Oh! Oh! What’s that??!?

Today we added a new member to our little family…

This is Annie. She’s 6 weeks old. She likes chewing on things and long walks on the beach. At sunset.

(This is where you all say, “Awwwww,” if you haven’t already.)

Our Haitian vet, Dr. Tonie, who makes house calls by the way, called a while back to let us know that he’d found some Rottie puppies. Yesterday he called to say they were ready to come look at, so we did, and we brought Annie home.

She’s already very popular. Yonese told me a few weeks ago that we needed to get another “ti chen” because Jabez was much happier with Daisy. Now Jabez is just sad and she needs a friend to play with. When we got home Yonese was so excited and gladly took a big armful of puppy :) We went for a little walk to the work yard too to greet the workers and they all loved her. She made as much dezaud as she could in the short time we were there.

But, oh! What’s that? Another one??!?!

Yes, that’s two you see there. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. You have not been sitting in front of the computer too long. Our friends, Gary and Carolyn, told us the other day that they also wanted a Rottie if we found some, so we called them and they came and picked one out too. They’re going on vacation for a month so we’re Kong sitting* until they get back. We should be having lots of fun here in the next few weeks…

It’s funny having puppies that are siblings. Miss Annie is very calculated in her attacks on her little brother. She’ll stand back, watch, duck her head a bit, then pounce. I love how tough puppies act with each other :)

For the record though, that’s actually Kong on top. He can hold his own.

*At the time of publishing their dog remained nameless. I have taken creative liberties and am calling him Kong until they come up with something better. They have 24 hours. If they have not provided a name in that time I will continue to call him Kong, even if they choose something at the 24h1min mark. I am serious. Okay. I’m not. I’m really just kidding around here, folks. It is my blog though, so I’m allowed to do that.

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About Leslie

I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

10 thoughts on “Oh! Oh! What’s that??!?

  1. Chris’ first dog was called Annie (Irish setter, very dumb but loveable).
    You missed a chance to brag about the beautiful grass in the photos. It’s looking great — and it rarely needs mowing, right? A lot of North Americans would kill for grass that didn’t need mowing.

    • You guessed the inspiration right on the mark. I came up from building the puppies a house (because it’s raining pretty much every day now) and asked what we should call the beast and Chris said, “What about Annie?” and I said, “I love it!” DONE. Then he told me about his dog and how dumb she was. It was a nice change from naming Daisy. Yeesh. Murderface? What was he thinking?

  2. Oh my congratulations on your beautiful new baby! I am sorely jealous! Two years ago my 14-year-old sweet Rottie Hannah died. I had her since she was 6 weeks old. She was the best dog I ever had, and I’ve had a lot of dogs. My sister was horrified and said she would kill my cats and terrorize the neighborhood. Hannah was the kindest dog I ever met. My first daughter learned to walk by grabbing her hair and pulling up on her while Hannah stood patiently, wincing. She loved kittens, baby bunnies, my baby and then adult ferret. She loved everybody and was the worst watchdog as she wanted to just love on everybody! I know Annie will bring you just as much joy and be a great companion for Olivia to grow up with!

    • I absolutely agree. Jabez has been the “mission” dog for about 8 years now and she’s a huge softie. The only “guard dog” ability that she has is that most Haitians don’t like big dogs that don’t look like Haitian dogs. Oh, and her big dog bark :) Other than that she’s pretty much the equivalent of a lap dog in a big dog body. The second visitors get out of the vehicle she’s making friends and picking out the ones that will scratch her ears and love her :) Annie has a good example to follow. After reading about Rotties and watching a documentary about them we realized that they are very much people dogs, and they’re working dogs. They need to have room to run and play, they need social interaction. Jabez has always been gentle. She would lay on the floor complacently and let Olivia yank on her hair and climb on her when she was 6 months old. She’s always been great around kids and people of all ages. When we had Daisy, our dog that died in March, Jabez started acting like a puppy again. Should be fun to see how she is with Annie.

  3. Very adorable! I did think I was seeing double, but second thought perhaps you were getting a second pup for the new production base. Have fun and I’ll remember to pick up a doz. flip-flops for you to replace the ones they’ll chew on!

  4. Soooo cute! As if you didn’t have enough to do……enjoy all the playfullness and “puppyisms.” Big dogs are great…we have two german shepherds that people are nervous of as well but they are big softies and also had two kids pestering them all of their lives! Enjoy!

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