And there’s the hope

Through our whole adoption process we’ve just tried to keep plugging along, knowing it was a long, long journey. It always feels like we get through one hurdle and then another one pops up. I am sometimes jealous of parents who are adopting while living in some other country than Haiti because they just know the basics and wait for the call. Yes, we’ve gotten to be more hands on, but because of that have had to battle anger and frustration because there is always one more thing. Not saying other parents don’t face frustration and anger. They do. I think it’s a different frustration and anger when you are living in the system and you see what goes on firsthand.

Last week we found out that everything was in fact legalized, as we shared. BUT they were having problems finding Olivia’s birth certificate in Archives to do the extract. It was improperly filed waaaaayyyy back and is now lost forever. We had to get a lawyer to go to a judge to request that a document be written giving permission for the copy in her dossier to be used as the original. We were told that this is not uncommon, and if you’re familiar with Haiti’s birth certificate system you would know why. Everything is hand written. There are ledgers etc. We were also told that the judge that looks after this stuff has enough money that we didn’t need to worry about things getting held up. LOVE that we live in a place where people feel they need to tell us that. LOVE IT! (sarcasm, in case you were wondering)

Last week we were told it would take 2-3 weeks, minimum, to get this extra, unexpected step taken care of. It was a blow because we realized it would push our possibility of leaving for our holiday when we are hoping to back, making it less of a reality. But, we did what we needed to do and just pushed forward. Last week we went and got Olivia’s passport pictures done so we would have them on hand when it was time to move to the next step.

This morning Chris and I were talking and I just asked what he was feeling about our chances of going home this summer. We both felt discouraged. We were trying to hold on to the hope that things would come together, but it wasn’t looking that likely from where we stood. We went about our morning. I went to St. Marc to get some stuff for dinner tonight. I came home and Chris was on the phone with a friend in Port.

Turns out that sometimes in Haiti things move faster than people tell you they will, even though nothing ever moves faster here, only slower. Turns out those documents that were going to take several weeks, at best, are all done and back in our friends hand. Turns out tomorrow Chris is going with said friend to Port to submit our dossier to the Ministry of the Interior (Immigration). Turns out that while I was lying in bed at 3am thinking about the time we have here and our goal for leaving and thinking that it was impossible God was working the wheels and making it possible.

We have no idea if we’ll be done when we’re hoping to be done. BUT, today I was reminded that God has bigger plans for us than we give him credit for. That he has ways of doing things that baffle us. That what looks impossible in every way, shape and form, is not impossible for him.

We have asked you to be praying us home. Today I felt that so strongly that even now I have to fight the urge to break down into an ugly cry. I want to save the big ol’ ugly cry for the day when I get to tell you that we have a passport with Olivia’s name on it. I feel that we’re moving in that direction. There are other things falling in to place here too that we’ll share with you later as part of the whole story. Things that are cool, and very much answers to prayer.

Please, tomorrow (Friday) will you pray that Chris and our friend make all the connections they need to. Pray that the people that get our file in hand will want to be helpful and move it, rather than holding it up. Pray that what people say is at least a two month process won’t be. Pray that we’ll be blown away with the impossible becoming the possible.


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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

2 thoughts on “And there’s the hope

  1. I can only imagine how difficult the waiting is. Will continue to pray you home for a wonderful family vacation THIS summer!

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