baby proofing, photos and the need to click

A while back someone asked if we were going to baby proof. It was on the blog so my response to the question wasn’t seen. I’ll be honest, I laughed. Sorry, not meaning to offend. I was just looking around the house and thinking of what all that would involve, at least to “baby proof” like we baby proof in North America, and it was funny. 

See, most houses in Haiti are concrete. Ours is no exception. And our floors are more concrete with hard tiles on them (though I’ve never seen a soft tile come to think of it). That combo right there has meant more bumped and banged noggins than any parent would like to admit to. But, I just did. I’ll even admit that Olivia has fallen several times and after getting the initial freak out out of the way, she was fine. I think I was more freaked out than she was, envisioning all these learning and brain issues to follow. I’m amazed at how resilient babies are. I think God definitely knew a few things when he designed them. 

Anyway, so we haven’t done a huge amount of baby proofing. No covers on the electrical sockets (at least not yet) and no stair guards. Chris and I are trying to teach Olivia the word “no” and it’s definitely registering. It’s also definitely apparent that she already knows what it means to have selective hearing. My favorite is when she just looks at me after I tell her no, and she slowly lets her hand creep back to whatever she’s not supposed to be touching, waiting to see my reaction. Yeah, LOVE that. All you parents out there are probably laughing at me right now. 

This morning she’s been crawling around and leaving her usual tornado wake. You can literally tell where she’s been by the trail that’s on the floor. A little while ago I heard her in the dish cupboard. We have a buffet style cupboard that holds all our dishes. One side has a key lock. That’s where I keep all the wine glasses etc. It’s now locked after I found her rooting around in there last week. This morning I looked over to see her, cupboard door fully open, standing up and found her holding onto a plate. I caught her just in time and nothing got broken. I also got out a big rubber band and wrapped it around the door handles. Someone wasn’t too happy with me when the door would only open a few inches and then close again on her…

Olivia’s big accomplishment for this morning, aside from trying to set the table, was that she figured out how to get down from something. We have a little Haitian chair. We use it for random things. Most recently it’s been the sitting chair in the kitchen so I don’t have to worry about someone trying to climb up on my legs while I’m trying to cook. She figured out how to climb up onto the chair on her own this week. I was pretty shocked about that because none of us had shown her how. She just did it. Today, after much whining, I showed her how to get down. Then she climbed back up, and without help, got herself down again. That should prove to be good fun over the next week…

Thanks to those of you that have passed on photo links. I really appreciate it. I had some time this morning to look at some of the stuff and already feel much smarter and am itching to get playing more with my camera. I found a good one the other day all on my own that even has little practice lessons you can do. Check out SLR Photography Guide if you’re looking for info like I am.

Sometimes I just love the way my keyboard clicks. Is that weird? When I was looking at new computers I was NOT wanting to get an IBM. Chris has a Thinkpad and I do not like the way the keyboard feels. I know, it might sound petty, but when you spend a considerable part of your day on a computer I think it needs to feel right. It turned out the IBM now makes a consumer line of lappys call IdeaPad. That’s what I ended up getting but would recommend holding off for a while because they’ve got some drive partition issues that they’re working out and you almost need a computer degree of some sort to figure it out. Anyway, I wasn’t sure what to expect but just told myself I’d adjust because the rest of the lappy was so darn great. I LOVE the new lappy. Period. It seems silly, but sometimes I just get the urge to type because I like the way the keys sound and feel as I do. And then I feel like I have nothing to type, so I don’t, but I sit there thinking about how nice it would be if I did have something to write about at that particular moment. You know how when you watch movies and you watch people clicking away on their computers and wish that your keyboard sounded like that? Yeah, that’s what mine sounds like. And that special little click that a mouse makes on tv…yep, I just want to click, click, click. I know. I’m weird.

This weekend is Canadian Thanksgiving. Usually we just have a small dinner of roast chicken at home and invite our other Canadian friend, Barb, over. This year though we’ve made all sorts of new Canadian friends and today a big group of us are getting together to celebrate with a big Turkey dinner. There are some things that just still seem weird to me, like celebrating holidays like Thanksgiving while wearing shorts and going swimming, rather than wearing sweaters and staying inside. We usually celebrate American Thanksgiving with our missionary group on the day with a big potluck as well. That’s the advantage to being married to a dual citizen – I get to celebrate both. This year Chris’ Mom and sister will be here which will be fun :0)

Well, I should run and make the whipping cream for the pumpkin pies I’m supplying for dinner today. Mmmmm….. 

Have a great weekend!
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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

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