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I’m going to try something here on the blog that I’ve been curious about for some time. I normally wouldn’t be able to sell any of the things that I make simply because we don’t have access to a postal system where I could send them out. BUT, I’m going to be heading back to Canada in just under a month and it’ll be a great time for me to do that.


This handy little beauty measures 8″x6″ closed and 8″x10″ opened. It would make a great little clutch purse, make-up bag or other little catch-all. Maybe a nice little re-useable gift bag for that special person that can get stuffed with little treasures…the possibilities are endless. There are several layers of fabric so it feels substantial, not floppy. The elastic and button closure give it a bit of give, unlike those unfriendly zippers. You know the ones I’m talking about. It’s also completely washable and cute to boot. As a nice little quirk the buttons will all be different and unique, but will coordinate well with the fabrics chosen.

This would be a great opportunity to do some early Christmas shopping (yes I said it) and get something handmade and unique for those special people on your list, or just stash them away for birthdays and other special events coming up. Or heck, just buy one for yourself and call it a day!

Below all the important information are photos of the fabric combos that I have and how many clutches/pouches can be made with each combo. The inside fabric is on the left, the outside on the right so you can see them together.

To place an order simply email me at and tell me which fabric combo # (as in #2) you want and how you’ll be paying for it so I can keep an eye out for your payment and get your mailing info. I won’t start sewing until the orders have been placed so I don’t use fabric to make something that might just end up collecting dust :) 

All of this is on a first come, first serve basis so if you’re interested I would recommend getting in there quickly. As things sell off, if they sell off, I’ll update this post so you can see what’s still available. I will keep the post up until the order deadline or things are completely gone.

Each clutch is $15. This includes shipping to your doorstep. So yes, you are getting a lovely handmade, practical, very useable item with shipping included for $15! Sounds like a screaming deal to me, though I might be biased.

I will be arriving back in Canada on September 10th. To allow enough time to whip these up, and still keep my sanity with everything that needs to be prepped and done before I leave I need to receive all orders no later than midnight Thursday, September 4th. Do you like that I added midnight in there? It makes it sound so official.

There are two PayPal buttons on the left, one for Canada and one for the US and that’s the fastest, easiest way to pay. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can email me at and we can make other arrangements.

As I said, I will be arriving back in Canada on September 10th and will be there for about a week. I will be sending these off during that time so depending on where you live they should arrive not too long after that. I wish Haiti had a postal system so I could do things like this more often, but it doesn’t so this is the option I have. Sorry I can’t get them to you sooner.

If you have any questions about this please email me at

Thanks for looking!



Note: I took the pictures outside in natural light hoping to get the best representation of the fabric. The fabric is actually brighter than the pictures make it look. Brighter in a good way. Not in a 70’s pantsuit way. 

#1: Butterfly – SOLD OUT

#2: Yellow Cabana – 2 AVAILABLE
This is a nice mustard yellow background. One of my faves!

#3: Aisian Garden – SOLD OUT

#4: Pink Posies – SOLD OUT

#5: Pink Wallpaper – 1 AVAILABLE
This looks like someone peeled if off the wall in an attic bedroom. It’s just pretty.

#6: Pink Toile – SOLD OUT

#7: English Garden – 1 AVAILABLE
The background is a nice beige, as is the liner fabric, which is hard to tell in the picture. Kind of “antiquish”.

#8: Red Dots and Teenie Flowers – SOLD OUT
This background is a nice cream color and the red is a nice “apple” red.

#9: Blue Flowers – 2 AVAILABLE
These patterns remind me of china. If you would like the bigger pattern on the outside, just let me know!

#10: Blue Bush with white – 1 SOLD, 1 AVAILABLE
This one is a nice baby blue sort of color. Looks really nice and crisp with the white. Makes me think of sheets on a clothes line in the summer.

#11: Blue Tapestry with white – 1 SOLD, 1 AVAILABLE
This makes me think of a damask napkin. There are touches of cream and white and it too looks nice and crisp with the white liner.

#12: Black Tropical with black – SOLD OUT

#13: Chocolate Swirl with white – SOLD OUT

#14: Lotus Garden Dots – SOLD OUT

#15: Denim with one of the following inside…

A. Red Plaid – SOLD OUT

B. Orange Print – 1 SOLD, 1 AVAILABLE
Mmmmm, if I had a name for this it would be “creamcicle”.

C. African Print – SOLD OUT

D. Blue Flowers – SOLD OUT

E. Green Stripe – 2 AVAILABLE
I LOVE this fabric. The combo of aqua, lime/olive green, grey, cream and chocolate brown. Mmmm. 

F. Brown Print – 1 AVAILABLE
This print has a great hand-painted quality to it with a bit of baby blue and a bit of pink too. 
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    • Hi! I think it was an Amy Butler print from about 5 years ago. You can go to her website and see if it’s still there or search Amy Butler on ebay. I don’t know if it’s still even available.

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