Take That!

Phew! Just call me a whirling dervish. I am happy to report that a) It’s Friday; b) I am DONE my chores, as I call them; c) It’s not even noon yet. 


Okay, if you would have seen me yesterday you would understand why this is a big deal for me. Leslie (I like to refer to myself in the third person from time to time) was a bit of a sketch. It was just one of those emotional, poor me, I’m not getting ANYTHING done days. You know, the kind where you start one thing, then someone comes and interrupts you with something that they think is much more important (okay, so feeding the baby is kind of important), and then the generator comes on so you know you need to use the washer NOW (oh wait, that’s just me), and then you try to remember what you were doing, go back to it, feel stressed out because you see that you are getting NOWHERE, again someone else’s important thing pops up, try to make more progress, have a minor meltdown, try to regroup, have someone tell you that you should be doing something (boo! as if I need anyone to tell me that I need to do what I already know I need to do!), feel internally stressed because your house is looking like the inside is outside and vice versa because every possible ounce of mud that could be in it is (seriously, why WHITE floor tiles???), and then go back to task number one to once again try and make some headway.

If you are in any way feeling cranky from just reading that last bit you have an idea about what I was feeling like yesterday. 

The good news is…
a) I got the laundry caught up
b) I got my April accounting finished
c) I got the April grant accounting finished (yes, they are different things)
d) The laundry was dried and taken off the line minutes before it started to rain again
e) April accounting was sent to book keepers
f) Grant report was written and sent with accounting
g) Personal monthly email was edited, pictures added and sent
h) Mission monthly email was edited, pictures added and sent
i) Said laundry was put away
j) House was tidied and miscellaneous items that have been collecting and drivin’ me mad put away
k) Floors were swept, mopped and returned to their natural WHITE color
l) Cleaned the bathroom 


I am now breathing. I am not internally panicking. I will be able to relax this weekend and even be pleasant to be around. Well, I think I’m pleasant to be around. 

What a week! Seriously. Some weeks just plug along and others make us want to hide under a rock. I think this was one of those. Monday was the truck getting the hole in the oil pan and grinding work to a halt. The plan was that it was going to make multiple trips to get rock for the foundation. Instead it was jacked up on the spot and ended up getting stuck there for two days because the ground was too wet to move it without getting it stuck. The wiring got done Tuesday evening and the trench filled back in. Wednesday Jean and Fristner went to Port to deal with a situation that we’re unhappy about – a guy that was promoting and selling filters for the mission had been selling them for $130 H when we sell them for only $40 H. We’d delivered about 150 over the past few months. If you do the math you’ll realize he’s stolen about $11,000 H from people in his community. So, yeah. Gotta love that. When Jean got home Wednesday they moved the red truck, finally! Yesterday the guys started first thing wiring the rebar for the foundation together and Chris was on and off the phone with Otto, our engineer friend that’s done the design on the building, most of the day. Otto is in Puerto Rico and has done all of this just because he’s wanted to. Man, people can be such a huge blessing in ways that seem so small to them. Yesterday, early afternoon the first load of cement was mixed and they started pouring the foundation. Yes, it’s exciting. Or was. Until it started to rain. Again. 

As we watched the river start in the yard again and the trenches fill up we were very blatantly reminded that there are only so many things we can control. Because the rest of the week wasn’t enough to bring that to mind I guess. (She says sarcastically with a smile on her face) And yes, the pictures below are of our yard. Yesterday. During the little rain. 

So, yeah. Wanna trade? Chris and I often laugh about how boring North America is and how worked up people get about things that seem so minor to us now. We laugh at North America and say, “What? That’s all you’ve got? Hah! I can see you your getting a parking ticket and raise you a sewer explosion, power outage and two flat tires! And, that’s just before lunch! Seriously. Is that really all you’ve got?”

Have I mentioned that with calming the chaos my sense of humor has magically returned???

~The Whirling Dervish
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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

4 thoughts on “Take That!

  1. You have my utmost sympathy, ESPECIALLY after I checked the St Marc weather forecast and saw that your days are in the mid 90s, your nights only down to 75, and your humidity is 79%. So add in the “occasional thunderstorms” for the next 5 days and you are obviously living in a sauna!We North americans tend to look at those rain photos and think “cool and pleasant”, but you know better! I admire you so much for getting so much done despite your conditions. You go girl!!!!Love,Gramma Rolling

  2. In the first photo is someone dynamiting something? A whirling dervish perhaps? You’re doing great Leslie, even overcoming the mud. Barb J :)

  3. The first picture is something random that I found online. It was supposed to be a tornado…like me, the whirling dervish.

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