Wow, no posts in over a week?!?! You addicts must all be going crazy. Let’s do a little update…

This week we had a MAJOR breakthrough with our situation/case/that thing that has been looming for the last month. MAJOR. And very surprising. Someone has been arrested. I don’t want to share more details than that right now, but when we feel it’s appropriate we’ll tell the story. Just keep praying for everyone involved. A resolution is on the way and we’re feeling good about stuff. 
Yesterday the apartment kitchen was installed. I’m very much a process person so I had to resist the urge to spend the whole day up there watching things go in. I just love it when something from my head goes on to paper and then becomes reality and works. I did all the measurements myself so I was holding my breath as things started to go in but it all fits beautifully. When you live here for a long time you get used to things not working right or fitting right or just not being “right”. You learn to live with it and laugh at it and say “this is Haiti”. Chris and I were giddy as we walked around testing out every drawer and cupboard as the guys packed up their tools. Olivia figured out in about a nano-second that she was just the right height to pull out the drawers and close them. Over and over. 
I love taking Olivia up into the apartment just because she loves it so much. I’ve been making a point of taking her up there throughout the construction, but even more as we’ve been getting closer to finishing. When we go up we always go into her room and I tell her that it’ll be her new bedroom. I’m hoping the familiarity with the space will make the moving transition less weird for her. I think it will considering that yesterday when she was in her room she started doing her crazy dance (a combo of step dancing while turning in circles) and screeching. Then she figured out that she could go inside the vanity cupboard and stand up (oh to be 31″ tall again). And then is was on to the kitchen… If I say “Do you want to go to the new house?” she goes running to the door. If she manages to escape our direct line of vision most often we find her up in the apartment. Yeah, I think she’ll transition just fine. 
Chris has been busy dealing with the “situation” and hasn’t been home much over the last two work weeks. Because of that he hasn’t really spent much time checking in with the progress in the apartment. Yesterday as we walked around I actually saw him visibly excited for the first time. It was really cool as our family walked through the space and looked at finished closets, painted doors, a bathroom vanity just waiting to be screwed into the wall, a toilet just ready to go in and a bathtub and shower just waiting for last touches and a good cleaning. I had spent some time sitting on the deck yesterday afternoon and realized that it’s just a whole different form of relaxing when you’re up a level and away from direct line of vision. It’s like you get to be a spectator on the world rather than being the main attraction. Chris took a few minutes to do the same and I think it was a moment where we both just really connected with how great the space will be for our family on an emotional and physical level over the coming years. The building has been in process for 16 months. We’re very ready to see the project wrapped up so we can shift our focus onto other things.
Something very cool happened yesterday. We have three members of one family working for us – a mother and two sons. They’ve all been here for many years and are some of our best employees. We love this family so much. They are the type of people that get what it takes to move forward here and work very hard at doing that. We can talk to them about cultural issues and they always have a lot of wisdom to share and are honest with us rather than telling us what they think we want to hear. Just a couple of weeks ago the mother came to Chris and told him that she wanted to know what she could be doing better in her job which totally shocked us. That’s not a question you normally get from people here. Her sons have both taken opportunities to take further education on weekends and now have great skill sets that will take them far in life. 
One thing that has been hard to see though is that the mother and one of the sons haven’t been on talking terms for many years. We don’t even know why and it’s not really important for us to know. It was just very hard for us to see that they wouldn’t even acknowledge each other when they were working within feet of each other. Chris and I had been talking about it for a while and yesterday he decided to talk to each of them individually to find out if they would be interested in talking to try and resolve things, thinking that he would meet a lot of resistance. Well, he didn’t and they both expressed that they did want to try. After work was over Chris met with the mother and the two sons and they talked. And talked and talked. Chris asked if I could go elsewhere just so they could all focus and I obliged. After it was all done Chris was overwhelmed with how well things had gone. They were all happy to get things out, to talk through them and to reconnect as a family. The guys were very emotional about things and Chris said it was amazing to see how deeply both guys felt the break in their family and how happy they were to be able to work on fixing that. We would love it if you would pray that those relationships would be rebuilt and for them to grow and flourish. 
That’s the exciting news to share from here. I have some pictures of Olivia but I can’t find the camera…
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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

2 thoughts on “Ketchup

  1. Your kitchen is almost done, right? You must be so excited! Getting your cooking things into the places you have planned for each will be so much fun. Even more fun will be having a place to put them back.

    Will you do finish painting now or will you be painting the cabinets now that they are up? Did you decide on your final color scheme for them yet? I am looking forward to seeing the finished results and even the part way finish too!

    That is wonderful news about the reconciliation family meeting, a real blessing for that family and for Chris too.

    Thanks for writing Les,

    Love Barb J :)

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