How has your Monday been?

Our Monday seemed to start out normal enough. Staff prayer, meeting with Carlo, the boss who is here to do some counter top work in the round house… then Jean came running into Peter and Sara’s house almost in tears. We had just seen him 5 minutes earlier in our prayer circle. He was fine. Now he was standing in front of us with ripped clothes and dirt all over him.

The road construction is right in front of our house now and yesterday we weren’t able to get out of the driveway because they were digging things up. Jean took a walk up to the top to see if we would be able to get out with a truck today at all. The family of one of the accused people that we have an arrest warrant for, and have had more problems than we can count, lives right on the corner of the driveway we share with everyone else who has a house down here. When Jean went up to look at things the guy that we have a warrant for came out and got in his face with his brother. The mother and two sisters started throwing rocks at Jean. Together they tried to give him a good beating. Jean was able to get away with no blood, but covered in dirt with his shirt ripped.

Right now he and Chris are in St. Marc trying to make headway with getting arrest warrants for the whole family. THIS, this is what we’ve been dealing with for years. BUT, instead of making things better for themselves, this family just made things so much worse. Instead of discouraging Jean from helping us push our case they’ve made him mad. Not only him, but his whole family. And our workers and many others. And as Jean said this morning, he’s upset this has happened to him, but he’s very happy for us because they have just handed us more of a reason to push our case. They, themselves, have handed us more proof that the son is involved in what has happened to us.

Please pray for Jean. He’s obviously shaken. His family is angry. We are going to do and use every avenue we have to help get this resolved. Pray that this might be a step forward in getting ALL of our issues here resolved. I won’t lie, we were shocked that it happened, in broad day light. I’m not sure what these people thought the result would be? That Jean would run home and not tell us what happened?

I’m stewing and brewing and angry. We all are. I would love to see this family held accountable for their actions, ALL of them. For them to see that it’s over. And for them to realize that THEY have done this to themselves, that it’s no one else who has done it to them.

That’s just part of our Monday. Olivia is having a rough day. I’ve lost count of how many time outs have been issued and it’s only 10 am. My patience is obviously tried today.

We’re also waiting to hear if our documents have been signed out of IBESR. Wow, I can’t even begin to tell you about the run around we’re getting there. I don’t think you would believe it. The corruption makes me sick. Just a snapshot – the lawyer for IBESR is the first one of 4 signatures that needs to go on the paper. When our police officer friend went to meet with him to get the signature the lawyer said, “Give the white man my phone number and we’ll talk”. Translation: Tell the white man to call me and we’ll see how much my signature is worth to him. Our police officer friend reminded him of what his job was and in a not so nice way told him to stuff it. As far as we know the signature was on the paper when our police officer friend went back the next day. We’re just waiting for the director to sign off. This is where we *think* things are at, but this is Haiti and we won’t really know until we have documents in hand.

I would also encourage you to check out THIS post, and THIS one. Infuriating.

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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

7 thoughts on “How has your Monday been?

  1. So sorry to hear you are having a bad start to your day. I will keep Jean, his family, your family and workers in my prayers.
    Hang in there girl…..things will get better.

  2. Bless your hearts….think and pray for you often…we’re fighting with all the spiritual weapons we can to push back/reveal and expose the darkness…
    praying covering/protection for you and your family, that His Presence infinitely prevails over your home and community, as the darkness reveals itself…

  3. In the U.S. we joke about politicians being bribed and certainly it does happen but nothing like your descriptions of Haiti. The media are a strong deterrent; love ’em or hate ’em, the media sniff out corruption and relish it. Perhaps Haitians first demand should be for a strong media.

    The blog links echo so many stories about Haiti and the U.N. – a spineless organization and UNICEF has one appeal – the celebrity who currently speaks for it. But what country can speak against it without wrath?

    As to the adoption of the children: with the eyes of the world on Haiti’s plight and so many stories about children already legally spoken for, there may have been shame at some levels of Haitian government and society that there is a need to outsource children; that children may be expendable in Haiti.

    I’m in no position to nay-say prayer but the ex-pats might try recruiting journalists to expose the mess.


    • We would love to talk to the media. Actually, while we were in IBESR the first time, with Olivia, the Miami Herald photographers came in to see what was happening there, if anything. We were the only white people there so they asked why etc. We explained what had just happened with getting the run around from the guy in charge, that we’d been in process for over 14 months (just in the first stage) and that we knew things were being held up because someone was wanting a bribe which we weren’t going to pay. They took a bunch of pictures of our family and got our info and told us that they wanted to help by doing a story on us. I think Chris got a call later that day to see if the reporter had contacted us, but that was it. We didn’t hear from them again.

      The problem with Haiti is that it’s not a big country. I think our fear with our adoption is that we want to talk to people about what is going on here, to expose the corruption in the system. BUT, that said, we also know that we need to be careful about that because if too many people get upset things like dossiers can magically disappear or things will just stop all together and word will spread through the system to not help those white people at all. And no one will. It’s a fine line. If we get through this thing I would LOVE to do an expose on our experience. Adoptive parents living in Canada or the US don’t know the details of why their adoption is taking so long, they just know it is.

  4. For those of us newer readers, could you give us a little background on the problems you are having with that family? Truly hoping you are able to get some resolution to this problem.

    • Belinda: It goes back to the arson attack we received last April. For that, you need to go find the relevant post. It’s been a very difficult ordeal for us and for our workers. To summarize quickly, we know the arsonists are Jonathan, Gary and Asne, but only Asne is in Jail at this point, and not yet convicted. Jonathan is Camilla’s son, and he’s the one that attacked Jean first on monday. Regarding Camilla’s family, Camilla used to work for the mission before being fired for not working and petty theft amongst other things. Jonathan used to work for us when he was still a teenager but was fired for making up his time sheet that didn’t correspond to hours worked. Camilla’s son Edgar even worked for us for about 2 weeks before getting fired for being ridiculous. So three people from the same family were fired from CWH, and now 5 people from that family beat up our foreman and said they would kill him. I’m always learning lessons from my mistakes, and one of them is not to hire two or more people from within the same family unless I’m very careful about it! The full history goes back 8 years, so please excuse me for not going into more detail.

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