This American Life

Leslie and I just took an hour and listened to this week’s episode of This American Life, which is about Haiti and the particular difficulties in trying to help this special place. It’s an hour long, but a very good hour spent by anyone interested in Haiti. “Island Life” is the name of the episode.


2 thoughts on “This American Life

  1. Listening to this excellent program is time well spent. I was very impressed with the Haitian businessman’s understanding of the problem with NGO programs. What looks like lack of follow through to Haitians is explained away by north American bureaucrats as program changes, revisions, etc., etc. If I were a Haitian I would have little to no faith in the programs of large NGO’s that come and go without making sense to even those working in the NGO’s themselves. Small organizations that can get things done have a very important place in Haiti.

    Anybody have an extra plastic crate?

    • Funnily enough, we saw a truck go by yesterday full of plastic crates of green mangoes heading off to be exported. It made me think of this story.

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