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People keep asking me if I’m getting excited about the apartment getting closer to being done. I usually try to give the response that Chris and I have practiced – “I’m looking forward to it, but we’re not rushing anything to get it done. We want to do everything right and we don’t have any volunteers coming any time soon so we’re not pushed for space.”

What I’m really thinking?

I absolutely, positively, CAN NOT WAIT until the last bits of our stuff have been moved in. That’s how I feel. The reasonable part of me agrees with the statement in the first paragraph, but my heart is screaming about being excited that we’re seeing more progress on the finishing end of things. I honestly didn’t think that I would be so looking forward to taking a trip into town in the big red truck to do a day of errands like we have to do this week. Oh, but when said day of errands means getting some of the major components to continue finishing the place, I will so be there, and I will so be happy about it. 

I think for me it’s just a personal space thing. As in I need some. I feel like my day is this crazy game of trying to emotionally balance the pull of motherhood, wifedom, and working. When I live and work in the same place I feel like I need to be doing all of those things simultaneously. And it isn’t easy to do that. I personally, am looking forward to having a home, and having an “office”. There will be a place for Chris to go to in the morning to get the day going, and to work out of. A place that doesn’t have dirty dishes piling up or laundry that needs to be done. When I feel like I’ve got stuff under control at “home” I’ll be able to go to “work” for a few hours and get what I need to get done that day, rather than feeling like I need to be doing it all at the same time. I’m looking forward to having some separation between our stuff and mission stuff, our space and mission space. I’m looking forward to having some firmer lines between work time and non-work time. I know it’s going to be so good for our family. 

So yes, I’m really looking forward to it. Thanks for asking!

And it’s getting closer. 

I think I’ve shared that we’re definitely in IBESR (Haitian social services) and have been for a few months now. We’re just letting things move at their pace and are staying busy in the mean time. We’re fortunate in that we have Olivia living with us while we wait so really, the only thing is that we can’t leave the country with her until we’re done. We’ll just put in our time. And try to keep our sanity in the process.

We did get some good news this last weekend. And got to see God move a bit. 

We have started the process of transferring our citizenship to Olivia once the adoption is done. In Canada you can now start this process before the adoption is finished. The first step is to verify that at least one of us is a Canadian citizen. We had to send in all sorts of documents via some friends that visited last fall. I was contacted and they needed a copy of our marriage certificate to finish things off. I was planning on sending that back with my family, but it slipped my mind. The next opportunity was Chris’ sister, who took the document and letter, and accidentally sent it before I could get our file ID number for her (I couldn’t remember where I put the hard copy of the letter that contained it). They say very specifically that they cannot process anything without that number. To rectify the situation last Wednesday I gave another copy of everything, with the number this time, to some missionary friends of ours to be mailed when the got back the US last week. On Friday night my mom emailed to tell me that she had received a letter for us stating that our file had been approved. What that means is that regardless of not having the very needed ID number, the documents still got to our file and they finished things up. 

Now, once Olivia’s adoption is done we simply fill out the second stage of the application and take it into the Embassy in Port so they can send it on to process it and decide if she’ll be granted citizenship. I’m excited because this stage being taken care of means we’ve knocked about 3-4 months off the process of getting her citizenship and therefore a Canadian passport.

It feels like something. 

For the fan club… Hee hee.

Today Olivia figured out how to dismantle a package of dental floss. And destroy the floss itself. Maybe she just really wants good dental health?!?! She has also destroyed the fastener I had on the bathroom cupboard, which is how she got the dental floss. 

She has figured out which pocket Chris keeps his cell phone in. He let her play with it a few times while we were watching movies. Until she managed to take the battery cover off the back. And change his ring tone. And turn off the vibrate. Now she gets mad at him if he doesn’t let her dig in his pocket. Doesn’t matter if he’s standing up. One time he switched it over to the other side. I had visions of the “terrible twos” running through my head. I just got a new phone and it looks like Chris’. When I was talking on it this morning she was yelling at me from the floor because she  couldn’t play with it. I swear this kid will be calling Canada and the US as soon as she figures out how to dial the right phone number. Heck, she’ll probably be calling China and India before we know it.

She can say “Hi” in context. The other morning I went in her room because she was very much awake. I opened the door and flicked on the light. She was standing up and had managed to get her head out of the mosquito net. She looked at me and said, “HI!” in a very chipper little voice. It made me melt. She also likes to follow me into the bathroom. I generally know she’s coming so I just leave the door open. Leave the door open! Ghads! It’s because she comes toddling in, says “Hi!” then closes the door behind herself so we can have some privacy (she is very into opening and closing doors these days). I remember the days of going to the bathroom by myself. They were nice. 

She seems to have days where she is getting good at entertaining herself. Mind you, said entertainment usually means she’s destroying the house, but who am I to complain? I love listening to her babbling away to herself as she’s wandering around the house getting into things. I often wonder what she’s saying. 

We just got our new diaper bag yesterday. I know, it’s not that exciting for you, but it is for me. Our old one just had a flap with velcro to close it. The “I can break into the bathroom cupboard” kid decided that it’s really fun to take everything out of the diaper bag and spread it throughout the house. If the diaper bag was within her height range (read: even about a foot over her head) it would be all over the floor. Within nano seconds. We resorted to hanging the bag up out of arms reach. Then I got really smart and ordered one with a zipper. That should prove to be a challenge for a few weeks. Or days. I haven’t been brave enough to leave it on the floor yet.

We have a window behind our desks that sits only about 10 inches off the floor and has a sill that’s about 10 inches deep, perfect for climbing on and looking out the window. Or dropping things out the window as I’ve been discovering. Sippy cups? Out the window. Yesterday we were getting ready to go to a missionary meeting. I had Liv all dressed and ready to go. I went to the bathroom. When I came out she had only one shoe on. We couldn’t find it anywhere. We changed shoes. When we came home I just happened to look out said window. There was the missing shoe, along with it’s mate that had been found on the change table in her room, after we got home. And two pairs of work gloves, a book, shoelaces, and a bolt.  

Last night at about 11 pm it started raining. We had a sprinkling the night before, but last night it rained. All. Night. Long. So not normal for the first good rain of the year. Usually it just sort of “tries” and then gives up. It’s been raining all around us at different times over the last two days. And, because we’re whiners, we are already complaining about the humidity. Seriously though people, it went from not humid to humid in 24 hours. It’s enough to keep me asking “is it humid or is it just me?” wondering if I’m having crazy hot flashes with lots of sweat. I’m already groaning thinking of July. Sniff, sniff. 

Okay, I need to go stop burning dinner and feed the sad little girl with cute hair right next to me so she doesn’t have a melt down.
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