16 months

Um, can someone please tell me where the last 485 days have gone? I mean, 470 days ago we brought home this ity, bity, tennie, tiny thing of a baby and now we have this:
When did that happen? How did she go from being big enough to fit in my purse to wanting to take everything out of my purse? 
Life with Olivia these days is FUN. She’s constantly the life of the party. This kid has personality with a capital P. The other night we went out for drinks with friends at Club Indigo. The kid was dancing around with new moves never before seen by her parents. I mean, we’re talking Interpretive Dance 101 at it’s finest. There was also a considerable amount of crawling and screeching and running around and I found myself thinking, “If it was any other child people would be looking at us like we were those parents – the ones with the unruly toddler that runs around leaving a wake of chaos. But we’re not because our kid has the ability to charm every single person in the room within a nano second. I saw one of the biggest Haitian men I’ve ever seen stop and have a little dance part with her. I saw complete strangers showing her their pictures on their digital camera. Lauren, the restaurant manager loves to take Olivia for walks with her when we’re there. It’s actually pretty funny to realize that no one else cares that Chris and I are there, but they LOVE hanging out with Olivia :)
There are so many times when Chris and I find ourselves looking at each other and saying, “Um, where did she learn how to do that?” This kid is vivacious. Loves life. Is very curious. Wants to know how things work. She’s impressionable and remembers  things after seeing them once. In recent weeks I’ve watched her figure out how to plug the speaker system we have into the tv without anyone showing her. She’s learned how to climb up onto chairs all on her own. She gets that taps need to be turned on even though she’s not strong enough to do it herself (she puts her hand on it and turns her hand back and forth). Yesterday we started looking at an alphabet book and she was able to repeat almost every letter, that is until she got bored and wanted to move onto something else. 
Her vocabulary is expanding and for the first time today she used a two word sentence – “please down”. She sounds like a little parrot all day long as she repeats sounds and words in English and Creole. It all leaves me amazed at how much toddlers are taking in and absorbing and processing all the time
I love watching Olivia figure out what her body can do. The funny walks she has, the times she squats and stands, squats and stands. Her enthusiasm with being able to walk down small stairs at a good clip. The joy she has with being able to run away from Mom and Dad. It’s so fun.
Olivia is one of those card board box kids. Meaning, she has a good amount of toys, but is much happier with random house things. And books. By far her favorite thing to play with is books. She even likes to try and read them herself and I love listening in as she flips pages and gets totally lost in it. She loves music and can’t stop herself from moving to it. The minute she hears any kind of music she drops whatever she’s doing and starts busting a move. 
We’re in such a fun stage right now :)
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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

3 thoughts on “16 months

  1. As your husband whizzed through toddlerhood I used to wish I could stop time and enjoy each phase just a bit longer — but then the next phase would come along, even better, and I’d think the same thing again, and again. We can be in such a hurry to see them grow up that we miss the day to day magic of the process. I’m so glad you put your emotions in words, which is the best way we can “freeze” time to look back on later and enjoy all over again.
    I love the way you two are parenting our dear little granddaughter. Please give her big hugs from
    Gramma Rolling

  2. SSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO glad I checked in on your blog!!!!!!
    When did Miss Big Pants start walking????
    My goodness she is a CUTIE!!!!!!!

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