Dear Olivia

Yesterday your dad and I got the news that IBESR had finally signed off on your adoption. It’s been 16 months and a lot of run around, but they finally did it. We are still feeling hesitant that it’s real, but I know it is. I expect there will still be some run around, but the bottom line is that Haitian social services has approved our adoption. They have said that we can legally be your parents. The relief we are feeling is indescribable. Many times, in the last two months following the earthquake especially, your dad and I have stressed out that someone would take you away from us. We know that won’t happen now.

Your Dad and I are feeling like there is finally some hope. 16 months since we submitted the dossier and we finally have some progress. Yesterday your Dad just about raged at the director of IBESR when she told him he needed to relax because your birth mother had done all the hard work of bringing you into the world and all we were doing was some running around. I know your birth mom made the hardest and most loving decision to place you in an orphanage, I won’t ever say opposite. Baby girl, if you ever doubt our love for you I hope you will know and remember that we have fought for you. We have fought so hard because we love you so much. Not only have we loved you with everything we have in us since the day we met you, but we have stood in front of people and refused to participate in corruption. We have met with people in offices that we would never normally be allowed into. We have asked friends to make phone calls on our behalf and have accepted the assistance of people that don’t even know us but want to help because they believe in what we are doing. Olivia, people all over the world have been praying along side us that we would see our dossier move forward without participating in corruption and God has answered those prayers. I hope that not only will you see the love we have for you but also the love of those that love us, and most of all, the deep love that your Father has for you. He loves you so much, and he loves us so much, that he made us a family and he is moving systems that don’t normally move so make legal what we have known in our hearts for a very long time. God still moves mountains that seem unmovable. Yesterday we crossed that threshold from feeling like we had met the end of the road and exhausted all possibilities to the place where everything is a possibility.

I don’t know how long the rest of the process will take, but we know God is big and he is in control, and we are hopeful that maybe, just maybe, sometime this year your Dad and I will experience the joy of seeing you set your feet on Canadian soil for the very first time. Maybe sometime this year you will get to visit your grandparents in their homes. Maybe sometime this year you will get to hug your aunties and uncles there, not here. Maybe sometime this year you will get to meet all those people that have been praying hard, hoping hard and walking right along with us and anticipating, probably just as much as we have, the day they get to finally meet you in person and come to know themselves the wonderful little person that we have been telling them you are.

For the last two years your Dad and I have stuck it out and stayed here. We have each made trips home individually but we have stuck with our commitment to never leave you here and go home together. We have sacrificed our freedom to come and go, and it was a sacrifice that we have made because we love you so much. We never wanted to leave you in the care of someone else. In the last year we have gone through a lot. People have told us to leave. We have had times where we would have loved to take a break. But, always in our minds was the fact that we couldn’t, not without you, because you were more important than anything. We are tired, we want a vacation. Last night your Dad told me that the fact that there is an end in sight is an indescribable feeling. Yes, the last year or two has been hard, and we have lost some freedom, but it has all been worth it. The commitment to our family has been worth it. And, God has used these difficult times to show your Dad and I the resilience that He has put in us that we didn’t know was there.

Baby girl, we love you so much I don’t even have the words for it. I hope as you grow up and read back through these letters that you will be reminded of that. I also hope you will always carry the knowledge that your Dad and I will always fight for you. We will fight for you until the day we die.

Love Mom

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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

24 thoughts on “Dear Olivia

  1. This sounds like potentially wonderful news. (Don’t you hate the word “potential”] It’s the news people around the world have been praying for. We will keep praying! You folks remain very much on my mind.

  2. That is wonderful news and I am so glad you guys have that huge step finally done. The rest of your process should be quicker-are the offices for MOI and the passport open and functioning? I have not heard much about current adoption processes-ours took 15 months which at the time since we did not have our kid with us, was horribly long and very difficult.

  3. Good for you.

    Call it what you will, persistence and good old North American, “this is mine and I’ll have it” attitude does pay off.


  4. Wonderful news! We’re ecstatic, THANKFUL for this progress and HOPEFUL that sweet Liv will be able to come to N.America very soon and visit all her extended family….definately calls for a celebration!
    HE DOES move mountains! This brought to my mind how that we are at the end of our rope…. “when we run out of our resources….HE comes in with HIS resources! PTL! Be encouraged!
    Love Mom Lockhart

  5. Mountains beyond mountains- and so much more!
    We rejoice with you and anticipate the victory party to
    begin soon. Continued prayer and support surrounds each of you.

  6. WONDERFUL NEWS! Congratulations to all of you on finally achieving this huge step in the long difficult process to be able to legally say your already-daughter is yours!

  7. So happy for you! Olivia has won a special place in our son’s heart… he prays for her several times a day, is trying to teach his little sister how to pray for her and when we pray he is constantly interrupting us with loud whispers “Don’t forget Olivia!”.

  8. so glad to hear the news. we did the same thing with our little girl…i never left the country for 2 1/2 years…didn’t see my other kids, didn’t see the grandkids…(we’re older parents) and finally, after 3 years, it was done. god is so good. hang in there and never give up!

  9. That was beautiful, Leslie. Congratulations and I hope the rest of the process goes as smoothly as possible. Thinking good thoughts for you guys.

  10. Beautiful post…and a beautiful God we serve. Try and keep the “Happy Dance” to a minimum so as not to create another earthquake. So happy to read this great news. God bless.


  11. This is such a beautiful letter from mother to daughter. What a blessing it will be for her to one day read this!!!
    We just read the good news today…oh what a joy. We can hardly wait to see you guys come home for a visit – We are VAC folk – so maybe we will see you walk by and I will be reminded of the goodness and faithfullness of God :)

    The Steins

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