Random crazy

Things accomplished today:

  • Got myself dressed
  • Made breakfast
  • Washed a load of laundry
  • Took down, folded and put away yesterdays laundry
  • Hung todays load
  • Printed 14 copies of our training manual
  • Bound 14 copies of our training manual
  • Finished printing teaching posters
  • Washed dishes
  • Made a quadruple batch of cookies
  • Made a massive bowl of potato salad
  • Made a relatively large bowl of tuna salad for sandwiches tomorrow
  • Took Olivia for a walk to get the egg from the chicken coop
  • Battled a head cold

Tomorrow we have a team of 13 here to do a dental/medical clinic for tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and Monday. Last time they came we did two days and were able to see 60 people get their teeth checked, cleaned, filled and pulled, and 60 people that saw the nurse. This time we’re doubling that. I’m excited we get to minister to our staff, their families and people from the community this way. When we organized it last time Chris thought I was crazy for wanting to have a list of people that were coming and to designate them appointment times with little appointment cards. He insisted it wouldn’t work. Well, it worked so well that the team was raving about how much they enjoyed it and said that they want to come back every six months so they can provide regular care for our staff and their families. I love that we can offer a “dental program” to our staff :)

I spent the day multi-tasking, between getting training class stuff printed and bound and baking and preparing stuff for lunch for the team for the next few days. I remember when feeding more than 4 seemed intimidating and now throwing food together for 20 seems not so hard. I guess all those summers of helping out in the camp kitchen taught me a thing or two :)

Chris and I will be translating for the clinic and Peter and Sara will be our people managers. There are some extra people on the team that don’t have medical skills, but we’ve got some jobs set up for them that we’ve been putting off and Peter is in charge of directing them. Sara gets to help manage feeding people and helping out wherever else we need her. Have I mentioned that we’re happy they’re here?

Sunday is a day “off” but Sunday afternoon we have 9 students arriving for a week long Filter Technician Training class. Sara and I have been working at getting the materials all ready and I think we’re pretty much good to go. I’m thankful for the extra hands because I’m not a fan of mundane jobs like laminating posters, but Sara was willing to jump in and help wherever she could.

Monday is our overlap day where we get to teach a class and have the last day of the clinic happening due to a scheduling snafoo. It worked out though. We’ll have all of our staff go through the clinic on Monday, and since they’re already here working it should be pretty low maintenance. I’m happy that we’ve done enough hosting and managing that a lot of this stuff doesn’t seem too crazy now. We know what we need to do and it’s just a case of doing it.

And yes, I have a head cold. Abe and Sara were/are sick with it so I guess it was just a matter of time until one of us picked it up. As long as I can drug myself up and sleep well at night I can push through :)

One of our chickens started laying this week. It’s been a highlight, though a slightly funny one. We started with 20 chickens. Some of them got pecked to death by the other chickens (sorry folks, that’s the way chickens roll sometimes). Some of them turned out to be roosters. Okay, a lot of them turned out to be roosters. In fact we just raffled off our last two roosters today after work. We are now down to two ladies. The one that is laying is Penny. I just named her this afternoon. I figured there was no sense in giving out names if they might not make the cut. Now that she’s earning her keep she can have a name. We get excited to go out and get our little brown egg every day. Today I went out with Olivia to get it and it was so fun to let her cradle it in her hands and see how intensely interested she was. We have a connection to get some more real laying hens but are going to wait until the end of the month after things slow down a bit around here. The church we go to down the road just got 120 Rhode Island Reds and Chris has to go look at them every Sunday when we go and talk about how nice they are. I think that’s funny considering that for the first two plus years of our marriage I got told there was “no way we’re ever having chickens here, filthy nasty birds…” *grin*

I keep having those Mom moments where I look at Olivia and think about how much she’s grown up. Her speech is getting more advanced which is so fun. We’re having conversations, she’s telling us what she thinks about things, what she wants. Chris and I, at least once a day, look at each other and say, “She did such and such today,” or “she said such and such,” and we’re baffled that she has. I totally get the whole joy of being a parent now. It’s watching this little being go from being so helpless and dependent to seeing them do things like run and close and open doors and get frustrated because they can’t screw on a jar lid. And it’s watching them surpass what you think they should be able to do. Today Olivia was “helping” me make the cookies, and between licking the whisk and not licking the whisk, she was able to mix up the liquid ingredients just as good as I could have, and while I had my back turned. I went to stop her out of fear that it would end up everywhere and found she had already done it. And who said she could do that? Who said she could grow up?

As a complete aside, does anyone else ever wonder how small you need to make cookies in order to get the yield on a recipe? Because I made a quadruple batch today, and they weren’t big, and I still couldn’t get the number. I have never gotten the number I’m supposed to. Seriously, are they saying cookies for munchkins when they put the yield on there?

Peter built the kids small tables, one for their house and one for ours, and Yonese is in the process of buying all of us small chairs. We have ours and Olivia LOVES having a little table in her room where she can say, “Sit down Mommy,” and have our undivided attention. At some point each day one of us has found ourselves in there with her doing puzzles. I got out the shape one that had been put away for months and was amazed when she did it mostly on her own yesterday. Again, who said she could grow up? I remember when she was so tiny my hand was bigger than her head. And now she’s doing puzzles. Sigh.

Well, a soccer game seems to be picking up in the field next door and I think a certain someone needs to be woken up so she’ll sleep tonight. And I need chicken noodle soup. Not sure how much we’ll be able to post in the coming days so if the blog is quiet we’re still alive (though I appreciate that some of you worry and start checking in with us if it’s dormant for a while) and just crazy busy or completely exhausted. Will try to post photos.

For all of us,


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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

7 thoughts on “Random crazy

  1. I never even look at the yield. OK, just checked. My chocolate chip cookies says the yield is 60 cookies. haha I’m usually don’t even get 3 dozen cookies from a batch. 60 cookies would have to be tiny!

  2. It’s good to hear things are still going well…I was beginning to wonder :) We’ll be thinking of you guys in the next few days, praying for strength and stamina! Olivia sounds like an awesome little girl…we are also sitting back and amazed at how the kids are growing up.. I have to register Riley for Kindergarten in two weeks….I agree with you….”who said they could grow up?” Blessings!

  3. Thanks for the great update — I was having blog withdrawal. Your dental clinic is a lovely gesture to your community and hopefully appreciated by even the most skeptical neighbors.
    I cheered when I read about the EGG! Now all you need is more hens (which are lovely, not filthy and disgusting Chris. Don’t you remember how you loved collecting the eggs when you were a little kid?)
    How nice to have so much help from Sara and Peter with both the clinic and the filter training. We’re glad they’re there with you too.
    As for the cookies, perhaps Olivia or Chris ate some cookie dough while your back was turned? Seriously, I never managed to get the stated yield — but then I have a fondness for cookie dough — yum!

  4. I hope your dental/medical clinic goes well. My odd little care package will arrive and I put a little packing list inside with the goodies. I’ll email more recipes to go with the goodies.

    Love to read about your experiences with Olivia. It puts such a smile on my face.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Hi Linda,
      There was a mix up and Lori thought the package was for someone in the office. She’ll send it in a few weeks with someone else who is coming into the country. She apologizes for the confusion and late delivery, but assures me it’s well worth it :)

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