I Tried!

I did try. I tried to write a post yesterday night, but then a certain little someone who is very much into trying to be like Mom and typing, or just plain touching the computer all. the. time. hit something on the keyboard and I lost most of the post. The only thing left was a word and a half. I can’t even remember what it didn’t say. It’s okay though, because I don’t think it was much more than dribble anyway.

But, alas, here I am. Let’s see, what to share first.

Oh, all right. Just because you’re all waaiiitttiinggg for any kind of adoption update.

Chris talked to our Haitian friend that has been working on our dossier like a mad man this afternoon. He picked things up from one stage, and moved them to the office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Friday. What does that mean? It means we are one step closer. They told him 10-12 days and it would be ready to move to the passport stage. He’s going to make sure they stick to their 10-12 days, because this is Haiti and if you aren’t in there every day nothing will happen on time. From there, we need a passport. We have NO idea how long that will take. We’re praying not a long, long time.

People, we are getting close. Tonight at dinner we talked, with hope, about all the options for taking a vacation together. Our goal was to be home in about 2.5 weeks so we could be home for my grandmothers 85th birthday because most of my Dad’s side of the family will be there. We’re facing the reality that won’t be happening, but maybe not long after that. We have our AGM in BC mid-September. We would love to be there as a family. Our board would love for us to be there as a family. We would love to reconnect with our board face to face and be able to talk about all the important mission things that can be hard to talk about in tele-conferences. We want to plan with them for the future and to hope and dream together.

We have asked you to pray, and are asking again. We have felt very discouraged over the last month. We had gotten to the place where we had pretty much written off a vacation all together. Maybe we will get to go. We’re feeling more positive. After dinner tonight we talked at length about the things we would like to do and not do while away. We talked about Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D…Plan X3H7E. Okay, that last one isn’t really a plan, but it felt like all of the sudden we had all these options and we just needed to wait and see how things pan out over the next few weeks to see which one becomes the plan. Pray for wisdom in that please. We know that God knows what we need better than we do, and what we thought was a good idea might not be his ideal for us. Maybe he has a way more amazing vacation planned for us than we expect.


This last week we had a fun visitor. If you’ve looked at the pictures from the Football post then you would have seen this one random white guy in some of them. He wasn’t just some random white guy that happened to run on to the field and start kicking the ball around. No, he was a guy that we know and love and were so happy to see. It was Matt.

Matt worked with us for 6 months back in the last half of 2008. He literally lived in our house for the first month or so that he was here. He ate all his meals with us. He was here during my miscarriage. He was one of Olivia’s first babysitters. He was basically another member of our little family. Matt has been back in Haiti for the last two months or so after doing a year with the World Race through Adventures In Missions. We are so thankful that a little hole opened up in his schedule so he could come stay with us for a couple days.

There are some people in life that are just easy to be with, and for us Matt is one of those people. We enjoyed catching up and having some good heart level conversations. One thing we were curious about was how Olivia would be with him. She was about 11 months old the last time she saw Matt, so we didn’t think she would remember him. But, after the initial hellos she took to him like glue. She’s a pretty easy kid that way, but with Matt there was something else. Some sort of recognition on a deeper level and it was so sweet to watch. When we weren’t off doing things Olivia would corner Matt on the couch, nestle in and have him read to her. Or drag him off to her room and show him all her toys and have him read to her some more. It was special because he was so much a part of our lives when she was so little.

It was good for me to see because one thing I’ve wondered about is whether Olivia will remember her Nanna and Pappa and Uncle Darren when we do get to go home. It’s been about 20 months or so since she last saw them so I was worried that they would be strangers. We show her pictures of all the grandparents regularly and she knows them. She talks on the phone occasionally. I’m feeling pretty confident now that it’ll all be familiar on some level to her, which is reassuring to this mom when I think about how far away we all are and that those visits will be so important.


In the “Hope it never happens to you” category, last Wednesday we had a little incident. Chris phrased it best when he had to write our friends to tell them about it…

There’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just cough it up: yesterday I drove over your dog. Both dogs have been following me around and I didn’t watch out when I was backing up. I’m sorry.

Yep. Drove right over Little Mister. What was most annoying about the situation was that there were three other people standing around behind the truck. And no one thought to maybe move the little dog under the wheel.

Don’t worry, he’s not dead. In fact, his leg wasn’t even broken. He *just* displaced his hip and Dr. Tony put him in a little hip cast immobilizing his one leg so it could heal.

Our friends were very cool about it, thankfully.

Dr. Tony says he’ll heal up just fine and that because puppy bones are soft and flexible he’ll be able to run and play with the other puppies soon. I’ve been calling him (the dog, not Dr. Tony) Tripod because he’s figured out how to hop around on his three good legs. We were worried about him the first day or so because he wasn’t eating or drinking much so I literally cooked him up some rice and left over bean sauce, blended it and fed it to him with a syringe. I figured it was full of protein and carbs, and if I shot it down his throat he didn’t have a choice but to swallow. It worked. He’s not eating a ton now, but he does get excited when the food comes out and tries a few bites until Annie starts going nutty and smothering him. Poor little man. When we come outside he just looks at us with these desperate eyes that say, “Please. Please get me out of this thing. See, I can walk on it… See (as he hobbles along)…” Meanwhile Annie is all. over. him. Nibbling at him, wanting to play, trying to play. And he can’t fight back. She better watch her back. Come Wednesday, when we think he’s getting his cast off, he might just fly into an unleashed puppy rage and get her back for all the times she tried to get him while he was down in the last week.

As an aside, I just want to mention that Dr. Tony totally cracks me up. He cracks me up because he never smiles. In all the years that he’s been coming by to treat Jabez, with Daisy, and now the new little dogs, neither of us has ever seen him crack a smile. I have even told jokes when he’s been here and nothin’.


And now this is where I wrap things up with a completely random tidbit of information. This morning we went to church in the mountains again. I will admit that a shed a tear or two when we got to the top of the road because it was so freakin’ scary getting up there. The road has washed out more with the rain and it’s getting bad. The SantaFe is amazing, but still scary. Okay, that wasn’t the random piece of info.

After church (this is the random piece of info, in case you were wondering) after the girls finished braiding Olivia’s hair while they waited for us to finish talking to some people, some other people in the church went and got some coconuts, which is a really sweet sign of hospitality here. A guy shimmies up the tree, bare footed, and picks a few coconuts, then drops them down. Someone else cuts them open, and you drink the yummy water, then they cut it open and you eat the meat.

Well, the coconuts they found this morning must have come from the mammoth coconut tree because they were HUGE. I exaggerate not. The biggest one was the size of a newborn baby. I know because it was actually bigger than Olivia was when we brought her home. No. Kidding. Bigger than my head. The next one was not much smaller. I couldn’t drink all the water on my own so I shared with two other ladies. And for the record, I cannot pound back coconut water like a Haitian woman. I need to practice.

Okay, falling asleep here. Have a happy start of September! Yikes. I just said September. Wrote it actually. And decided not to delete it but rather leave my brainlessness all over internet land for all of you to see. Sigh. August. I meant August. Really.


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