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I’m writing with a goal in mind today. Clean Water for Haiti is growing, as we’ve written in previous posts, and we need to start looking at where we’re going to set up our next filter production site. Peter and Sara Craig will set up shop at the new site in January 2011 if our plan goes smoothly, so now is the time for us to start looking at where we’ll be setting up and where the Craig’s will live. We’re being very careful about this process so that when we actually get started things will go as smoothly as possible.

This post is mainly directed towards other missions in Haiti that have suggestions for us, but if you want to send the link on to one of your missionary friends to look at that could be helpful too. Ideally, there is a mission out there that would love to see a clean water project come to their community and would be willing to introduce us to some people.

We’re looking for several different criteria, so I’ll present them in billet format:

-We would like a renewable lease for both a work site and a home for the Craigs.

-The community needs to be receptive to a new project coming in.

-It would be nice to have an established mission nearby to be in contact with for mutual support.

-Ideally, the site would be 2-3 hours away from Pierre Payen, not too close or too far.

-We do NOT want to move into a community with excessive crime or anti-foreigner sentiment.

-We would prefer to be on the outskirts of a smaller town, not in Port au Prince.

-We would like to be in an area that has a water problem! I realize this isn’t really an issue, because all of Haiti has a water problem. However, our work is easier and more effective if the source water people drink is visibly cloudy, not just full of microbes.

Thank you! We’ll eventually find the right place to set up, but it could go much more easily if someone can steer us in the right direction. Please send me an email if you think you can help. -Chris


6 thoughts on “Help us make a connection

  1. oops, sorry I didn’t read carefully that you want to be somewhere other than Port. My bad. These folks may be connected to a community that fits your parameters however….

  2. Pernier is not a bad place for such project, water is available quite often but how clean is it? I dont know. I have family living there and I have been there myself. it s in PAP but away from PAP.


  3. Check out Mizak, About 45 minutes to 1 hour from Jacmel in the mountains.
    We work with HAPI there. Check out the website: We felt safe and happy there when we visit.

  4. I’m not sure if outside of Cap Haitien is an option. We are in a very small, safe community with many other towns and communities around us. Haut Limbe (5km drive from Limbe and about 25 kms from Cap Haitien) is our home! :)

  5. Hey guys, I wonder if being in contact with the MCC folks in Dezam might be a good idea. It’s not a big town, but you can serve a very wide area from there with a good main road. Definitely a need. Hope you are both well. Matt

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