The photo tour.

The dog hanging out on our little deck. She slept outside our door last night. We thought Olivia would be the one to have a hard transition, but no, the dog is the one that’s not too sure about all of this moving business.

Our bedroom with closet view. Have I mentioned how nice it is to have a place for everything and to be able to see it? I have clothes I forgot I had. Have I also mentioned how much Olivia likes the new closet because she can go in there and throw my shirts all over the floor? Um, yeah.

Our room looking at the deck side. Yesterday afternoon we all crashed on the bed and read. Well, Chris read and I tried to read and Olivia climbed all over me. The light in there is so nice. And, can I just say that I am officially stating for the record that mosquito nets are bad for your marriage. I can now speak from experience. Last night was the first night in our married life, while sleeping in our own bed, that we both had enough room. Not having the net felt like someone had added an extra foot to our mattress. For those unfamiliar with sleeping under a net, even in your sleep you’re conscious of it because you know that sleeping with any exposed skin against it is basically like locking yourself in a box of mosquitoes. They will go to town on you. I had always wondered how people managed to sleep on a queen sized bed and find that it was enough space. At one point I rolled over and realized that Chris was balled up in his favorite way and I still had room. It really is the simple things.

Olivias room, in the rocking & reading corner. 

The crib corner. The door is right across the hall from ours. We weren’t sure how she was going to do with her new room, or the new house for that matter. She loves it. She took a while to go down for her nap yesterday, but when she did, she slept solid for over two hours. Last night she slept like a log and when I cracked her door open this morning to see if she was awake I found her lying on her tummy, legs bent at the knees and feet swinging in the air, with her just looking out the windows totally content. It was so sweet. 

Little Miss trying to steal things out of her diaper bag. Her room was a mess a nano second after I got most of her stuff put away. Of course.

Bathroom. I love the mirror above the sink. It was left in the round house by the previous owners and has spent the last year and a half hanging in Liv’s old room. I love that we’ve been able to move stuff and use stuff that was already here. The vanity is the one our friend Al built. And this is a silly thing to mention, but we’re ridiculously in love with the sink drain stopper. Rather than having a lever that you pull up the stopper is actually on ball bearings and rotates around the hole, but also flips open and closed. You just poke it with your finger and it flips open or closed. So cool!

From the door. Last night Olivia took her first ever bathtub bath. She wasn’t so sure about it. We need to get some of those tub flower things so she doesn’t slide around too much. I’m sure it’ll become more fun over the next few days as she gets used to so much space. The kid is just used to a big ol’ bucket, what can I say?

And, voila, the kitchen! We love it so much for so many reasons. You see that little section to the left of the stove? That was the available counter space that I had in the old kitchen. Now you understand why this is such a big deal for me. It was so nice to have everything right in the same room as we were doing breakfast this morning, and to be able to do the dishes while Olivia was finishing up and to be able to chat with her. In the moving process Chris admitted that it was finally time to start looking for another microwave. Ours was bought in the market here, used of course, and if you looked inside you would see that much of the interior is melted. Because that’s healthy. The big issue is that he is set on finding one with a turn dial rather than buttons. I told him after looking online that he might have to catch up with the rest of the world, but he’s not giving in that easily ;) We moved the stove up on Monday and put the old one back in the round house. I forgot what a difference there was. Not that the other one is terrible, it’s not. It’s just what you get used to. We bought the black one off of some missionaries that were leaving for good. I was so hesitant about it but we got it home and cleaned up and now I love it so much. Is it strange to love and appliance? I do a lot of cooking, these things are important. And, our sweet fridge was a freebie from last years USAID warehouse clean out. It’s nice to have friends that let you know about those types of things :) The green shelf above the stove is going to have pans and other things hanging from it when my hooks get here in a couple of weeks. Also built by Al. 

The rest of the kitchen. Our filter is in the right corner at the bottom of the picture, where you see the Culligan bottle on the tipper. So much space!

The living room facing the deck. 

The desk area. Chris doesn’t like the desk, but it’ll do for now. We can get internet if we’re sitting in front of the window, but not in front of the wall. We can get it across the room, but not in front of that little section of wall. There’s still other stuff that needs to be moved up.

The living room. Al built the book shelf/entertainment unit for us too. One of the biggest parenting annoyances we’ve struggled with over the last six months is having to say “no” to Olivia about a billion times a day because she was getting into the DVD’s, books etc on the old book shelf. There was no where else to put them. It’s so nice having things up out of reach now.
Okay, I still have stuff to move, so it’s back to work. 
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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

10 thoughts on “The photo tour.

  1. Hi Rollings,
    I stumbled upon your blog and I deeply admire the work that you are doing in Haiti. I am currently an intern at International Action in Washington,DC.We install chlorinators on water tanks in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. We are working towards preventing waterborne diseases that claim the lives of so many Haitians.Keep up the good work and good luck with your future endeavors.

  2. I LOVE how it all turned out! The colors, the layout, the HUGE kitchen, everything so light and airy (is it as cool as it looks in there?) and "a place for everything and everything in its place" (except for little Miss O's efforts to prove otherwise).
    I bet she is really enjoying being out from under the mosquito netting too; it can feel claustrophobic. Leslie, I am so happy for you three. After what you've been going through the last few weeks, this move is just what you needed to lift your spirits and feel "safe in your nest together".
    Love from Gramma Rolling

  3. This is the post I've been waiting for. Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your new home! It looks fantastic!!

  4. Your new home looks awesome! I am so happy for you guys! May God fill you and your home with laughter and joy in the days ahead! Glad to hear about the security guards too. I am sure that takes a load off your minds. Give Liv a big hug from her Albanian family members!

  5. Hey…catching up once again.

    Your new place looks awesome. Well done and congratulations.

    I'm sure you're enjoying all the space, except for when it comes time to sweep!


  6. So excited for you guys and your new home! It's not just an apartment, but it's your family's home. It looks great! I can't wait until we can come visit again. We miss you guys loads! Next time we come we'll have 2 boys in tow…could be an interesting trip, but lots of fun for Olivia and the boys to play together.

    Keeping you in our prayers,
    Eugene and Rachelle

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