The generosity of people baffles me, especially in situations like what we are experiencing here.

This morning I talked to our contact about the truck. They called the dealership, made contact, got me the info, I passed it on to Chris who is already in Port and he called. They have 6 trucks in stock and one now has our name on it. We can do a direct transfer from our accounts abroad to theirs. We don’t need to wait for the banks. Hopefully by next week we will have our new delivery truck and have one big logistical problem solved.

Chris has our dossier in hand. Got an email from the Embassy. Someone is reviewing our file RIGHT NOW. Should hear some sort of info later today. Ugh. My stomach is all knotty.

Still waiting to hear about Peter and Sara’s flight…I’m checking my email like an expectant parent.

Now the truly baffling part. Got a phone call from a priest in Montreal. His parish raised a bunch of money in 2004/2005 to help with our relief project in Gonaives. They are already raising money for us. He called to tell me they wanted to cover the truck. I told him it was already covered, BUT we needed a passenger vehicle. He said consider it done. I almost broke down crying on the phone. It is so humbling to see how people want to help. The biggest thing for us is that now instead of taking money out of the general fund for a vehicle we can use all of that money to get filters to people. Beautiful.

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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

12 thoughts on “Baffled

  1. I find it easier to give than to receive. For me receiving is humbling, the very idea that someone has given their time or energy, minutes of their very life to help me, well that just bowls me over. Giving is a snap, personally accepting from others, that is a huge challenge for me.

    I know many have written on charity and have far better understanding than me. I can say that giving is a joy, an affirmation of life and a display of gratitude for all I have received. To not give, that would be painful.

    I am grateful for all of the open hearts who have and continue to respond to the great need in Haiti with their time and resources. Opening their hearts, standing willing, day to day allowing their own hearts to break to the need before them.

    Thank you

    Barb J :)

  2. Don’t be baffled……it’s what we are called to do…..and we would be doing much more physically if we only could. Praise to God who is hearing our prayers and answering them in a mighty way. Every day I pray for missionaries everywhere that God would provide for them what they are needing that day….whether that be rest, financial help, wisdom in a different culture or just an encouraging word…..I think he has given you all of those in the last few days. Thank you for sharing with us how he is answering our prayers so that we can keep praying without ceasing for all of you. I’ve never met you, but you and your ministry are growing nearer and dearer to my heart every day. Praying on for Peter and Sarah and your adoption to be finalized.


  3. WOW! I’m at a loss of words at the generosity and love demonstrated to the mission and the whole country during this very desperate time. God knows what you need, when you need it and He provides! PTL!
    We too, await the outcome of your dossier….with much HOPE!
    Mom & Dad Lockhart

  4. I’m really glad all this publicity is translating to money for your operation. And there is nothing worse than waiting for immigration but I’m 100% sure you will work it all out just fine and you will be able to bring your daughter to Canada before you know it!!

  5. Leslie …. the work you do on behalf of others is amazing, full of love and inspiration among many other words that only my heart can feel right now ….. thank you soooo much for all the work you do… and giving us permission to feel included in the making a differnce in the world catergory … things have a strange way of work themselves out and I am sooo happy for you that a few things are coming to Clean Water for Haiti easily … many blessings to you and your team. God Speed.

  6. Oh all of that news is SOOO cool!! We will be seriously praying for those looking over your file today so that everything can move forward!!
    Thanks for sharing all of your news (The good and the rough) it makes it so easy to pray and feel connected with whats going on.

    The steins

  7. I love when His Greater Reality is so apparent for all to see…PTL!!! May we all be blown away by His amazing Abundance, Blessings, Charity, Delights, Encouragement, Faithfulness, Generosity, Goodness, etc….you can finish ;) as you worship Him with thankful hearts…

  8. Leslie,
    I am a friend of Sara and Peter. I have known Sara and her family since she was a little girl, so am really enjoying your blog, knowing that you are a part of her life, too.
    I have been so touched by your messages – both yours and Chris’.
    To comment on your “baffled” blog. . . Isn’t God just AMAZING?! He always comes through in such wonderfully unexpectected ways!
    Praying for you,

  9. Praise the Lord!! It is so awesome when you get to see God’s hand at work so clearly! Continuing to pray for Olivia’s adoption paperwork and that you will get
    to come home as a family before you know it!

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