Facing the Beast

There are times where Haiti makes me feel really sad. I had one of those yesterday.

We are in the midst of dealing with some big stuff surrounding our case. Yesterday I had a chance to talk to a friend of ours who has been a big support here. At one point he said, “I am sorry my country is doing this to you.

I am sorry my country is doing this to you.

As a Canadian I have always had a deep sense of pride for my country. I like being Canadian. I like it when I travel and people get excited that I’m Canadian. I know every country has it’s problems, and Canada definitely has its, but I love my country. And I have never felt like I needed or wanted to apologize to a visitor for my country. As I talked with our friend I was hit with a sadness, not only for him but for so many people here in Haiti who are stuck in the midst of so much “stuff”. Stuff that they can’t control. Stuff that they can’t get away from. Stuff that leaves them feeling helpless and hopeless. Stuff that is so much bigger than they are.

The other day another friend of ours said, “Peyi mwen pa bon.” My country is not good. And with it came a deep sense of sadness and that same helplessness. That sense of being stuck, of having no control, and no one that is really on your side. The government systems are not there to help the people but rather to see how much money can be made. Justice is just a word for many. Yes, there are those that are trying to change that, but they have a heavy burden to carry and a lot of work to do.

Would you pray for Haiti? Yesterday I felt led to get on my knees and pour a bunch of stuff at Gods feet. I know they are things he already knows, but the process of coming before him, and asking for his wisdom and guidance was so good. My heart is breaking for this place, for our staff, for the people here who have no hope. I am praying that God will turn Haiti on it’s head. He has parted seas and he has turned water into wine. He can change a country, he can change hearts. He wants to do something big for Haiti, for this community, for each and every person that lives here. He can remove that sadness and give people hope. He can wipe out corruption. He can make the truth shine clearly before men. He can silence people who aim to do harm. HE CAN.

If you are feeling led to pray please let us know. It’s encouraging to know that people are joining us. If you feel God leading you to pray for specific things we would love to know that as well. I’m always amazed at how he moves in the hearts of people to join them together. Wouldn’t it be exciting to see how God is moving through his people? To see how he speaks through people? You can leave a comment after any post. We would love to hear from you.


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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

6 thoughts on “Facing the Beast

  1. Leslie,

    As we get closer to moving, I’ve had more and more people say things like, “So, do you know much about Haiti? I mean, it’s kind of not a great place. Have you thought about this for a while?” I feel like I can confidently tell people that I know as much about life in Haiti as is possible for a middle class American (which may not be a lot). The trials you have gone through this year have shown us realities that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise. I’m not saying that’s a good thing, because it’s crushing to see you go through this, but it’s important.

    With (American) Thanksgiving almost here, we have spent a lot of time giving thanks for all the ways God has blessed us through our own challenges over the past year. What I’m getting at is that I am thankful for the courage you guys have shown through all of this. There have been points where a lot of people would have given up, and no one would have blamed them, but you haven’t. You are probably the only advocate for a lot of the people you serve and you have refused to abandon those people and the important work that Clean Water for Haiti is doing.

    Hopefully you can make sense of my jumbled up thoughts. Sara and I are both thankful and excited that we will get the chance to know and learn from both you and Chris. Thank you!


    PS – Sara’s parents watched the CWH video for the first time. They’d never seen a picture of Chris, but just knew him by reputation. Sorry, but I think my in-laws are in love with your husband…

  2. Thankyou for sharing the “real and hard stuff ” of Haiti and the challenges you and your staff are facing day to day. We are most blessed beyond measure to live in North America and for ourselves, Canada being our home. We have freedoms that we often take for granted, that Haiti has never known.
    Our GOD is a BIG GOD and HE CAN, HE cares about what happens in Haiti, there IS HOPE. He has placed you & Chris & the C.W.F.H. team to make a difference!
    We will continue to pray for all of you…for safety, that He will provide an army of His angels to encamp around your mission base and to accompany each one of you and your staff as you go to and from the base. Be strong, be encouraged!
    Love Mom Lockhart

  3. Hello servants of GOD! you probably cont know me, I know your mom and dad, we attend first baptist church in Armstrong. We are missionaries in Guinea Bissau West Africa. We are here in Armstrong right know for some rest and recovery.

    I would just like to say THANK YOU for serving the Lord in Haiti. We know how difficult and sad it is to commit everything you have and are to a country and see at times nothing change. But I want to encourage you that on those moments is were the Big change follows, we are witnesses of that in Guinea Bissau. There is still so much work to do there but God is really doing wonderful things. I know that He will do the same in Haiti for His Glory!

    I want to encourage you that when you feel like your safety is threaten remember that the safest place to be is where God wants you to be. My husband is a national from Guinea Bissau and we live in a house just like the people do without guards and a proper fence. We have had people almost break into our house at night, they actually broke our door and God woke us up just before they entered and they were scared off. This is just one of the incidents!

    THANK YOU for your service and GOD BLESS you! We are praying for you and your precious Olivia, she is beautiful.

    Your fellow servants in the Lord

    Melissa, Lourenco, Miriam and Malachi Indequi

  4. I too pray for Haiti and on occasion cry out for her. I do and will continue to pray for you and Chris, Olivia, staff, neighbors and those who have turned their backs to love and good.

    I feel for you Leslie and understand your passion for Haiti and her peoples. The enormous scope of the need can surely be overwhelming and is heartbreaking.

    I read a book written by a missionary in Africa who when questioned about the enormity of the work in front her responded that she, “could help the one in front of her.” One day, one act, one prayer at a time, that is what we can do.

    I don’t know if I have ever thanked you and Chris for allowing yourselves to have your hearts broken, to have the courage to accept the pain and to go on the next day.Thank you Chris and Leslie. Looking to Christ, through his wisdom and mercy, to heal us, and give us renewed strength to maintain soundness of mind and body is what I know, and will continue to pray for you.

  5. Your love for Haiti as a country, is so evident from this post. I know that when you are trudging through and facing the challenges and frustrations that come each day, it can be easy to think that nothing is changing. But just the fact that some of your employees have decided to try and use a legal system that is so broken means that change is coming because of the love you are showing in practical ways. I’m praying for your employees – thank you for giving us specific names to pray for. I can remember most of them from our visit. I’m also praying that God would help you see the small victories, so even when it feels like the problems Haiti faces are overwhelming and unfixable, you would feel encouraged at what can change. I’m thankful that God knows what we need before we even ask.


    PS – Peter isn’t kidding about my parents. I think my dad is coveting Chris’ ponytail.

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