Washing Machines and Breast Feeding

The house is quiet (ie. wee one is napping) so I thought I’d catch up on some stuff. I feel productive. The work for today is done, my laundry is folded and now I can blog.

Our house has sort of been in shambles since Saturday evening when we got home with the load of stuff off the container. The main part of the house became a dumping ground. We got all of the boxes emptied out and stuff put away. I’ve gone through my cupboards and thinned things out, putting the extras in storage for the staff apartment when it’s finished. That feels good. I do, however, still have an extra refrigerator sitting in the house. It’ll go at some point, again into storage for the new place.

The washing machine is being installed. This is no small feat. It’s going in our bathroom, which isn’t big by any definition. Putting it in there meant that we had to move the sink over. In a North American house that would mean pulling it out and maybe patching some dry wall. here it means bashing concrete and tile to adjust everything. Be happy your construction methods are simpler. Evens, one of our workers, has been going to school on weekends to learn plumbing and electrical. We’ve been putting his skills to work. Yesterday he didn’t have all the parts he needed, so we spent most of the day, and all night with no water. We’ve brought buckets in to do dishes and run down the toilet. I even had a bucket bath last night because I was sweaty and feeling gross. It’s 3:09 pm and the water still isn’t on. Evens is working on it and will stay until it’s all done. It needs to be done today. We have to go to Port tomorrow and Chris’ parents come on Thursday. Once the plumbing is done we’ll be able to push the machine against the wall, put everything back and call it done. It seemed strange pulling the laundry off the line and knowing that it was the last time I would have to think about clothes being stretched from hand washing. Or not rinsed completely. I hate crunchy clothes, but it’s something I’ve come to accept. It’s going to be so nice to know that my clothes have been washed with one kind of soap and not three.

Our little Peanut

On a completely different note…some of you were asking about the breast feeding thing. I have written about it before, when I was getting into it. Now that Liv is here things are going okay. I was trying to have realistic expectations because inducing lactation is hard and doesn’t mean you’re going to get a full milk supply. For those that were wondering how I was doing this, go here to read about the beginnings. Right now I try to nurse Olivia before I give her a bottle. It doesn’t always work because many times when she’s hungry she’s hungry right now and there is much head flailing etc. I don’t want to force her or have breast feeding become something annoying to her so I let her lead. If she goes for it, good. If not, that’s fine too. When she does nurse it’s usually for about 10 minutes, then she nods off and just cuddles. That’s fine with me too. I know she’s getting some milk because she gets a cute little milk face and that little bit is still better than nothing. The most important thing for me is that it’s a good time for the two of us, and that we can bond. When she does want to nurse it’s really obvious because she starts rooting. She even tried sucking on Chris’ shirt the other day. That didn’t turn out to be too profitable for her.

I’m starting to hear squeaks from upstairs. Times up! This whole parenting thing is making me much more of a multi-tasker. I mean, I was before, but I’m becoming the Queen. You know, when you only have about 2-3 hours a day to get you work and house stuff done, you’ve got to learn to manage things well. And, doing it on less than average sleep is a challenge. Liv is waking up around 12 and between 2-3 each night. Sometimes she just eats and nods off again, but sometime she like to be awake. She won’t listen to her mommy when she tells her it’s sleep time, not awake time. Mommy hasn’t had a nap for the last three days and she feels like a super hero because of it.

Okay, off to do the parenting thing!

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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

8 thoughts on “Washing Machines and Breast Feeding

  1. Well, well… the tired super mom bloggs :-)Isn’t it going to be nice to have a washing machine! Do you make homemade soap? It’s really fun and you can use it in the laundry. It’s pretty easy to make and I’d be happy to send you the directions.Olivia is beautiful and it’s nice to hear she’s taking to the breastfeeding and gaining weight. I’m looking forward to seeing more family pictures.V

  2. I am happy you are installing the washer. Hope you have your water back on soon! You may find that you don’t even need any additional soap for the first few washes. :) You will indeed love the rinse, no more slick residue on your clothes. Have funBarb J

  3. i actually feel a real fondness for bucket baths in haiti. long story. i’m so glad you’re getting to experience nursing her and the bond that develops this way. so lovely. sounds like you’re doing pretty dang good for a new mom. take care…

  4. Love the photos of Liv! She is gorgeous!!I’m so glad that you guys finally got the stuff from the container – and a washing machine is SUCH a huge blessing, especially with a little one around :) Have fun with Chris’ parents! Glad that you & Liv get that special bonding time as she breastfeeds – even if only for a little bit!

  5. oh, man! is she the cutest baby ever! i can’t even believe how adorable…..and she does look like a little peanut! cool to hear about your day to day stuff…..i can’t even imagine how it is there, but maybe when school is done for me, i will make my way over there. i’ve been thinking about doing some volunteer type work before i settle down somewhere….maybe there. glad you’re doing well, take care, melissa.

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