With Our Heads In the Clouds

We’re back from Furcy. What a great week away. The only problem is that it was no where near long enough.

We hadn’t been up there in over a year. In my books that’s way too long. Though, the last time we went, we were all crazy and went in January, and it was COLD. This time the weather was much more pleasant. Cool, but comfortable enough to not need socks. It was sweaters, jeans and flip flops for this girl all week. There isn’t a better combo after months and months in the heat.

This is why we love it up there…

Too beautiful for words really. Most of all it just feels like Canada for us. Pine forests. Cool, crisp air. Everything feels fresh and homelike. It’s hard to describe, really. I remember driving up one time in the Volkswagen, and since there was no air-conditioning we had the windows down. Literally as we drove higher into the mountains and the air cooled I felt like I was coming alive again. The heat where we live can sap so much energy that even sitting still feels like a chore in the middle of the summer. Going up to Furcy it’s like the cogs and wheels start squeaking into gear again and things in my head go from feeling foggy on a good day to seeming more simple and clear. We are always in better moods and more relaxed. I know part of that is getting away, period, but for us cold blooded Canadians, it’s also the temperature difference.

We had a nice week of just doing not much of anything. We ate. We napped. We read (a lot). We played cards. We walked and walked and walked, which is one of our favorite things there since we can actually just wander down the road and not worry about being hit by a bus or having people yell at us. We picked flowers. We explored. Some of us talked to cows. We watched movies. We just enjoyed each other. It was fun.

Chris and I loved seeing Olivia up there. The last time we were there she wasn’t even walking yet, though very close. It changes things entirely to have her running around and playing and exploring. We found ourselves just watching her in amazement many times. Laughing really hard at others. And in other moments having fears put to rest. You see, we’re anticipating our first trip to Canada as a family (hopefully coming soon) and know that part of that will include camping. Chris and I have been concerned that Olivia would freeze her little butt off in dear ol’ Canada. Before I came back to Haiti I bought Olivia some new socks, a couple more pairs of pants, and a jacket – with fleece. I knew going to Furcy right after I got back would put those things to use, but I was also thinking through traveling home with her and wanting to avoid arriving in Canada in shorts and a tank top only to realize she was an ice cube. I mean, she’s a tropical baby, right?


We discovered that there must have been a slip in the gene pool somewhere for Little Miss O. At least once a day she stripped down to her diaper and socks and insisted on running around like that for several hours. We insisted that she put her clothes back on. I mean, Mom and Dad were wearing jeans, sweaters… layers. I think we are the proud parents of Haiti’s only polar bear. Fears have now been put to rest.

Oh, and we have a budding fashion designer on our hands. The creations below were entirely of her own doing or insistence. Daddy only helped with the bottom after a tantrum because things. were. just. not. working.

This was Liv’s idea of “posing” for the camera :)

The whole idea to turn herself into the Plastic Bag Princess was hers, and hers alone. And yes, we know that toddlers aren’t supposed to play with plastic bags. But, she wasn’t putting it over her head. And she was moderately supervised. And, well, who would want to squash that creativity. Some days we find ourselves just looking at her wondering how we scored so well in the kid lotto. How did we get the one that, at the age of 2, would even think of turning plastic bags into clothes?

Oh, and in case you think I’m just bragging on my kids intelligence (which of course I am) one evening last week before we left I was sitting at my computer and heard noise in the bathroom that usually means trouble. I called out to Liv and asked her what she was doing in there. A few seconds later she was beside me, hand on my knee, looking up at me, and says…

“Don’t worry about it.”

This is sort of what it looked like…

And fast forward to our lives 12 or so years from now. Sympathy and words of advice will be greatly appreciated in advance.

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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

5 thoughts on “With Our Heads In the Clouds

  1. I am so happy you enjoyed your time in the clouds. Please tell Olivia that her boots are fabulous! Disposable clothing was to have been a thing of the future. Perhaps it is here now.

    Welcome back

    Love Barb

  2. This blog had me in stitches! Thanks for the emotional lift just in time for Mother’s Day — the photos are priceless. I also love the way you captured the beauty that is Haiti — I see why you love Furcy so much.

  3. I had no idea there were mountain areas like that in Haiti – how beautiful! So good you got a retreat from the heat and some down time with family after all you have been through. Olivia is so darn cute! I was born and have always lived in sweltering central GA, USA, and have been super super hot to the point of constant nausea all summer. I was meant to be a mountain girl just like Olivia was meant to be a Canadian LOL!

  4. We are from BC also and brought our son home from Haiti after the earthquake. Of course we got snowsuits and down jackets ready. Turns out he sweats all the time and has only shivered once since being home! Thought he would be soooo cold here? I thought it was just him:O)

  5. Thanks for the long awaited photo’s of miss o!!!!!!!! What a precious little princess.
    Am praying together with you that you will all be home in August.

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