A new roommate

Our new roommate is about a foot and a half long and doesn’t seem to have a problem waking up throughout the night. In fact, I think she thinks it’s fun. That’s the only thing I can give you to explain her recent behaviours. See, said roommate, wasn’t a roommate until two nights ago. Then in the process of getting ready for Otto’s visit she became a roommate. Before she was a roommate she had no problem sleeping through the night. We were all over joyed by this accomplishment. Now, however, we are not so over joyed. Not at all. 

Little Miss O, to the best of my understanding, seems to think sleeping in mom and dad’s room is FUN. And that waking up THREE times a night is fun. It’s even more fun to roll over in your crib and start chatting, at 3 am. Until two days ago the roll overs amounted to two. Period. Last night she broke her own record with two middle of the night roll overs and an early morning alarm clock roll over. I say alarm clock because the sun was up and she decided it was time for ALL of us to be awake. She let us know this by lying in her crib chatting away at us. I think the kid needs an eye mask. That’s the only thing I can think of. The only thing that saved her from impending doom, or being put in a make shift card board box crib downstairs, was the fact that it was already 5:35 – only five minutes before the actual alarm was supposed to go off. That and the fact that as I was lying in bed watching her from behind my mosquito net I couldn’t stop giggling to myself. She is always so absolutely convinced that everyone can understand every gargle and goo that comes out of her mouth. I only wish I really could understand. It would probably sound something like, “Hey you over there! Yeah, I know you’re awake. Don’t you lay there pretending to be asleep. I know you’re awake. You just wait until I can stand up on my own and then we’ll see how fast you get your butt out of bed. I know you’re laughing at me…”

I hope the novelty wears off. Soon. Like maybe yesterday.

Otto arrived yesterday. I’ve decided my role in this whole engineer in the house thing is simply to provide food and beverage to the hard working males. I am quite happy to take on a support role with this one. Chris looks a bit overwhelmed today. I think it’ll slowly dissipate as Otto gets more of a handle on things. I’m actually really thankful that he’s here for a few weeks. They’re already off to a good start with things. What I’m most impressed about though is how he’s working with our staff. He knows enough Creole that he can talk to them and try to explain what he’s doing, but he’s also encouraging those that want to learn to use what English they have. He’s very patient. When I commented on that today he told me that he loves to teach people. He’s here to do the mission a HUGE service, but I can already see that it’s more than that. 

The other thing that I love about Otto is that he can see the whole picture and doesn’t just worry about the technical side of building, but also concerns himself with how a space is lived in. What makes living in it easier or more doable. Chris tends to be much more about the technical side of things and I am much more about making things livable. Not just passable, but cohesive. There is a need and room for both, though sometimes it’s hard for us to communicate with each other. Otto recognizes this and several times throughout the planning phase he would send plans to Chris and say, “Ask your wife what she thinks and get back to me.” Otto understands that women tend to be more detailed and that they’re the ones that spend more time (generally speaking) in the actual ‘work’ of a house, ie using the kitchen, cleaning etc. They understand the details that make life move a bit differently. I really appreciate that Otto cares about this stuff and sees the importance of asking me how I want a space to function. He wants things to make sense. It’s nice to have a third party here who has the technical background but can also say, “Have you thought about this…” I think Chris and I are both more receptive to that than if it was either of us speaking it. Every single thing that Otto has said, “Leslie, have you thought about…” I had definitely thought about. Thank you for asking! I’m feeling more excited about this because I can see what a great building it’s going to be. Also, Otto asked me to think about things that need doing in the house, whether it’s moving some shelves or blocking up a wall. I guess some people have given him money for these little “home improvements” knowing that they can make a big difference with how life gets lived. It’s amazing to me too, to see how cared for I feel when someone says, “Tell me what annoys you about what you’re living in and let me work on that to see if we can make it better.” I know many of these things are not important on a big life scale, but they do make a difference. 
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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

3 thoughts on “A new roommate

  1. Do you have a folding screen, or a curtain on a line, that can block little Miss O from seeing her peeps? What a little stinker she is, but I love her to pieces. She’s really got you going now, as the song says!Missing you three,Gramma Rolling

  2. Leslie < << new mom...Vicki < <<< old mom...Tabatha, Brian, Ryan, Sara < << kids!Now grandkids and it works for them too…. I just put the blanket over my head and they thought I wasn’t there. I could sleep at least another half hour!Nice to hear you are having such great fun. Enjoy it. Soon she’ll be living in some strange “other part” of the world and you will wish she could wake you up!Happy Mothers Day!V

  3. Hey. Thanks for visiting my little blog. Jill Pacquette was visiting our church that particular Sunday. I do not personally know her. Her voice is drop dead amazing. Too bad I did not get to meet you while I was in Haiti. I am missing it so much. It has wrecked the very depth of my soul. I am going to add your blog to my reader. Talk soon.Debra

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