Our Christmas miracle and all things green

Hi Blog World,

I have to admit, I was really, really surprised to get our site meter stats this last weekend. You guys apparently ate up food week. Yes, pun intended. Never before have we had so many hits in one week, not even when our stuff gets lit on fire. I’m glad you enjoyed the offerings and want to thank you for reading along. I hope that it gave you a bit of a window into our lives. Sorry that there weren’t any pictures to go along with the recipes. I’m not one of those people that remembers to take photos of dinner before we eat.

If you haven’t already, I would really encourage you to read through the comments from the last week. There are some great ideas in there, like how to make your own cottage cheese (I’m so trying this) and the trick to really yummy, crispy pomme frites (real french fries). Also, check back over the next few weeks because we’re going to have a cooking special that bridges two countries. If we can get our acts together, that is.

Things are just plugging along here in Pierre Payen. The last few weeks have been crazy hot. The kind of hot where your brain picks up and moves out of town without leaving a forwarding address. Coming from a beautiful climate (the interior of British Columbia) I’m still not used to this. Every summer at about this time it’s like a lightbulb goes on in my brain and I realize, “Oh wait, I’m crabby and have no energy because we’re living in a soup bowl! Ah ha!!!” and then I can have more grace with myself because, Blog World, let me tell you – Leslie and heat don’t mix well. My husband might tell you that Leslie and a lot of things don’t mix well, but he’s not here right now to throw his two cents in.

All that to say that the last few days have been lovely because we’ve had rain. Every day. And by “lovely” I really mean a little less sweaty. And there have been moments where the cogs in my brain have started grinding against each other again. Yes, we’re in the rainy season, but sometimes about this time of year the rainy season decides to take a wee rest and just lets us sit in humidity soup to stew a while. Maybe the rain feels unappreciated and wants us to be thinking more about how lovely it really is. We have basically had one rain every 7-8 days for the last month and it hasn’t been fun. The rain over the last few days has been like manna from heaven. Jean told Chris the other day that it NEVER rains in July. Never. On Saturday when it started blowing so hard my clothesline came down and the rain was going sideways Chris just kept running from window to window saying, “It’s a Christmas miracle!!”

We have a visitor arriving this afternoon, and on Friday morning Chris and I are starting what I like to call the Season O Travel by going to our friends beach house near Petit Guave for a couple of days. Without Little Miss. Grin. From here on one or both of us will be going somewhere every few weeks or so until the end of September. We’re both looking forward to it for various reasons.

To continue on with the randomness, I planted some seeds a week and a half ago. About a month ago we cleaned out a flower bed in front of the round house and gave all the plants to some friends for their new garden. Nothing in there were things that Chris or I liked, and the soil wasn’t the best so we wanted to redo it. After the plants were gone Sara and I dug down several inches and got rid of the old dirt, and the following week Chris filled it with good compost dirt. Then I planted seeds. That was a week and a half ago, and within 5 days of putting the seeds in the ground there were some already poking through, and now I have at least three of four different varieties of plants coming up. I’m excited because they’re all flowers and we have hardly anything that flowers around here, just lots of green things, which are nice. But they aren’t flowers.

That’s just one of the many gardening projects I have on the go in my head. It’s in my head right now because I’m just waiting for seeds or cuttings to arrive. Some are on the container and have been on their way here for the gestational period of a human being. Hopefully we’ll get that stuff in the next week and I can finally get my veggies and herbs going. I have the pots all filled and ready to go, just no seeds to sow.

My other big project is one that developed out of our fence redo. We’ve been in the process of replacing our old, rickety stick and barbed wire (no joke -we’re super secure here folks) fence with chain link and razor wire. It’s a bit of an upgrade. We’re two thirds of the way done. After the two sides got put up Chris asked if I could look for stuff, like vines, that would grow all over the fence and give us a bit of privacy and be nicer to look at. This is the point where I should also mention that on the right side of the property (facing the ocean) we took down all of the candelab (latex plant? has sticky, peppery blood in it so they use it for fences) and in the process gained about 2-3 feet or more of yard most of the way along that fence line. People, do you know what that means? I finally have places, in the sun, to plant F-L-O-W-E-R-S. When Chris comes back from his vacation in a few weeks he’s bringing back a bunch of tropical seeds and cuttings for me so I can get growing. I’m so freakin’ excited. When Chris asked me if I was done ordering seeds and the like I just looked at him and said, “You started this.”

It’ll be fun for me to have some pretty things around and something to do to burn off some energy. I mean, Blog World, I like you and all, but I spend waaaayyy too much time on the internet. And that’s after I get all my chores and work done. I’m excited because it’ll be a good excuse to get Olivia outside more too. And we’ll have pretties to look at and enjoy! Eeeehhh.

I have a bunch of pictures that I took of the yard last week so you could see what I’m working with, but Blogger is being a booger and doesn’t want to post them. Lame. Another day then. It’ll probably be more fun when I can put them next to the progress pictures.
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