I think I’ve created a monster…

So yesterday I was so excited that our internet was working again, and that I could get pictures posted without wanting to rip out my hair, that I completely forgot to tell you about something. 

On Wednesday our friend Elsie came over for a visit. Us ladies decided to go for a swim because it was a sticky day. One thing that’s important to me as a mom is that our kids learn to love water and that they learn to swim well. That was something that my parents made a point of and I’m grateful for it. So, Liv got her bathing suit on and I took her in the water with me. I was totally prepared for a freak out. When I took her in the kiddie pool that our friends gave us a couple weeks ago she wasn’t so sure about that. 

Yes, I know that the kid is only three months old. Some may think this is ridiculous or irresponsible. That’s fine. You can have your opinions. Moving on. I held Liv by her tummy so she was sort of horizontal in the water, with her head high enough that she wouldn’t be attacked by rogue waves. She LOVED it. After she got used to the water she started kicking her feet and wiggling around. She must have stayed like that for at least half an hour, just happily kicking away. Eventually I started holding her up to my chest and she fell asleep. Apparently this child has no issues with water. 

Yesterday evening I put her in the bath tub. She got to be to big for the kitchen sink a little while ago so we upgraded to a less than stellar baby tub. It was made in some Asian country and has a slope resembling a water slide in it, but what can I say? It was that or the $20 US model – I think not. My parents brought us a bath sling – this thing with a wire frame and cloth cover – that sits in the sink, and I’ve now moved it to the tub as a make due solution until Liv is big enough to actually sit up properly and not risk drowning herself. So, we go about the normal bathing formalities, then I realize that as I was talking to Chris who was eating a mango at the sink that I’ve subconsciously picked Liv up and put her back up at the top of the sling, oh, I don’t know, a dozen times. Because she keeps wiggling around and sliding down the sling. This is new. With the wiggling there’s some foot kicking. So, once the formalities are out of the way I decided to take the sling out and sit her on the water slide with a hand under her butt, just so she didn’t fully submerge. And then the fun began. Olivia discovered that she had the ability to send water flying all over the kitchen. I think even the fridge that’s across the room in the corner got it. I was wet, wet, wet. I was also laughing the whole time. She would get this look of concentration on her face, her feet would slowly start swishing around, then she let it rip. It was so fun. I have a feeling I may have to start wearing my bathing suit for bath time. 

Another new development is that she’s figured out what it takes to foam at the mouth. I think these are the beginning stages of making raspberries, but the in between time reminds me of a rabid animal, without the aggression. Actually it’s pretty funny because we can wipe the spit foam away, and she likes it so much that within seconds she’s produced more of it. Just because she can. See, wonder kid ;)


This morning Chris got up about half an hour before me so he could get the work day started. I was lying in bed contemplating getting up when he called up, “Leslie, Jean just cut the tip of his finger off.” Very matter of factly. One of my “jobs” around here is to be the Mom and bandage up cuts and scrapes. You know, when the grinder attacks a finger. When a bucket of rocks drops on a toe. Those kinds of things. It makes our staff feel loved and shows them that we care about their personal well being. That and we try to be responsible employers. I came downstairs to see Jean with a wad of paper towel over his finger to stop the bleeding. I could tell he was in pain. I got him to take off the paper towel and sure enough, there was the tip of his finger and a bit of the nail just barely hanging on. This is beyond what I can do with Band-aids and anti-biotic ointment. I made Chris find out if Dr. Pascale could see Jean and sent them on their way. They came back about half an hour later and Jean’s finger was all bandaged up. Chris told me the doctor was very blunt and told Jean the tip would eventually fall off. I think if it was a North American doctor it would have gotten stitched up, but she is not and apparently they have a different perspective on these things here. Anyway, she put some anti-biotic stuff on it and gave Jean some anti-biotics to take to fight any chance of infection. Chris said that if it was him he would have just bandaged it up. This is why I handle the cuts and scrapes. 

Memo to self: Machetes are not for hacking through wood to fix the sand sifter. And, if you do have to use the machete, it’s best to move your fingers first. 


I’ve got nice, dark nail polish on my fingers. Anyone that knows me knows that I’m usually not that concerned with this kind of thing. I decided that it was finally time to grow up and stop biting my nails. I don’t do it all the time, but I do do it. And, considering that I have an idea about what’s getting stuck under my nails the whole idea is starting to gross me out. So, the nail polish. I find a dark color works best for this because I can’t see through it. Yes, it’s all a ploy to trick my head. It seems to be working though. And, I have to say, I kind of like the feeling of typing with hot little nails. It makes me feel all girly and professional, like I would if I was working in an office where I had to dress up. But I don’t. In fact, if I really wanted to, I could come to work in my pyjamas. I could. 


The dorm building is coming along nicely now. It’s amazing what a week and a half of work can do. Two days ago the guys were able to get the last couple of foundation trenches broken up and cleaned out. They couldn’t do it before because that part of the floor was covered in crushed rock and sand to mix the cement for the other trenches. The ‘bosses’ are doing a great job. The walls are straight and level. It really is fun to see things progressing after a month of constant destruction. Our goal is to have the walls done by the first week in May so the engineer that’s coming in can help us get the form work for the ceiling/floor done. I *think* we may actually meet the goal. Yesterday I went out with Liv after the work was done and I was all excited when I got to stand in what will be the new storage room. When Haitians build homes they basically just build walls. No planned storage closets or anything like that. That said, we have no built in storage at the mission. None. Actually, that’s wrong. We have one built in cupboard in Olivia’s room, but that’s it. This has meant keeping things like sheets and pillows for the dorms put away in Rubbermaids etc. In the last year and a half we’ve been able to move a bunch of stuff around, build shelves and organize things more. Like putting tools out in the shop rather than in the house. I’m so excited that the dorms will finally have a place where I can put all the sheets, pillows, mosquito nets, towels and cleaning stuff so I don’t have to pack it all back and forth. Yay. Okay, I’m lame. 

Okay, it really is time for me to go do some work. And then I need to clean my bathroom. Maybe I’ll clean the bathroom first and then I’ll feel like I’ve accomplished something. You know, that feeling of being able to cross something off the ‘to do’ list.

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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

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