FAQ Series: Part 3

Question: What do you guys do for fun?

Answer: We’re lame. We do nothing fun.

Okay, some days, but not always! But, the truth be told, there are times that are just boring here, like anywhere. I think there’s this idea that because we live in another country that there’s always something exciting going on. And, while we do provide a lot of entertainment value for you, our dear readers, there are just plain, old, boring days that pass us by. Then again, to be fair, what’s boring for us probably is really exciting for other people.

We watch movies. That’s something we do. Though, I feel like we’ve watched so many in recent months that I’m a bit burned out on them. What we watch is usually downloaded, and not always the most recent offerings. I always feel out of touch with North America when we go home and realize I have no idea who some of the newer actresses/actors are.

We read, a lot. This is true of our whole family. Chris and I each have a Kindle. They were gifts last Christmas from each other. The best part is that we didn’t know that’s what we were giving each other. I think they were probably the best gifts we could have chosen. I realized that he and I could never share one because we literally use them everyday. It’s not abnormal for me to read a novel a week, and same for him. Olivia also loves books and has a shelf FULL of them. She often “plays” with books before other toys. Lately she’s been sitting next to me while I feed Alex and “reading” to me :) I’m glad we’ve instilled a love of reading in her.

We take walks down at Club Indigo on their nature trail. It’s a nice little get away for our family. There’s always something to see, and now that Alex is a bit bigger we can pop him in the stroller. We went the other day and stopped to look at some crabs in one of the marsh areas and Little Mister got upset because we stopped moving, and he couldn’t see what we were looking at. At the end of our walk it’s not uncommon for us to go to the bar area for ice cream and pop. They have this yummy gelato for $1/scoop. On the way we visit the fish pond to see if there are any turtles there.

We visit friends. This is a hard one though because everyone is busy. Get togethers often require a bit of planning to work around schedules, and then there’s the driving. Sometimes going to visit a friend “near by” is a 30 minute drive. But, we always love the time we get with other missionaries and expats. It’s just nice to have people that “get us”. We’ve been feeling really blessed lately with some new friend contacts too. I think one thing you get used to here is that relationships are sometimes short lived because people don’t always stay long term. It’s quite normal to get to know someone and then find out that they’re heading home or on to something else. So yes, feeling blessed that there are some new faces around and enjoying getting to know them.

We play Settlers of Catan. This actually goes hand in hand with the last thing. I love it when new people walk in our house and see the game sitting on the top of our book shelf and get excited about it. It’s like instant bonding. Some of our new friends were over the other night for dinner and a game and we really enjoyed our time with them.

We feed people. This also goes with the above two points. One thing I love about our apartment is that the kitchen/dining and living room areas are all open. In the old house the kitchen was this tiny little room away from everything else and it was hard for me to be cooking and visiting. With the apartment I can cook and visit and enjoy our friends. We have people over several times a month. We like the company and I like being able to cook them yummy food. In many cases they’re working or living in situations where they can’t cook for themselves, or are limited in what they can make, so it’s a treat for them to come to our house and have the full meal deal, and I love that I can bless them that way. Sometimes it’s things like that that  help a person get through that next week.

We like to go away, when we can. Before the earthquake it was a lot easier to go away for weekends to see different parts of Haiti. I think after the earthquake there was so much chaos and destruction it felt wrong to go away to someplace nice or interesting. Everyone was sort of in survival mode, and to be frank, many of the places we’d want to visit were in ruin. I think that’s slowly changing in the country and I’m sure over the next years we’ll start getting out more again. We were just away for a weekend a couple weeks ago to see some friends and we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Chris likes to garden. I used to garden more, then I kind of gave up when I wasn’t getting anything but lettuce to grow well. Now that I no longer have a big baby belly hanging off me I should get back on the roof and get some stuff growing again. I do like sewing as well, but I don’t have a place in this house where I can just set things up and leave them so they’re there when I want to sew. That makes it less fun.

Those are the highlights of the Rolling entertainment list. There were things that were a lot easier to get out and do before we had kids and probably will be again once the kids get bigger. We used to hike a fair bit, and just pick up and go on a whim. It’s a little harder when you have to pack a car seat, diapers, bottles… :)

Ooohh! I forgot one. I blog. Yes, I blog for fun most days. I realized that I have a writers bug and that writing the blog feeds that and exercises it. And, like I mentioned above, it is true that what is normal and boring for us now, is probably quite interesting for you. I think after living here for 6 years I forget what the exciting and interesting things are because they are normal for me now. Sorry about that. I should be writing more.

In fact, something interesting from today… One of our workers showed up with a big bandage on his head. The bandage needed to be changed so Chris told him to come up and I would take a look at it. When we asked about it he said his friends head hit his and cut him open. When I took the bandage off I found a wound about two and a half inches long with four crude stitches (think pirate scar). The first thing I said was, “I think your friend had rocks in his head.” It was CRAZY. Molet hadn’t seen it yet so I got him a mirror and he was a bit blown away by the damage done to his forehead. Poor guy. Yonese later filled in the details for me. The church had a soccer match the day before between the young unmarried men/youth and the younger married men. Molet and his friend both jumped up to head butt the ball away from the goal and instead head butted each other. Molet’s friend did indeed have a hard head. I think I might try to get a picture of it tomorrow…


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I'm Leslie. Wife. Mother. Missionary. In the day to day my husband and I are responsible for running Clean Water for Haiti, a humanitarian mission that builds and distributes water filters to Haitian families. Living in Haiti full time provides lots of stories, and as I tell my husband, our grandkids probably won't believe most of them. Maybe writing them down will give me some credibility.

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