Birds of a feather…

Hi Stalkers, er, I mean readers ;)
Sorry about not posting for the last 4 DAYS (I hope you weren’t starting to go into withdrawl). Don’t worry, I wasn’t sitting her bawling my eyes out. Quite the opposite. We just had a busy weekend of visiting with friends and what not. Quite enjoyable really. 
Sunday we had our Missionary Meeting here, and there was a new guy. A younger new guy. For the record, Chris and I are the youngest people in the group, with almost everyone else, give one person, being old enough to be our parents. They’re a great bunch of people, all very different, and we love all of them. Sometimes though, it’s very exciting to be around people our own age. I think it’s just this thing with our area, most of the missionaries that come out here tend to be in their late 40’s or older, their kids have grown up and they’re doing something different. Anyway, we had John and Elsie stay for dinner which gave us lots of visiting time. So fun for us. They’re working at an orphanage up the road. 
I had to keep reminding myself that yesterday was Monday. It felt like it should be the end of the week, but no such luck :(  Yonese was in cleaning, I did some laundry, spent a good part of the day responding to emails and then we had visitors. Joe and Linda Markee stopped by to drop some stuff off for us that they brought in from Chris’ parents house. We LOVE the Markees. Joe is a doctor (retired I think) and they were missionaries here for several years. Now they come in several times a year to do medical clinics in a community called Terre Blanche (white earth). Whenever Chris and I are in Vancouver, WA, we always try to get together with them for coffee or lunch or something because they’re just sweet, loving people and so great to be around. We had a nice visit with them and the rest of their team.
Most of the stuff that the Markees brought in were gifts for Olivia from friends and family. If any of you are reading, THANK YOU! We feel very loved and they were all beautiful. A friend of Chris’ from high school sent two little outfits. One was a cute girlie dress. The other was this…
It’s a 24 month onesie, but Chris insisted that Liv wear it to bed last night. I think Chris’ friends know him well ;) It would have been perfect for her to be wearing the other night. We were listening to The Who – you know, some good 70’s rock – and looked at Liv in her bouncy seat and saw her holding her hand up, fingers spread, and staring at it as she turned it in the air. I started laughing. The music and the staring made her look like she was on some sort of “trip” :) This is why Little Miss O and her Daddy are birds of a feather…
Speaking of Little Miss O… the kid just figured out two weeks ago that she could control her hands. In the last few days she has figured out that she can control her mother. It usually involves her sitting in her bouncy seat on the floor by my desk. There will be babbling that eventually turns to complaining sounds. I eventually look down at her to see if she’s okay and she looks at me, then flashes a GIANT GRIN. We’re talking one of those big gummy, full body ones. I look away, complaining noises, I look back, GRIN… and repeat. How does a child that can’t control her own bodily functions figure out how to manipulate people at 3.5 months of age?!?! Yes, I know that those of you with children are laughing at me right now and saying, “Oh Leslie, just wait.”
We have a visitor arriving tomorrow for three weeks. Otto is the engineer that has been doing all the design work and plans on the new dorm. Now, normally, visitors would stay in the dorm, but since the dorms is only now coming back into existence that will not work. Otto will be in the house with us, in Liv’s room, and she’ll be moved up stairs with us. It’ll be a bit of an adjustment because Chris and I haven’t shared the house with anyone for over two years, but we’re both looking forward to having Otto here. Chris more than I am, simply because he’s been trying to lead a construction project when he has no background in construction. He and Otto are generally on the phone at least once a day. I know Chris is looking forward to stepping back a bit and letting Otto take the lead, and just needing to keep the guys working and translate. Otto asked if we could do a special English class when he arrives, so tomorrow after the work day is done we’ll do just that. It’ll be a chance for him to meet everyone and to go over some basic building terms in English and Creole. Chris and I both love that he’s looking at this as an opportunity to get to know our staff, as well as help the mission out in a big way. We’re *hoping* the walls will be all finished today so that they can get started right away on the form work for the dorm roof.  
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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

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