If you would like to make a donation to Clean Water for Haiti to help us continue our work here please visit the missions website at and do so through Paypal or on the Donate page. All donations are tax deductible.

The filters are not ideal for an immediate “relief” solution but the entire country is in need of clean water and we want to continue our momentum. Ironically yesterday we did a delivery into Port au Prince. When the team got home Jean said that they had only installed half of the load because the houses were so far apart. They were going to go back tomorrow to finish up and take another ten. If they had decided to stay even an hour longer they would have been caught up around Delmas 75.

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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

6 thoughts on “Donations

    • Delmas is one of THE main routes/roads in Port au Prince. It runs from the bottom of the city near the airport right up into Petionville and has countless (well, not countless since they all have numbers) side streets. Delmas is the main road and every side street going off of it is designated a number, such as Delmas 9.

  1. Do you have a list of other blogs from people who you are in touch with in Haiti? Have they written about their experiences too? I was looking for links from your site but can’t find them.

    • Sorry, I haven’t done my part to get a blog list going. I know that many of the people that have blogs that we read are in Port and don’t have internet access as much as we do, and have been more in the throes of things and not able to update like we have.

  2. Hi Leslie,
    I volunteered at the CWH base in March of 2005. My family has access to several Sawyer Products Point One Filters ( and we would be willing to send them to you if you think they would be useful. Sawyer Products is willing to match every purchase if the products will be sent to Haiti. Please let me know if this is something you would be interested in.

    • Thank you for the offer Courtney, but one big problem with Port being wrecked will be that there won’t be a way to ship things in. I also imagine that by the time they get here we might be in a position where we can start going in with Biosand filters again. Shipping usually takes about 6 weeks on a good day.

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