Answers to questions and more things Haiti

I realized that I haven’t answered my Mother in Law’s question about what happened last Friday. I thought I would do that here because others might have the same questions.

Thank you so much for the full update. Just to clarify though, today’s decision was to delay the actual trial of the defendant? And before his trial, the others will be arrested and questioned? And only then will there be a trial? And meantime the defendant will be kept in jail?
Continuing to pray for all of you and your staff,
Gramma Rolling

Yes, the decision on Friday was to delay the actual trial of the defendant, Asne.

Yes, before his trial the others need to be arrested and investigated.

Yes, only after all of that is done with there be a trial.

Yes, he will stay in prison until then. At least he’s supposed to.

That’s the short of it :) If you have any more questions, please fire away.

Today while I was up doing Medika Manba Chris called me and said, “Don’t come home! There’s a manifestation!” I wasn’t ready to come home, but I appreciated that he called.

A manifestation is a protest, but in Haiti they often end up getting violent. The manifestation was to protest Asne still being in prison. The road was blocked and it’s just not a good idea to be around during a manifestation. We were stressed. Chris called the UN RCMP (Canadian police) officer that we have as a contact and found out that he was already there. After it was all over Chris found out that it was actually a peaceful, if not loud, protest. They had arranged for the police to come and for UN police to be there to keep things under control.

I fully believe that people have the right to free speech, and that they should be able to protest, if it’s peaceful. I was happy to hear that this was the case today. Yes, it was against us, but it gave people a chance to voice their thoughts and frustrations. That’s a good thing. I appreciate that they planned it out and chose to do it in a peaceful way. To our knowledge this has never happened in our community. The fact that they chose to do it that way is something that we consider to be a step forward.

**Late edit: Okay, so after talking to some credible sources apparently the manifestation wasn’t peaceful. There were people throwing rocks etc. The police came to break it up and unblock the road along with the UN. They came really fast. The most interesting part is that Asne’s family paid for people to come from St. Marc to start the manifestation.

Please keep praying. Pray for our community, that God would open eyes, ears and hearts to hear the truth. Pray for those that are responsible, that God would move in them and that through this they might find Him. Pray that we will be able to stand strong. I think we are feeling more hopeful and more at peace. We know that God is on the throne and that he IS doing something, many things.


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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

6 thoughts on “Answers to questions and more things Haiti

  1. Thanks for answering my questions, and thanks too for telling it like it is there. We appreciate that you aren’t holding back and that you’re telling us what and whom to pray for. There are lots of people out here in cyberspace who are following along as events unfold and are praying mightily for good to come out of all this for Haiti and for you. Feel the love!

  2. Hello, I wrote to you a little while ago and I just feel like God wants to encourage you to stand firm and fight. Its not going to be easy but this is more that just people and injustice, there is a huge spiritual war going on and satan is putting up a big fight, the Good news is that Jesus has conquered and satan has fallen. We just need to keep standing firm on the truth of God’s word. I know that Haiti is one of the strongest nations in witchcraft along with Guinea Bissau.

    Whenever something goes well or forward in our ministry, I would get really sick with malaria, or one of the kids. Often we would have witch doctors climb on our roof at night and walk around or make extremely loud noises which would frighten our kids and make me really mad.

    They stole our headlights from our car, as many other parts. They Tried several times and probably are still trying to steal our small but helpful solar panel. But in spite of all of this i just remember that its not all the people that are that way. There is thousands that are so grateful for the work that God is doing through the ministry and God’s people.

    So just to encourage, be strong and courageous God is with you. I really feel like this is going to be a big turning point for Haiti and God is using this situation for His Glory.

    Don’t be surprised if more opposition comes, just be ready for it and STAND with your BIG GOD.

    our love in Christ Family Indequi

    • Thanks Melissa. I was meaning to write you after your last comment and haven’t had a chance. I appreciate your encouragement and know that you are speaking from personal experience. My mom keeps me updated on you guys :) Thanks for your prayers and for joining us in the fight. It is a big battle. I sometimes try to envision what must be going on around us in the spiritual realm.

      • It’s a privileged. I had little contact to anybody home while in Guinea Bissau. We don’t have easy internet access, really we don’t have electricity. So at times I really needed encouragement and just somebody to listen to me get some stuff off my chest but I didn’t get that opportunity, only they very few short phone calls from my mum…… I think that your website is awesome and you are very lucky to have it accessible!!!

        Keep smiling and shining Christs light on everyone you can……. one of my favorite sayings when I am passing through hard times is ” during a storm keep rowing and look for Jesus”.

        love your sister in Christ

  3. While Doug and Adele are there perhaps you can do a prayer walk around the property.

    Thanks for keeping us all up to date. While it is good to be informed it is also comforting to hear how you are all being used in this and the positive effects on you. You both have wisdom beyond your years and surely Gods hand upon you.

    Happy Birthday to CHRIS!

    Barb J :)

  4. ‘The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.’
    Leslie and Chris – May God hold your hand as you might experience more of these manifestations. I pray that you continue to feel him by your side as you stand up against the odds.

    ~ Megan Zaccarello

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