable leaving there, no matter how much you pay your people!” without actually coming out and saying, “I’m not leaving my bag there because I have two grand in it in cold hard cash!” in a store FULL of people? I just left the store, gave them all something to talk about, and went to the other store where I didn’t have to worry about my purse. I mean really, am I gonna steal anything?

So that was my minor frustration of the morning. Everything else was fine. I even bought sunglasses from a little hut on the side of the road because my very cool ones that I got in an airport gift shop this summer lost an arm. I think Chris thinks I look like a goon. I’m not sure why. I think I look HOT!

What can I say for buying them on the side of the road. It was that or the way to tiny purple ones that might fit a five year old. When I put them on the guy at the booth said, very excitedly might I add, “Ou tres bel! Tres bel!” I think he would have told me that even if I had been wearing the teenie purple ones. What do you expect for less than $2.75? LOL!

Yesterday we did a quick trip into Port to get a really big hammer drill to work on the construction of the solar panel support stand. It was a short trip where a lot of money was spent. Chris thought I was crazy for wanting to go but I reminded him that once the baby comes it might be a while before I get to go out and that I wanted to try getting out as much as possible while I can. He got it, so off we went. I took some more pictures – it’s been a while – and this was by far my favorite. We were wondering if the casket in the tap tap was empty, or full…

I knew part of it for me too was that I’m feeling stir crazy. I have a list of work stuff that I need to do, but I’ve had a hard time having the motivation to do it. I keep thinking about the baby and wondering when she’s going to join us. I know we’re in a waiting phase, but it’s getting harder. I keep looking in the baby’s room and I want to be able to use all of the stuff that we’ve collected. I want to have that little person to cuddle and love on. Chris and I send out monthly email updates to family and close friends just to keep them updated on life here and Chris held on on writing January’s for a couple of weeks because he was hoping to have a big announcement to make, but nothing. That tells me how much he’s wanting this too. He’s hoping the baby will come soon so I stop looking at baby stuff online. I just think all of it is so cute and I like to look at what we have and see how much money I saved on things. Yes, it’s a sick game, but one that boosts my ego.

Anyway. I’m just having a hard time waiting now. I am still trying to appreciate the time that Chris and I have together and we’ve been having fun, but I would just like something to happen. It’s hard because we’ve really done all that we can for now and now it’s out of our hands, and we just have to wait until God brings us our baby girl. I know her story is being written right now, whether she’s already in this world, or just waiting to make her appearance, He’s working on things and he’s working on getting her to us, we just have to wait. Vicki made a comment about this being like the wait for labour to start and that’s exactly how I feel. We’ve gotten as much ready as possible, and now we wait. When we get the call it’ll start the ball rolling. We already know that when our little girl comes along John will call us and we’ll need to leave her with them for a few days to get her lab work done before we can go get her to bring her home. Kind of like having to wait in the hospital. Once we get that call though, we’ll actually have some definite plans that we can make. Until then…we wait.

This morning (this post is sooo very random today) it was only 64 F. I’m from Canada so I have no idea how cold that is. I just printed off a conversion chart so I can actually gauge the temperature in my head. It’s about 18 C. That would be about the time where I would consider putting shorts on and of course wearing flip flops. This morning I was wearing flip flops, jeans, a t-shirt and a light sweater. So bizarre. I never thought I would get that acclimated here. The thermometer above was from some friends of ours in Seattle who are renoing their house. We loved it and they didn’t so they gave it to us. It has a lot of character and actually matches the house nicely. It’s now attached to a tree in the yard so we can always know how warm it is. In the past week and a half we’ve been sitting right at “IDEAL”. Chris likes that it goes up to 120 F. He says that now. I have a feeling he’ll be changing his story in July and August when it tells him how hot it really is outside. Somethings are just better being left unknown.

On Saturday we had lunch with some friends that we met here through other friends that work for the US state department. They made a trip to Miami, and mainly COSTCO, back in December and emailed me ahead of time to see if there was any treat they could bring back for us. I asked for nothing but chocolate chips because they’re so expensive here – almost $7 for a small bag! Our friends brought us TWO giant COSTCO sized bags of Nestle Toll House chips! Wahoo! Chris got the “These are not for SNACKING! You will only eat them when they’re IN something, or unless I say so. They will be burried in the freezer and you will forget you’ve ever seen them!” talk. Then, we got home and I made the chippiest cookies I’ve ever made. I got a SILPAT cookie sheet liner in my stocking for Christmas and I am such a fan. I usually have to watch my cookies like a hawk, and they never come out right. With the SILPAT they were the most amazing, chewiest, delicious cookies I’ve ever made. I would highly recommend getting one or two if you have an oven that cooks hot like ours.

And last but certainly not least in any way, shape or form – the cutest man in my life :) Awww, gush. I realized I don’t take enough pictures of us, just things around us, so this year I’m setting a new goal of actually doing pictures of people. Just so we know we were actually here ;)

Okay, I should go attack that list of things that I have to do. It keeps growing. Boo. Though, I guess I am here for a reason ;)

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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

2 thoughts on “This Post Has No Name

  1. I don’t recall ever seeing a Haitian woman taking money out of a purse of any kind. I am also sure that no Haitian woman would leave a purse with cash in it with the “security” people. If you get some cross cultural sensitivity flack because you posted about this don’t worry about it. Sure firmly and calmly stating your position and simply leaving would have probably been best. You were in a tense position from the first moments. The race card was the first thing you heard out of the managers mouth. I know that is hard to bear when you have given up so very much in life to be there and still I bet you felt a bit of guilt when he said it. It wasn’t a simple situation with familiar responses at the ready. Do you think not one of them knew you had just come from the bank. If I recall the bank and the store are either around the corner or the one up Rt 1 just a block or so. You probably shouldn’t print that part. When I was there I could see that Chris was under a lot of observation whenever any cash transactions were taking place. Me I carried my money in my bra. :) Did you know that one time Chris back pack accidentally went into the airport terminal with my group. I had to get it back to Chris. Someone at the airport (with a straight face) suggested I just leave it there for him. HAH HAH no way on earth was I going to do that! It had his phone, wallet and stuff in there. I’ll tell you the rest of the story another time. You did the right thing for your soituation at that moment. Love and blessings Barb J :)

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