No Means No

Olivia is absolutely hilarious. I’m certain I didn’t have such a developed sense of humor when I was 3!

There is an album by They Might be Giants, one of their children’s albums called “No!” I frequently sing the cover song to my daughter when she is whining and makes me say no to her several times. It goes “No means no! No is always no! When I say no it means a thousand times no! Looking forward, eyebrows low, mouth in the shape of a letter “O”. No means stop. Do not go! No! No! No.” Great song. Find it somewhere and listen to it, especially if you’re a parent. The whole album is brilliant, actually.

As of yesterday, whenever I sing this song Olivia sings her own version, which is: “No means Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!, Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Gotta love that kid.


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