Blissful April

The last few days have been my favorite kind of days. The weather has been perfect! It reminds me so much of those first beautiful days of full on summer back home. Things feel fresh and the sun is out and it’s warm, but not so warm that you sweat just standing still. The kind of days where the wind is blowing continually and at just the right amount to keep the air moving and whip the sheets around as they dry on the clothesline. It’s the time of year where my energy level goes way up and I feel inspired in all sorts of ways. The days where I dream about being out in the garden and seeing things come to life again. 

I always feel like there aren’t that many seasonal transition markers here, but I’m realizing that this is definitely one. There is a point after the rains start, but before they become consistent where the dust has been washed away, but is still there. The days aren’t too hot yet and you can enjoy working outside without falling over from heat exhaustion. 

In Haiti, this is my favorite time of year. 

My body has totally rallied in the last few days and I’ve had more energy than I remember even having before I got sick. I think a lot of it is the weather, really. I’ve had this crazy itch to be outside and doing things again, something that I haven’t felt in a very long time. I think I might have missed that last year with having a baby in the house. 

I’ve cut back a few palm branches that were attacking our deck, salvaged my beautiful ferns after the dog took to digging in the pots, and fixed the area around the outdoor shower drain pipe. It felt good! I find my mind wandering around the yard and deciding where I want to move plants and what I would like to get growing. With all the construction last year and things getting thrown wherever I decided I wouldn’t put much effort into things until we were done. 

Yesterday after I fixed the drain pipe I stripped Olivia down and let her play in the outdoor shower. Eventually I decided she shouldn’t be having all the fun and put my bathing suit on and joined her. Yesterday afternoon our neighbors arrived for the weekend and we went over for a visit. Liv and I jumped in the pool and had a blast! She’s figured out that jumping off the stairs at mommy is super fun. I was laughing so hard and what a water nut she is. She played hard for a good hour or more. There was so much fun had that this morning I got her blow up pool all cleaned up and filled and she was in it right away, at about 8 am! Nothing like a morning dip :) 

Later today we’ll probably head over to the neighbors again for a swim and a visit. It’s so much more fun for us now because Patrick and Suki, our friends daughter and son in law, have two girls that are close to Olivia’s age. Last night when they arrived Alyssa, who is 21 months, got out of the car and came over and hugged Olivia and the two were inseparable for the rest of the evening. It was so fun watching the two of them hugging and holding hands constantly. 

Yesterday they finished all the main painting in the apartment. There will be touch ups to do, but those will wait. It’s so beautiful in there! Chris and I are so excited now that the paint is up. It looks so different. I think we had gotten so used to looking at dark, grey cement that to see the nice, bright off white walls is amazing. I think too we’ve made so many decisions at a gut level and now we’re getting to see all of it coming together and seeing how right on those decisions have been. The apartment has this beautiful open feeling with amazing light all day long. We really won’t need to turn lights on until the sun starts going down, which will be a big change from the current house. The windows let this breeze move all through the house. You can literally stand in the hallway and feel it moving from one end to the other. 

The main doors will be going in on Monday and we’ll be in lock up! The tile guy is also coming Monday and we’ll get to see our beautiful floors go in. There is a place in Port that manufactures beautiful painted mosaic tiles. They’re all hand made. We’ve been in the factory and watched the process which is fascinating. When it came time to choose the floors we both knew we wanted to go that route because they’re beautiful, unique and it supports local business. It was also way less expensive that putting ceramic tiles in. The great thing about them is that they get better with age. They’re made from cement and the more you walk on them, the more the oil from your feet and the shuffling from your shoes buffs them and they develop a beautiful patina. I won’t tell you what they look like because I think it’ll be more fun to show you pictures when they’re in. 

Yesterday I took a few hours to do the designs for the closets so our friend Al can get materials figured out and then get to work after the floors are in. It was so nice to get that stuff out of my head! I’m the kind of person where things like that will hover and hover until I can attack it and deal with it. Chris has pretty much given me full reign on this particular area of the apartment because he knows I have specific things in mind. After not having any storage in the mission house for the last 3 years (longer for Chris) it’s so nice to start with a clean slate and look at how we live, what our needs are and design stuff that is very specific to those two things. I’m so looking forward to everything having a place to “live”. As a parent I’m looking forward to finally being able to put things either behind closed doors or up high enough that I don’t constantly feel like a broken record saying “no” all the time. When you have nowhere to put things, the whole “just move it out of reach” thing doesn’t really work. 

Now that we’re at the finishing stages we’re talking more about how we want the place to “feel”. Things like where we want plants to go etc. I think that’s part of the reason I’m feeling inspired again. I’m looking forward to growing things again. I have a bunch of seeds on the way here – stuff for the roof top garden but also some nasturtium seeds, which grow really well here. I’m excited to have pots and containers spilling over with bright, beautiful flowers. We really want the place to be a space where our family loves to be and where our friends love to be. 

I’m excited to share pictures over the coming weeks as things start getting wrapped up. 

We hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend and that you’ll have time to reflect on the reason that we celebrate. I do have a hard time with holiday’s here, I think especially Easter. I miss going to my church back home and having a wonderful time of worship and being surrounded by people who are truly celebrating the sacrifice that Jesus made on the cross and his resurrection. We have been given such a gift, all we need to do is take it and accept it. On Sunday we’ll be having the other local missionaries over to share a meal and spend time reflecting on that gift. 

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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

2 thoughts on “Blissful April

  1. reading this and your post about the weather made me long for summer. Thanks for giving me hope!
    The apartment sounds wonderful!

  2. Nasturiums do best in poor soil, I can picture them now, cascading down from pots.

    Did you ever get to plant the variety sunflowers I sent once. They were all different sizes and shades.

    I wish things grew so well here.

    Have fun.

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