Back Home and Happy

Yes, the blog has been quiet. My MIL asked me today when I was going to post because my stalkers were getting restless.

So, the good news is that we got away for the weekend. There is no bad news. Just in case you were wondering. It was a good weekend – thanks for all of your prayers.

The worker that had been sent in to Port to get the part was on a bus on his way back by 9:30 am. The deal was that if he was en route we would wait for him to get here, then put the part in the blue truck. About 15 minutes after that Jean told Chris that they would just unload the red truck so we could take it because putting the part in wasn’t something that should be done in a hurry. That guy is so smart! :) So, they unloaded and we packed up and hit the road by 10:45. It felt like mid afternoon.

We had a few things to do in Port. We stopped to visit a friend of ours that was in from Chicago to help clean up her parents house. They had been missionaries here since the 50’s and had to leave last year due to some health issues. They were only taking limited things back to the US and the rest was open season for other missionaries to take or buy. We scored a beautiful stove that I’m really excited about. It has a 5th burner right down the middle, a broiler (wahoo!) AND has electric starts on four of the five burners. No more having to deal with matches for this girl, unless I’m lighting the oven or burner number 5.

After visiting with Kathy we headed up into Petionville to go to the allergist. We ended up at the wrong office, so we made a quick dash up the hill and were only half an hour late. The meeting was informative. We made an appointment for Monday so Chris could get an actual allergy test to find out what he’s allergic to. After that we headed downstairs to Fiore de Latte. If you’re ever in Petionville, this is one stop I would recommend. They make the BEST ice cream in the entire country. No joke. We had some ice cream, and while we were finishing up Dan and Sheila that work with the McHouls came along so they joined us for a visit. We were going to head over to our friends house where we were staying for the night, but then got the phone call telling us they were on their way out the door to a party, so we decided to stay and have dinner with Dan and Sheila. It was so not Haiti. I mean, sitting in a nice out door restaurant, eating ice cream and visiting with people in English for hours. It was very refreshing for me. That night after a good HOT shower I crashed hard and slept very well. It was so nice.

After breakfast and a bit of a visit with our friends we loaded up again and headed up the mountain to Furcy. We spent Saturday and Sunday night at the Lodge. I realized that when you have a baby even being in the comfiest bed and having the opportunity to sleep doesn’t mean that you will sleep. Olivia decided that being awake several times during the night was a great idea. Boo! Yes, yes, I can hear you all chuckling to yourselves. Anyway, we enjoyed being bundled up, going for walks, reading and just hanging out in the cool, quiet of Haiti. Yes, these places do exist and they are beautiful when you find them. On Sunday afternoon we saw the President himself. Yep, Mr. Preval himself was having lunch just one table over from us, with his mistress that everyone knows about. It was such a bizarre experience. I said to Chris when we were out on our after lunch walk that it was so not like what I would have expected. Here the president of a country was dining, without being surrounded by security, with his mistress, in public. So not from my world. We enjoyed some good conversation over lunch with another Canadian that had worked for MINUSTAH for two years doing film projects.

Monday morning after a yummy breakfast we headed back down the mountain to do a couple more things, then headed to the dentist so I could get more work done. After that we went to the allergist for Chris’ tests, then home.

I realized that all of the pictures that I got were of Olivia, and they were all in the room. So silly. Our first trip away as a family and I take pictures of her in the room. I need to learn how to do the snap happy parent thing.

Yep, she was meant to be a Rolling. We all look so darn cute in a hat :)

Olivia decided she was going to take the bed and give us the crib for the weekend. You know, just so she could stretch out a bit.

Her expressing her thoughts when we told her it was time to give Mommy and Daddy their bed back…

Breakfast in bed on the last morning.

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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

3 thoughts on “Back Home and Happy

  1. The pictures are a RIOT! She has a full array of expressons, doesn’t she. She is just a doll in her hat. My favorite caption has to be her hearing that you wanted the bed back. Preval had no security? Wowza, and a mistress in public too. Yes another world, guess there are no paparazzi in Haiti?Great news that Chris is seeing the allergist. I hope he can find good info and great treatment.The stove sounds super and about 50 years newer than the old one. Happy for you that you had a nice weekend. Blessings Barb J:)

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