Peter made a great interview on a radio show that only talks about water and plays water music. It’s a great interview, and the podcast has a lot of interesting water music too.


2 thoughts on “Superwaterman

  1. Hello, I have been following your blog since the quake. Yours and Livesay, it brings alive what is really happening there. I just wanted you to know that Anderson Cooper has his blog site and I placed your website on a comment I posted on his blog. I am sure you are aware that he, Dr. Gupta and crew are back in Haiti. Just watched AC360. I just feel that it is so important that He interview your husband about the CWH. It is so desparetly(sp?) needed NOW due to the quake. Now diarrhea will set in and from what I have read has started in the tent camps of course due to unsanitary living conditions and lack of clean water. Hoping that they will follow up and contact you and will bring your work to the for front of people and help you.

    Both of you are doing amazing work. I do pray for your family and that your adoption process will be complete soon.

    Theresa Okamoto, RN
    Huntington Beach, Ca

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