Ile A Vache

Last Friday we took a little getaway. Olivia hung out in Port with the Livesay ladies under the care of Jess. Jess emailed us a couple months ago to offer her babysitting services while she was here in Haiti for a few weeks. How could we refuse that? Jess was the young woman that looked after Olivia for the 5 days that she was at Maranatha Childrens Home (part of Heartline Ministries) before we brought her home. Jess rocks. The fact that she volunteered to give us, and the Livesays a weekend away, at the same time just tells you how stellar she is. She watched over 4 crazy little ladies of the toddler variety and did it with her sanity still in tact when all was said and done. Thanks Jess!!!
Chris and I knew we needed to really get away, which to be really honest, is really hard in Haiti. We wanted to go somewhere new and had heard good things about Ile a Vache on Haiti’s south coast. Ile a Vache (Cow Island) is about 10 miles x 6 miles – bigger than Martinique.
We stayed at Abaka Bay. It was wonderful! We had to drive to Les Cayes to meet the boat. The owner told us on the boat, “Where we’re going is Haiti, but it’s not Haiti.” He was right.
The resort is small, only about 20 rooms, but really, really nice. It was private, which is hard to find in Haiti. The staff were professional and well trained. The food was great. We enjoyed breakfast and lunch outside in the gazebo or by the bar, and at night were treated to dinner in the dining room with lamp light. We had some sort of seafood every day, including lobster Saturday night (with steak!) and crab on Sunday night. SO good. The room was huge and air conditioned, which I have to say was our base criteria for where we were going to stay. When it got super hot outside we hung out in our room watching movies and napping.
Saturday morning after breakfast we went for a walk down the beach and swam a bit. After that we took a walk with one of the hotel staff across the island to go see the Port Morgan Hotel and a bit of the area. Ile a Vache gets a decent amount of rain so things are really green. It was nice to walk by houses in the small villages and see grass growing in most of the yards. Sunday we took a boat trip to Lovers Island – a little sand bar literally in the middle of the ocean. It was a very cool thing to do.
The view from our room.
We swam here.
My footprints in the sand.
Walking back to the hotel.
Our little boat excursion to Lovers Island.
Yes, I’m totally posing.
Chris had to walk about waist deep in the water to get a picture of the whole sand bar.
Shell covered coconut.
How I spent some good time.
It was a great weekend. We really needed the time away together. The last 4+months have been wearing on our family, and it’s been a lot of stress for Chris and I to carry. It was nice to get away from that for a few days and just rest and enjoy being with each other.
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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

9 thoughts on “Ile A Vache

  1. Wow, the sand is so white and the beach so clean — Haiti, but not Haiti for sure. I'm so glad you were able to get away together to such a lovely place — you two deserve it!!
    And what a sweetheart Jess was to look after Olivia for you! Do you have any photos of her playing with the other kids? I bet she had a ball!
    Gramma Rolling

  2. That is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!! This might be on Ryan's and my agenda next time we come to Haiti. Can I be nosy and ask how expensive it is??? e-mail me privately if you need to. And I also want to say that Jess TOTALLY ROCKS!!! Last year for V-Day, she called me up and asked if Ryan and I wanted a free date night…Ugh, yah! :-) She drove from MI to IN to stay with our 4 kiddos. Then she and Anna, another girl that took care of Jonas at GLA, stayed with our 2 youngest boys for a whole week while we took our oldest 2 on Micah's Make a Wish trip.

    Anna is moving down to Haiti to home school Licia's boys at RHFH. You will have to meet her! She is on the same 'stellar level' as Jess!!!!

    Aren't we so blessed to know these amazing girls!!!!

    I am so glad that you got to get away!!!!!!

  3. Haiti is beyond beautiful. Port-au-Prince is the ugly part of Haiti, every country has ugly areas but the outlying areas of Haiti like Ile a vache, goave, les cayes, labadee are splendid, simply remarkable.

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