It’s not over yet

We are not going home. Our adoption is not done.

We got a call from the Embassy today to tell us that because IBESR (Haitian social services) hadn’t signed the dossier out and we are adopting while living outside of Canada we won’t be going anywhere. We need to finish our adoption up here before the Embassy can issue anything. I was actually told that we need to get that signature from IBESR, which is not open and shows no sign of opening soon, then go through the court to get an adoption decree, and then go through MOI (Haitian Immigration) to get Olivia’s Haitian passport, then go through the Embassy to get her visa etc.

Um, for the record, this process is no different than the one we were doing to start with. Except that there are no government buildings to do it through.

Why did this happen. BIG mis-communication problems. I was very clear in my emails about the fact that we were still in IBESR, that our file was sitting on the desk waiting to be signed. We had no one actually contact us from CIC directly to clarify anything, ask any questions, let us know what the process was… nothing. Then we got a call from the Embassy telling us that we were set to fly Wednesday. Wow. About. That.

So now here we are no further ahead than we were on January 11th. We have no idea if we can even get this thing finished. We are trying to see if there is some way we can get the Prime Minister to sign off, but we’ll see. It feels impossible.

Please pray. This might be one of those mountains that can only be moved that way.

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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

10 thoughts on “It’s not over yet

  1. Oh Leslie and Chris I am so terribly sorry for the uncertainty you are going through. This is so unfair as so much of life is. But with God, ALL things are possible, and I will be praying fervently for this nightmare to be over soon and that sweet little girl to be yours on paper as much as she already is in your hearts and in your daily lives.

  2. What you need is a Canadian Donald Trump – someone with major money and lots of clout who knows (or can learn) the palms to grease. Nothing wrong with prayer of course but there are times when money talks. This may be one of those times.

    On the other hand, there may be a subtle effort to stall yours and other adoptions. The group from Idaho, U.S. have made governments jittery. Anyone or any group can express good intentions but how can a host government monitor what happens to these kids?

    UNICEF is seen as a ogre but they have to take a long term, macro-view which believes that outsourcing a nation’s children is not a good idea. Wouldn’t we be appalled to hear that people from other countries were trying to adopt Canadian or American children?

    Several Christian groups here in the U.S. have expressed interest in rescuing Haitian children. A question popped into my mind: what if several Muslim groups in the U.S. expressed an interest in the rescue of Haitian children? Hmm. I speculate that would not be well received.

    Wishing you effective power and influence whether they are heavenly or earthly.

  3. All I can think is that as shocking as this is to you, GOD is not surprised by it at all…so so sorry, Leslie, and Chris – He has carved you in the palm of His hand! I pray that you know that deep in your hearts as this continues to play out! Love and prayers always

  4. Remember,the best motto for Haiti is that there is always a way,you just have to find it.We’ll keep you in our prayers.(our adopted daughter will be 18 yrs. old this year).

  5. I’m so sorry that things look so bleak. I’ll be praying that the adoption gets finalized so that you have some options and some freedom.

    This probably won’t make you feel any better, but here in Nova Scotia the provincial adoption coordinator is stumped. We don’t know what the status of our adoption is either. The only thing we know is that Canada has given our kids a 1 year temporary visa and is paying for their healthcare. Immigration told us to apply for their Haitian passport through the Haitian embassy in Ottawa. Our province is telling us to hire a private lawyer because it looks like the kids are wards of the province and we are going to foster adopt them. It’s really confusing all the way around. I’m so thankful they are here with us and I know it will work out… we just don’t know what that will look like.

  6. I’m SO sorry that you guys have to go through this and that you are back to uncertainty. Our prayers are with you and will continue to be with you until Liv is on Canadian soil.

    As Jan said above- with God ALL things ARE possible! And He knows the plans He has for you, Chris & Olivia.

    Big hugs from Canada
    Theresa & Ronel

  7. ok, somethings not right here! this must only be because you LIVE in Haiti?? because a canadian family(from alberta) who JUST(in the last couple of months) got the referral for a 6 month old baby brought her home this weekend. I’m positive they weren’t anywhere near getting out of IBESR. If I were you I’d keep pushing because kids are coming home no matter where in the process they were as long as it was post referral.

    • Yes, Nadia, it is because we live in Haiti and are adopting as citizens living abroad. This is actually better for us in the long run because we can push and push and push here rather than being separated and having no idea what’s going on. The kids that are leaving now are files that are in process, but they might stay that way for a very long time.

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