For My Granny

I talked to my parents yesterday and apparently my Granny is wondering where the heck the promised pictures of the finished quilt are. Umm, I’ve had them taken for a couple of weeks. I’m just not so on the ball of getting them on the blog.

Without further ado…

After a good washing…



(That’s just a bit of water on the bottom)

Technically the front…


…and technically the back…


…but since I have a hard time with a) decisiveness, and b) wanting to make things go as far as possible I thought it would be fun to make the quilt reversible. I mean, why have a plain back when you can have a pretty one that people might think is the front? What I love about it is that so far it never stays on one side for more than a couple of days at a time. I flip it depending on my mood at the time of bed making. I LOVE having options :)


I liked the way the back came together, but when I started quilting it it just didn’t flow. I was using white thread on the front, and originally on the back but it looked wrong on the brown. I spent a lot of time looking at it and then decided to go with a loose plan. I went through my thread stash and found 9 different colors that matched the colors in the blocks and decided to do a graduated color flow across the quilt based on the colors of the blocks. There was no designated number of lines per color, I just did lines until I thought it was time to change. I love this about the quilt. It’s unique and fun. Someone actually saw it and said, “Leslie, if I would have known you needed thread I could have brought you some!” because they thought I didn’t have enough of one color :) I really like the finished product. It’s a bit unexpected.



The binding. Wow about the binding. I thought about that for a while and just wasn’t sure about what to do then got inspired by some quilts I had seen that all had binding with character. So, I thought, why not go with bright green and white polka dots. I literally searched Ebay until I found it, then ordered it and hoped that it would look good. When I pulled everything out to get back to work on it I realized the green was REALLY bright, so I discharged it, which is a fancy way of saying I soaked it in bleach water for about 5-10 minutes. It worked really well. I rinsed, then hung it to dry. I still wasn’t sure about it until I was at the hand sewing stage, and even then, I still wasn’t sure about it. When I was finally about half done I started to like it. I’m happy with it. I may have chosen something different if I had more options, but since I have to order stuff in, it works. I really like it with the white and it’s just such a contrast with the brown, but works really well with the colored squares that it’s fun.


And, as you probably remember from seeing this photo before, someone was really excited about the quilt and tried to be an active participant throughout the process.


Out of all of us she’s the one that gets the most excited about the quilt. When I brought it out of storage to work on it I laid it out on the floor and she couldn’t help but run all over it and lay on it. Now that it’s on the bed she loves to jump on it and roll around. Silly kid. I guess I know what I need to make for her next year :)


Final thoughts:

1) This was only my second quilt. Yeah, crazy. Hey Leslie, why don’t you make a queen sized quilt on your second go round?

2) I thought about stippling it, but the thought of moving such a huge quilt through the machine like that made me want to cry, so I went with straight lines. I also liked that it played off the linearness of the blocks. Lots of straight edges.

3) I like that the “front” gives the feel of a traditional patchwork quilt and the “back” is modern feeling. I have both of those likes in me so it works with my indecisiveness.

4) The blocks are MODA Nest, all quilters cotton, which I love the feeling of. The white and brown are actually a cotton poplin, which is what I can get here in the “fabric store”. I had a hard time initially deciding on what color to do on the “back”, and well, my choices were limited. I basically went to the store and knew I would just know when I was there. I like it. The filling is just a lightweight batting. It’s actually quite thin, perfect for Haiti in the winter.

5) There are some puckers, mostly on the last edge to be quilted. It was hard working with two different types of cotton. I think there was a bit of shifting because of that. I realized that all the puckering was there as I finished the very last line of stitching. Fixing it would have meant taking out 6-7 rows, which I just wasn’t up for. I decided it was an exercise in not being a perfectionist to leave it as is and accept it as a learning process. This quilt was made to be used and used well. Our lives have puckers and imperfections in them, so why not sleep under a quilt with some.

6) Yes, we are actually using it! Some nights it’s still too warm and it ends up on the floor at the foot of the bed. Some nights one of us is under and the other isn’t. Some nights we’re both under and quite happy. I didn’t know how much I missed sleeping under a quilt! It’s like hibernating. My body loves it too. When it’s cool enough to sleep under it I sleep so much better :) Chris’ only request with the quilt, aside from me actually making one, was that it was big enough to cover both of us nicely so we didn’t have to fight over the covers. It does that well and so far no fights!

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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

5 thoughts on “For My Granny

  1. The quilt is gorgeous! You did an amazing job and, like the other commenter said, that’s quite impressive for only your second go-around!! I don’t have the patience to try quilting at the moment, but this does inspire me for future projects!!

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! I’m stuck in a holding pattern on my first quilt attempt. I did a whirlygig / pinwheel design and I’m not sure how to quilt it. Nice job though Les. Really nice.

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