Random Happenings Of the Rollings

Seriously, sometimes I think time sneaks by on me and then I look at the blog and wonder what happened to the last week.

Random happenings that may or may not be interesting…

We at this for dinner last night:

It’s a lion fish. We actually ate several of them. A fisherman came by a couple weeks ago to sell us a bigger fish, which we bought, but he also had a string of lion fish and Chris was ecstatic because he’d been reading about them and wanted to try it. Turns out they’ve become an invasive species in the Caribbean and are killing off reefs. You can read more HERE. We were just doing our part to control the invasion. It was pretty tasty, if I do say so myself. My husband did utter the words,”I would marry you all over just because of how good this is.” But, he says that every time I make fried fish. Who says the way to a man’s heart isn’t through his stomach?


Today was frustrating for Chris. He spent most of the day trying to figure out how to pay pensions and health insurance for our staff. We had an inspector come by yesterday and now we have to pay into this, as do our workers. Don’t get me wrong, if we’re obligated by law we want to abide by that. It just makes me angry for our workers for various reasons.

The first is the pension thing. Haiti doesn’t start paying out a pension until you’re 70. And then they only do it if your family refuses to take care of you. So, for the majority of people that pay into the pension program, they will never see or benefit from what they have contributed. Talk about robbing people and calling it something else.

Secondly, the whole health insurance thing. It’s annoying because now if a worker gets hurt on the job we are to do nothing and they have to go seek medical help at one of the government hospitals. We have good connections and would be able to provide them with access to better medical care, the same medical care we would seek for our own family, in the event that they got hurt. And the mission would cover the expenses. Now they have to fight with the government to get their expenses covered and they’ll get less than adequate care in most cases.

Thirdly, it’s already hard enough for people to get by on what they earn, even when they’re getting a better than average wage because the cost of living is so high. So on top of trying to scrape by, we now have to deduct a percentage of their wages and give it to the Haitian government and know that they will probably never benefit from it. It’s anger inducing. And I’m not even mentioning all the new paper work and running around we have to do on a monthly basis. But, we do know the Bible talks about abiding by the laws and government of the land, so we need to do this.


Olivia is on a streak of deciding that she no longer wants to wear pants. Just shirts and underwear. I’m learning with toddlers you choose your battles. At this point, when I’m tired and almost 7 months pregnant and we live in a country where she sees most kids her age running around half clothed this is one of those battles I am not fighting right now. No one else here thinks it’s strange that she’s not wearing pants, so why should I? We have struck a deal and that is that she can go without pants here in Haiti while we’re at home, but when we go back to Canada she has to wear pants. She was okay with those terms.


Olivia spent most of the day outside hanging out in the work yard. Actually, she spent most of the day hanging out in the work yard with Thony. Thony is one of our longest standing employees and they have this little connection that is sweet and funny. Today he was packing her all over the place, took her for a walk on his break, and let her hang out while he built filter molds. I asked if she was being a pain, but no :)

In her travels to the work yard Olivia also learned how to open the door on the red work truck, and I watched from the kitchen window as she managed to climb in and close the door, getting all ready to go for a ride across the work yard with Preval when he moved the truck. Um, she is three. And just over three feet tall. How she managed all of this I have no idea because I can barely hoist myself into the thing. She also managed to open the van door in the driveway and turn on the four way flashers, which Chris only found when he got home from Port. I should mention that since the fire, the only way to turn the four ways off is the use some sort of key or other small thin implement to pull the button out… We had a talk about not climbing in any of the vehicles unless Mommy and Daddy were there.


Sadly, the warm weather has arrived. Until a week ago we’d been spoiled by an unnaturally cool spring. We had regular winds blowing through here from the ocean and from the mountains behind us all day long. It was so pleasant. And then we got the not so subtle reminder that it’s now April, and the rains could be starting any time which means more humidity and warmth. I don’t think the house has been cooling down much at night even though we keep fans running all day long to get the air moving. It’s sad. And it makes me want to whine. And then I remember I get to spend most of the summer in Canada. Sigh.


Speaking of Canada, this pregnancy thing is so full of contradictions! Take sleep for example. You aren’t supposed to sleep on your back because it can cut off circulation due to the weight of the baby on your nerves. Okay, I get that. Until that is the ONLY comfortable position to sleep in. Yes, I know to sleep on my side, and I do. I do it with multiple pillows. My husband has been known to throw pillows out of the bed in the midst of a middle of the night occurrence of frustration. And the side is good, until it starts to hurt. And then I try to roll myself over, get comfortable and start the cycle all over again. Sigh.

Then there’s the water retention. Did you know you retain more water in humidity? Yes, it’s true? It doesn’t matter how much water I drink (the recommended treatment for water retention and fat feet), I still have sausage feet, because it’s humid. And every time I go to the doctor he gets on my case about weight gain, and I know I’m not eating like crazy. For example, I weighed myself the morning of my last appointment. There was a 4 lb difference between my scale and the doctors, but that’s a moot point. What is important is that he got on me about weight gain, but two days later when I weighed myself I had lost over 5lbs – in fluid. Yeesh. I’m learning to let it go a bit and not go crazy with food, but also just keep telling myself the true teller of how much I’ve really gained will be when I go back to Canada and my feet deflate a bit. I do know that I’ve gained less than 10 pounds for my whole pregnancy.

And lastly, for the last two days I have been hungry constantly. I’m so not kidding. Today, it didn’t matter what I ate, I felt full for about an hour, then I was hungry again. We ate dinner an hour ago and I was so full I couldn’t finish, and as I’m sitting here typing I’m feeling my stomach talk to me. Pair that with the doctor getting on me about weight gain and it’s a sad, sad mix. Oh the sacrifices we make to bring little people into this world.


We have a class next week, so things are plugging along here. I’m tired of paper work, but it needs to be done. I’ve been hacking through entering filter data which I got behind on because of all the visitors. It feels good to see the piles diminishing, but I need to file things. And then more comes in because we’ve been going hard on follow up this week. Along with that I’ve been printing training manuals and I need to bind those tomorrow. I hate working on a Saturday, especially one right before a busy week, but I need to pace myself so it is what it is. I think I need an assistant! Any takers?


We started watching Annie last night with Liv. She’s totally into it. We need to finish it tonight, which is next on the agenda. It hit me last night as we started the movie that there’s a good chance Liv is going to be totally into musicals. She loves to sing and will often be heard singing something all day long, whether it’s her own version of a song she’s heard, or something she makes up on her own. Her little songs often crack me up.


And now someone is having a three year old meltdown because NOW she wants to wear a “shirt and a skirt”, not her pajamas. It’s 7pm. She didn’t like the talk about when you wear pants and when you wear pajamas. I think someone needed a nap today… Time to go shower and watch the rest of Annie. It’s so hard being three!


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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

One thought on “Random Happenings Of the Rollings

  1. I love this post. It just reminds me that kids will be kids no matter what part of the world they are living in. Hang in there! Sometimes, all you can do is sit back and laugh and thank the Lord for His protection and that He is watching out for them in all their little adventures!

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