For Olivia’s fan club

I know you’re out there. You used to stalk Chris and I, but now that Olivia is in the picture we don’t even blip on the radar. That’s okay. No really, it’s fine. 

Liv is now 8.5 months old. Hard to believe, I know. Every day there is some new thing that makes me laugh. Like tonight, I think I taught her how to ‘high five’. We’re also working on the word ‘no’. It already feels like a loosing battle. Especially when she looks up at me and grins in her oh so charming way. Yeah, can we say puddle. of. goo? I’ve been learning how to bite my lip a lot. I mean, it’s not her fault playing in the water dripping from the filter into the Culligan bottle is so fun (we’ll start our education component early, like maybe tomorrow, and learn all about cross contamination…) or that Mommy’s computer makes all sorts of fun sounds when you slap it. And then Mommy makes some not so fun sounds…

What I’m most loving about this age is how much more involved Liv is. I love watching how she responds to things. She hasn’t really gone through a stranger phase. In fact, I would say it’s the opposite. Once she makes friends, and this can happen in about 3.2 seconds, she often doesn’t want to let go. Like at Kaliko on the weekend when she met the general manager and decided she would rather hang out with her. Our friend Barb came to visit a couple weeks ago and popped her head in the room before washing her hands and Olivia cried when she went away, afraid she was gone for good. 

I’m noticing how much Olivia is responding to black people. She definitely has a connection to them, and I’m so thankful. I worry about what it will be like for her to grow up with white parents. Especially in the area of the country that we live in. It makes me happy to see her drawn to people in this way because I want her to have strong ties to where she came from. 

We’re trying out new food adventures. Mainly getting into finger foods. She has four teeth now and is less and less interested in having someone else feed her. She often tries to high-jack the spoon, but isn’t quite so successful at hitting the target. It’s fun to watch her go through the process of feeding herself. She’s getting pretty good at it and the remnants on the floor are getting fewer.

Our days of peace and tranquility (is there even such a thing in a place like Haiti?) ended about 8.5 months ago. Now they’re just getting busier. Little Miss O has become much more mobile and has all sorts of fun exploring the house and harassing her parents, kind of like she’s doing right now. I feel like I have a wiggly little cling on hanging off of me, but I know it’s just Olivia. Standing up next to me trying to eat my pants and maybe crawl up on my lap? I know she really just wants to come back up to finish off the Post It pad that she was chewing on a few minutes ago. I know, terrible. But, it was that or my cell phone. 

If you could hear her now it would be a combination of making a Wookie like cooing and squeals and squeaks mixed with some coughing and grunting, all of which she has perfected. Not to mention the whining and crying. 

Speaking of which, it’s time for a bath. Olivia say’s “Good night!”
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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

4 thoughts on “For Olivia’s fan club

  1. Leslie, she just sounds so PERFECT and healthy! Oh how I miss those baby days. Not that I want to go back to any of it but I do miss snuggly, wiggly babies. I am SO happy for you guys! I am really glad you are home and blogging again.ange

  2. Hey Ange!Healthy yes, perfect, eh. ;)I’m so loving this phase, but I know that I’ll love all of them because they’re all so different and interesting. It feels good to be home and back into our “thing” here. It feels good to be missed too, so thanks!~L

  3. i bet she’ll be walking the next time i see her! she’s growing so fast. i might have to beg you to make a trip into port when i’m there in dec/jan :) or maybe i can convince everyone from port to come to the beach and you could meet us there! :)

  4. Ok, she looks SO MUCH bigger than when I saw her just 6 1/2 short weeks ago! I can’t believe how fast they change! as part of Olivia’s fan club – we want to see more photos!!!

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