Chats With A Two Year Old

One thing I’m loving about the parenting/family stage we’re in right now is how all those new thoughts and ideas come rolling out of Olivia’s mouth in well formed sentences. Okay, mostly well formed. Seriously, I love just sitting with her and seeing what she has to say, and I feel privileged to listen in on those little conversations she has within her own little world. You know, the ones that really only make sense in her own head.

O has been talking to her food as of late, and let me tell you, there have been a couple of moments where I’ve almost fallen off my chair trying to stifle my laughter so I don’t break the little moment of magic. One happened on Sunday as we were eating grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. Apparently Little Miss has decided that there are days where she does not like to eat crusts. Sunday was one. We were eating and chatting and I just happened to look over at her as she was holding the crust of her sandwich and examining the remains of the edible part. Completely in her own world she thoughtfully looks at the one remaining bite of cheesy bread and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t eat you.”

Ah. And cue the stifled laughter.

The next day we were eating dinner. I had made a salad with mangoes cut up in it (very tasty by the way). Again, we were just chatting and eating and I look over at Liv and as she’s stabbing a piece of mango with her fork she says, “Hello mango! I’m going to eat you now. Bye bye!” And down it went. Both Chris and I were almost in tears.

Later that day she got up on a chair at our desk and dug in the key basket, pulling out a set of keys. “Okay, I’m going to go now!” I looked at her with the keys in her hand and asked her where she was going. “To Canada. In the truck.” Uh huh. “You’re going to drive to Canada?” I ask, trying to keep a straight face and not look at Chris who is stifling his laughter and plastering on a smile. “Yes. In the blue truck.” And then Chris says, “That’s a pretty long drive Sweetie. You’d better get going.” And off she went. Until we stopped her and reminded her that she couldn’t actually drive to Canada. And that she couldn’t really drive, period. Because her feet don’t reach the pedals.

Seriously, this kid completely cracks me up.

One of my very favorite things right now though is talking about Canada. We’ve been talking about Canada for a while now, and what we’re going to do, who we’re going to see etc. The last few weeks have been a bit discouraging for us and I’ve noticed that Chris and I have held back those conversations a bit, I think mostly because of the expectations. But, Olivia has not. In fact, it amazes me how often she’ll just mention something about when we go to Canada. Her little brain is thinking about and looking forward to it, even though the only point of reference is what we have told her. Last night as I was doing our bedtime routine I noticed she was a bit keyed up. Out of the blue she brought up going to Canada, so we had a nice little chat that, by the time she finally got tucked in, left me feeling all gushy inside. It went something like this…

O: When I get passport we go to Canada.
L: That’s right Baby. What do we have to do before we go?
O: Just looks at me.
L: Do we need to pack a suitcase?
O: Me pack a suitcase! Me do it!
L: What are you going to pack in your suitcase?
O: Um.
L: What will you wear on your feet?
O: Socks!
L: That’s right! (Then we go on and talk about the different things to pack)
L: When we have our suitcases packed what do we do next? Do we go to the airport?
O: Yes.
L: How are we going to get to the airport?
O: Me drive to the airport.
L: We’re going to drive to the airport?
O: NO! ME drive to the airport!
L: Oh! You’re going to drive us to the airport?
O: Yes. In the blue truck (which, for the record, is our most uncomfortable vehicle to drive)

Some more chit chat about how we’re going to get there, then we move on to what we’ll do when in Canada.

L: What are we going to do in Canada?
O: Um, go walk in my stwollew.
L: That’s right. And what else?
O: See Nanna Pappa.
L: That’s right. And George. Do you remember who George is? That’s Nanna and Pappas puppy.
O: It’s my puppy?
L: Yes, George can be your puppy in Canada. What else are we going to do?

We talk about other things, and then Olivia starts saying, “And what else?” after everything I say, because she knows there’s more.

L: Shopping. Maybe we’ll get to go shopping.

Olivia’s face lights up like I have just told her she’ll be getting a truckload of books. Shopping!!! The funny thing is that what Olivia knows as “shopping” is actually grocery shopping. That’s it. She doesn’t know malls or toy stores. She doesn’t even know stores sell toys. I am quietly pleased and thinking, “Man, entertaining this kid in Canada is going to be SOOO easy. “Hey! Want to go shopping with Mommy? We need some coffee! Yay! Wahoo!” Done. And then…

O: And eat French Fries?

And cue stifled laughter again.

See, here in Haiti, whenever we go “shopping” it’s usually during a trip to Port au Prince or Saint Marc, and both of those can take considerable time, so it’s often paired up with a trip to Epi D’or, a burger franchise that is pretty much the only fast food you can get in the country. And Olivia always gets French Fries. In fact, if she finds out ahead of time that we’re going to Epi D’or she WILL run around the yard yelling, “We’re going to EPI D’OR!!” at the top of her lungs. It’s so nice to know that her needs are simple and we’ll apparently have no problem entertaining her while home.

And since we’re talking about shopping and Epi D’or…

About a month and a half ago we were coming back from a trip to Leogane in the south. We planned things so we could spend the day in Port on our way home and do some errands. Olivia knew we were going grocery shopping and assumed we’d be eating lunch at Epi D’or. We came in on a different road than we normally take. At one point we stopped at a light. When the light changed Chris drove through the intersection. Olivia started screaming from the back seat, “NOOOOO! I wanna go that WAAAAYYYY! Wanna go to shopping!!!!!!!!!!!” And then a complete meltdown followed. Apparently our daughter can remember places and where to go. Except that day. She knew we needed to turn up the road, but got her intersections wrong. It took us all the way to the actual intersection where we turned to calm her down and insist that we were in fact going shopping. She would not miss out on this glorious event that she has come to love so much. I think she needs to get out more.

Happy Thursday from Haiti!


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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

5 thoughts on “Chats With A Two Year Old

  1. LOL – how kind of her to explain to the mango that she is going to eat it and to bid it goodbye! She is so cute and SO smart! I know you can’t wait to take her home. I hope and pray it is SOON!

  2. Seeing the world through the eyes of a small child is such an amazing thing… always reminds me to slow down and enjoy things a little more! It’s great that you are writing these little “O-isms” down so that you won’t forget! You guys are going to have such a great time with her when you come here. It will be more fun watching her than anything else! Have a great day!

  3. Please tell Olivia that Lucy wants to be her puppy when she finally gets to come visit Gramma and Grandad in the US. And she can have all the french fires she wants. I’m not above bribery.

    • She’ll be delighted to know that she has a dog in every country and as I told my mom, what you do when I’m not around is your right as a grandparent :)

      Last night at bedtime O said, “What else in Canada?” Meaning, what else will we do in Canada? She wanted to talk about “shopping”. When I asked what she thought we should buy when we went shopping. Eggs. Bread. Milk. Cheese. Meat. Then I said, “apples?” and her face lit up. I LOVE that our daughter has no idea that toys are sold in stores. She just knows we get food there :) I wonder how many trips we can make home and still manage to avoid the toy section in the stores without her figuring it out?

  4. Leslie, So precious! Yes, I wish I had blogged or kept a journal when my crew was small. However, with life as wild as it is with little people (one is manageable, two and three becomes nuts very quickly) it often feels like you are fortunate to make it through the day before you hit the pillow.

    I have been reading your blog and the Livesay’s blog since the earthquake. I just started a project to benefit Heartline Ministry. It’s a blog, it’s a diet, and it’s a fundraiser. I hope you will take a peek at

    Your friend you’ve never met,
    Terri Urban in Colorado Springs

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